Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Winner of Flash Contest #6 Is.....

DeNease Moore is our winner!!! Congrats DeNease, I spent $210.00 in postage on Monday and DeNease guessed $214.00 so she was the closest guess.  Good work my crafty friend!  You will now receive your fabulous winnings, LOL  which is one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools. 

I think these little Flash Contests are so much fun, I hope you all enjoy them. They are just something quick and easy to have a good time with.  I'm so glad many of you participate.

DeNease, send me a PM on YT or FB and I will get your Ink Blending Tool right out to you!

Again, Congrats!!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm Getting There! (Please Read)

I can't thank all of you enough for hanging in there with me while I do all these destash videos.  Since I haven't been able to comment back to everyone I wanted to share a bit on here with you.

First, you know I read all the comments, they mean a lot to me. But I want to address the destash a bit. I think I've convinced you all I'm staying.  In fact I bought some more goodies this morning, and last night actually to help me with my new journey.

Meanwhile I'm selling a collection of beautiful items that I was very proud to own. I know I'm doing the right thing, I wasn't using 90% of what was in my craft room and I was a master at finding a place for everything I owned. My 10 x 10 craft room had more things in it than a good size store. Even though I wasn't using everything, there was something about walking in there and knowing I had all these beautiful laces, flowers, blings, embellishments (you name it, I had it) to choose from.  It all made me feel good.

So selling all of the items I've been selling is bittersweet and personal.  I do know I need to do it, and of course I've been paid fairly for them.  But there is also a part of me that feels like I'm selling a bit of my identity when I pack up my beautiful items and mail them away.

As I look at my craft room right now, it's mess. There is stuff everywhere as I work through this process. That's hard to look at as well.  I do know there is an end to this, and I can see it coming much better then I could 4-5 days ago. I've ordered some storage items that will work better for the new items I will be using, so that's exciting.  But my new journey requires a lot less product so I should have a space that feels more open and I think that will be good for me.

I can see my future coming, and I appreciate all of you who are helping me get there, whether it be those of your who have bought from me, stuck by me while I'm doing this, or simply gave me a little space while I've been busier then I ever could have imagined.  I've needed all these things.

I'm happy my beautiful items are going to other crafters and will be appreciated and used to make beautiful projects. I'm coming to a peaceful place with this big change over, it really hasn't been easy emotionally.  I can see I've made the right decision though and you all have played a big part in me making it through this past week.  I feel I'm going to be very happy and at peace with making ATCs and Cards.  I think the peacefulness will allow for more creativity, which will be just the direction I want to go.

So, while I don't comment back anymore, I'm glad I have this blog to connect with you all.  I think it's important for you all to know how important the roles you've played in this have been for me and to know how much I appreciate you all. This certainly has not just been about doing a destash video, getting paid, and shipping out product (that's what a store does). 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Flast Contest #6 "How Much Did I Spend"

Check out the latest "Flash Contest".  To help you get closer to the correct number, head over to my FaceBook page.  I posted a picture on Sunday of all the packages I would be taking to the post office on Monday morning. 

BTW - If you haven't become my friend on FB, please do, I post all kinds of things over there, some that you just might find fun or interesting..

Ok, good luck on the Flash Contest and please post your answers as a comment to the blog post. 

Let's see, you will have until Wednesday night to guess.  Wednesday night I will look at all the comments and the closest person will win.

One guess per person please and have fun!


Friday, July 25, 2014


Before I get too far here, along with some updates, I'm going to post a new "Flash Contest" after I post this, so check the right hand column! The prize will be one of Mike's Ink Blending tools! They're so awesome, if you don't have one yet, I hope you win and get a chance to try one!

So, as you all have noticed change has been in the wind in a way..  I'm sure many of you have noticed over the last couple months I've mostly been making ATCs and A2 size cards.  That's what all my project shares have been, and tutorials. I can't get over how much I enjoy them. I've given this a try now for a while and don't see myself going back to making lots of wood items like I did in the past, or big shabby chic projects.

That doesn't mean I won't do the occasional altered item. Maybe something I find at a garage sale that's super cool, or a shadow box now and then, but to sit down on a regular basis and make a big wood project - well those days are over.

Finally realizing this is it and looking around my craft room and really seeing what I have, not just glancing around, but really "seeing" what I owned almost disgusted me. It was way too much product Even if I were to continue making wood projects, or big shabby chic projects, I realized I had more product then I could use in a lifetime.  So I really started thinking... what do I really need to do the crafting I want to do?  And, here's the other thing I thought about - I tend to go buy the latest new thing without getting to the last "newest thing".  So I realized, if I decide I want to make a mini album and I've sold every paper pad I have, then I just need to look around and find something I like, buy it, and make the album.

I also realized I could be much more creative by using a smaller amount of product. Having so much is almost overwhelming feeling. My craft room is tore apart right now as I work my way through this much needed change, and I can't wait to put it back together again, but this time as a much "cleaner" place to create, with only the things I really need..

I've started buying things I want in my new crafty life and I bought a real nice ink pad organizer. I can't wait to get it so I can get organized and up and running again. I hope you all will hang in there with me while I get reorganized. I hope you will enjoy the new things I show on my channel. I will always show tutorials (they may just be smaller now).. but that's not so bad, because I like to teach technique.

There is a lot more destashing coming, so if there is something you want, let me know, if I have it and it's not getting used it will be up for sale.  I have tons of charms, beads, findings, lace, flowers, and things like that left to destash!

Ok, off to do the Flash Contest!  You all have a great weekend!

Jane ....vv08

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Destash Continues....

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all for your support as I work my way through my destash.  It's a major undertaking.  I really want to put all these beautiful items in the hands of crafters that will use them, so this is working out really well.  So far almost everything I've put up has sold. At the moment there are two things available: The Steampunk Spells Collection and One of the Secret Garden Kits

There is a lot more to come.  I am happy to say I am starting to notice things are gone and feels good. I'm starting to narrow it down to what I actually use with the direction I'm headed.

For those that like to know what's coming, here's a partial list of what I have not gone through yet and will be putting up for sale.

Lace - OMGosh I have so much still. There will be a lot more lace for sale, all brands, sizes, styles, colors, and textures.

Flowers - I still have quite a bit to make some nice flower assortments. 

Shabby Chic - I have a lot of shabby chic style flowers, lace, sprays, and embellishments

Sprays - I have them in all styles, I also have a lot of leaves.

Paper Collections - many more to come

Birds - I have a bunch to sell

Frames - I will have a LOT of them (all in one video)

Lace fabric - curtain lace, table cloth lace - lots of it

Items to Alter - loads of them

Vintage Baby Blocks - these are so cool, great for making baby and childrens things. 

Vintage Jewelry - some cool things there

Chinese Braid Trim - Rolls of it

Metal - OMGosh here too!!! I have a huge container of Tim Holtz metal items, and then other random metal pieces

I have a bunch of the "Downtown LA" Jewelry that works so well on projects.

Scrabble Letters - I even have a special edition that has black and silver pieces

This is just what pops into my head, there is even more, but were getting there!!!

Thanks again ladies, to those of you making purchases, and to those of you putting up with the videos!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Few Photos of My ReneaBouquets DT Project

Shabby Chic Spool
There is a tutorial series on my channel if interested.

Also, don't forget to use the code DTJANE for 10% off your entire purchase!
I used so many items from Renea's store:
I used:
Vintage Photo Ink (the new 1" cubes"
Her new metal key embellishments
The "Speckles" Tim Holtz Stencil
Renea's Summer Set Dragon Flies
Tea Time Tea Bags
Love Letters White Roses
Princess Bling
Kiss O'Fuschia Glitter Glass Butterflies

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thank you!!! and What's Up!

Wow, I finally got a few moments to sit down and write to you all again!  It's been a whirlwind lately. Somehow I've kept up with all the sales from my destash. All purchases have been packaged up and mailed out. I had 23 package today when I went to the post office! That's huge!  So, I wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone.  Thank you to all of you who have made purchases, and thank you to the rest of you that have had to put up with the destash videos showing up instead of crafting.  I will be crafting today and Thursday will be my Tutorial on "The Basics of Art Mediums"!

It was funny, I guess I read the schedule for the tutorial series wrong and I thought this week I was doing Embossing.  So, I spent a few hours making embossing samples to show you all...LOL  I guess I will have to hold on to them for an extra week.

Art Mediums should be a fun tutorial, I have lots of products to go over with you all, so let's see if I need two videos or if I can get it done in one...

Back to the destash for a moment. I've had several people wondering if I was ok (which is very sweet), and wondering if I was closing down shop.  Well let me clear everything up.  I don't plan to go anywhere.  I love crafting, art, and everything related to it.  I have found though that I love making ATCs, small cards, and tags.  Oh, and the occasional canvas.  These items seem to be the most enjoyable to me.  My craft room is simply full of items that I will never use. It's making my space feel small and cluttered.  So, to "lighten" things up in there, I decided to sell what I'm not going to use.  I've also had some of you say I'm selling things too cheaply. Well, here's how I look at it.  I want to sell the items.  I don't want to sit on them for a few extra dollars. I would rather the items go to a crafter that will use them.

I have a long way to go, I've only sold about 1/5th of what I have to sell, so more to come.

The other thing I've decided to do is have a big sale on all the items I've made that are listed in Mike's Etsy store, so if you're interested in any of these items, go take a look, the prices will be greatly reduced. (I'm going to work on that next)

So that's what's going on.  As soon as I catch up, I will have another Flash Contest, so stay tuned!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Few Details on my Destash

Thank you to everyone who has purchased from me. I really appreciate it. If you have paid me, your items are packaged and ready to mail tomorrow, with the exception of one person.

I have a lot more videos to come, but have learned a lot from the ones I have done.  Based on my experiences here are a few things I need to mention.

Shipping is included in the price - for US customer ONLY.  This does not include Canada. Canada is considered International.  I am having several Canadian customers not tell me they are in Canada, commit to the item, I invoice them, then when they pay I find out they are in Canada.  If you do not live in the US, you need to tell me before I invoice you to see IF it is possible for me to adjust the price and still ship to you, otherwise your money will be immediately refunded.

Also, I need to mention, payment is due when you agree to the item (upon receipt of the invoice). Unfortunately, I have held items, waiting for someone to pay.  I spend time sending reminders for payment because I usually have 2-3 people waiting in line for the item, willing to pay immediately, only to have the person not pay.  So, if payment is not received right away and someone else wants the item, it will go to the person willing to pay upon receipt of the invoice.

I'm learning a lot the hard way, but I'm getting it worked out. If I didn't have so much to sell it wouldn't be a big deal, but this destash has just begun.

Thanks again!
Jane vv08

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Upcoming Items for Sale

Things are going pretty fast and I'm having multiple people interested in same items. After taking the first step of selling some things it felt very good emotionally and I realized I need to quit hanging on to things I don't use and focus on what I've found I enjoy the most. I'm going to keep the supplies related to those things and sell the rest.

Here's a "pre-list" (there will be more, this is just what comes to mind) of what I plan to sell. If you see something you want, you should probably let me know.

Flowers - no promises on colors and sizes, but there will be more boxes of them put together to sell.

Lace - loads of it. I own it in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Papers - all 12 x 12 and A4, I will make a list

Prismacolor Art Stix - 48 set I believe - SOLD

Pebbles Chalks, Pastels and another set, will have to check color - SOLD

Oil pastels - SOLD

Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks - 12 color set - SOLD

Assorted Tim Holtz Steel Rule Dies - regular and over the edge

Assorted Surface Ink Pads

Huge selection of charms, stick pins, beads, and findings

Very large shabby chic flowers

WRMK Gift Bag Punch board

WRMK Gift Box Punch Board

WRMK Flower Punch Board (newest one)

Kaisercraft wood embellishments - assorted

Assorted metal pendants

Loads of vintage jewelry, pearls, and much more

Loads of Bling from One Little Dreamer store - SOLD

Flat Back Pearls all colors

Mesh Bling - all colors

Balsa Boxes

Loads of Game pieces for embellishing

Wood 2 story house

Wood dresser including metal handles - SOLD

Wood lingerie dresser including metal handles - SOLD

Assorted metal filigree pieces

That's just for starters!

Thanks for shopping!
Jane vv08

Destash - Please Read if Participating

Hello everyone!  I've been recording away and have a backlog of videos to upload.

I am trying to mix it up like you all asked for.  I have two beautiful color coordinated kits available with some G45 paper, and now I'm loading specific products.

Please note:  Please do not request an item if you have contact block on. Other's may be interested in purchasing the item(s).  If you hold it and I am unable to reach you so you can pay, it will immediately be made available again.

Here are some of the upcoming destash items:

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.  Basically I have groups flowers by what I am able to fit in a Medium Flat Rate shipping box.  There are two videos uploading - Assortment #1 and #2.  There will be more flowers coming.

Kaisercraft Wood Items.  These are priced individually with shipping included for the US only.  There is an Advent Calendar (large square one), Oriental Bird Cage, Large Key, and Flying Ducks.

HUGE assortment of vintage doilies, old doily style placemats, and much more. This is a my entire collection!

I have just begun!


My First Destash Kits are Available - G45 Secret Garden and Authentic German Vintage Music Note Paper

I put my first two destash kits up on my YT channel.  They are first come, first serve. They are priced at $50.00; however, this does include Priority Large Flat Rate Shipping in the US, which is $17.45, so the kit portion is $32.55.  It includes G45 Secret Garden paper, banners, some stickers, laces, trims, charms, findings, stick pins, beads, metal pieces, loads of embellishments, flowers (approx. 15-20), tulle, flat back pearls, mesh pearls, buckle sliders, embossing powder and much more. Everything was hand picked to be perfectly coordinated. No matter how you put it together everything will coordinate.  This is a great kit for making cards, tags, and doing layouts. It is first come first serve. There will only be two of this kit.
It is a good bargain for just over $32.00.  This is a great way to get a large variety of embellishment and coordinating pieces to make multiple projects, without investing in larger quantities of all the items in the kit.

There is a video on my channel showing all of the items you get.  Please let me know if you are interested since these are limited kits.


Would Appreciate your Opinion - DeStash Sale

Hello everyone!  I've really fallen into a happy place making ATCs and Cards.  I can apply any style I want to them, so if I'm in the mood for shabby chic, I can make a card, ATC, or even a tag in that style, but I don't have to make a huge project that takes days.  I think what I'm really enjoying is that the cards, ATCs, and even tags are quicker. 

So here's where I am - I own enough paper to paper the house a few times over, and then I could wrap the house in lace a few times around after that, oh, and then cover it in flowers!!! It's ridiculous.  So, I've decided to do a MAJOR destash.

Here's where I would appreciate your opinion.  I can put together "kits" with the items I have.  They would include the paper, lace, flowers, a few embellishments, maybe a few wood pieces, etc. and sell them that way. Of course I would make them coordinating, and themed.  For example, a Shabby Chic kit would have more beautiful laces then a Christmas kit.  I have a Kaisercraft Advent Calendar I would put into a kit with Christmas paper, Kaisercraft wood Christmas themed embellishments, ribbon, lace, and some flowers.  OR!!! I could sell items separately so I would just sell paper pads and list them all I have for sale, same with lace, just show all the styles I have for sale.  Which way do you think is best??

This is going to be one heck of a destash.  All of my items are quality and are in beautiful condition.  There will be a lot to choose from.

Thanks for giving me your thoughts.


Lida Amey is the Winner of Flash Contest #4

Congratulations to Lida Amey, she is the winner of my 4th Flash Contest and will be receiving a one of a kind ATC that I will make for her.

This wasn't an easy one, but you all are getting good at these! This is my silly little song I sing to Tupelo:

Tupelo Honey
He's a little funny
He lives with the Bunnies (silly little name Mike and I call each other)
He loves it when it's sunny, and
He wishes he had some money (because he loves to go to the High Brow Dog Bakery)

and I usually end it with one more "because he's my Tupelo Honey"

I wonder what he thinks when I sing this to him...."geez my Mom's a really bad singer"

Thank you to everyone following my blog!


Friday, July 18, 2014

A New Flash Contest Has Been Posted!

Hello everyone! Flash Contest #4 has been posted and it's a bit of a challenge!  I hope you all are up for it and want to play along!  There are several hints listed in the contest information, I hope they help you!

Leave your answers as a comments to this blog post. The first person with the correct answer will receive an ATC.  I hope you all do not tire of my ATCs. I love making them, and I will make yours a one of a kind!

Have fun playing!

Jane vv...08

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amy Taylor did it! She made her first video!

The response to this young woman was overwhelming.  She wanted to do something nice for me and went to work, thinking nothing about herself, or really anything except doing a good job on a project for someone she cared about. She worked really hard and it was a huge selfless act that turned out amazing!

The Happy Mail video showing her accomplishment has had more views then most of my videos that have been on my channel for a long time. It was a really big deal and everyone wanted to know more about this talented young woman.

We emailed and spoke and she really didn't think she was good enough for a channel.  Well I convinced her otherwise and she is off and running now.

Here's a link to her new channel:

I've posted it all over, so no one should miss it...LOL  I hope you all will go show this remarkable woman some YT love.  I think her channel promises to be something really special, just like her!


"Best Fishes"

OMGosh everyone, I love this little stamp set! It's adorable. It's called "Best Fishes" and it's a Simon Says Stamp release designed by K. Werner Designs.  She really did a great job on it. At first I thought it would be too juvenile, but it's just loads of fun.  You can buy just the stamp set, or the stamp set and the coordinating die, or... you can get the whole deal which includes the stamps, dies, and a stencil. 

I ran out of Thank You cards and needed to get some more made to have on hand.  I also use these little cards when someone wins one of my giveaways, so "For You" was appropriate.  I reached for this set and did I enjoy myself!  I used everything, the stamps, die, and stencil...oh, and I had to add some googly eyes!  Ok, so maybe I'm  Here's what they look like:

BTW - I'm going to be posting little cards and ATCs, if you ever see something you want a tutorial on, just ask.  I know this isn't too complicated, but I do know there are times you see something and think "how did she do that"?

Thanks for checking in with me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's Progress!

Hello Everyone!  I sure am enjoying having my blog and this place to write to all of you.  When I write my mind wanders a bit and I think about those of you who leave me sweet messages, those of you I've found friendship in, and so on, but at one point or another, if you've left me comments in the past, you are thought of.

Today my body did not want to cooperate. For some reason my fibro was kicking in.  Not sure if it's the change of weather or what.  So, I was proud of what I got done, even though it was not a ton.  I was very grateful I had done the "Heat Embossing" tutorial yesterday, so it's ready to go for tomorrow morning. I always do them two days ahead of time just for this very reason.

I worked on ATCs mostly. As you can see below Cheryl won an ATC in one of my giveaways (Congrats Cheryl!), so I wanted to make her ATC and get it in the mail tomorrow.  And of course I need to finish up my ATC for my swap commitments I've made.  I also used my last 3 x 3 Thank you cards, so I starts making some more to have on hand. I came up with a cute concept for the Thank you's, but did not get any completed. Maybe tomorrow!

Here are the ATCs, see what you think:

The last one has an "embossing on glass" technique I will demonstrate in my tutorial tomorrow.  Pretty cool technique anyone can do with the right materials (which are not expensive).

I'm going to enjoy my heating pads and recliner for a while, so I will chat with you all soon! You all have a wonderful rest of your day, or beginning of your new day!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CeeGee4 Just Won!!!

That's right, I had a spontaneous giveaway hidden in my most recent blog post.  CeeGee4 read the entire post and as a result won! She will be receiving one of my ATCs !

Congratulations! Thank you for following and reading my blog! I hope you enjoy it and I'm so glad you were able to jump in and win one of the giveaways!

I will be making your ATC in the next few days and get it mailed out to you!


Catching Up!

Hello everyone!   I hope everyone is having a great day. The weather is fantastic here today, something we normally don't experience in July! It's really a treat.

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of Mike's Ink Blender sale, and for those who have bought them before and after the sale. Mike has now sold quite a few of these wonderful tools and the reviews are awesome. We're so glad you all enjoy them. I know I could not do without them!  We sold a lot more then we expected to, but are getting them out just as quick as we can.  Several orders were mailed out this morning!

The sales on the Zutter Innovative products are going good too. Thank you to everyone who has supported this endeavor, we really do appreciate it.  The storage items are fantastic, they are so big and can hold so many stamps and dies, it's really great.  The Bow-it-All V2.0 is doing well too, ad what a great tool it is to have in your craft room. It really does make awesome bows in no time at all.  Since Mike teamed up with Zutter and introduced these products to the store they have been on sale for 10% off.  This sale will end July 31st, so if you were thinking of getting some of these great items, try to do so before the sale ends!

I also have to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who left supportive and encouraging comments for Amy Taylor.  She's trying so hard to create her first YouTube video, but she's really shy and she's scared to death.  I know I could tell her 1000 times over it will be ok, and you all will not be mean or give her a hard time, that you all will continue to encourage her, but when you're nervous, those things seem to go in one ear and out the other.  I will probably give her a call today and see how she is coming along.

And, on that same note, I want to say another HUGE thank you for all the sweet comments you all left for me.  I had so many people tell me that I deserved the amazing gift Amy made for me, and so many of you thanked me for what I give on my channel.  I even had others tell me how I had changed their life too.  Those comments mean so much because to be honest, when I do a video I just feel like I'm doing a video. I try to always explain things in my videos and remember the newbies, but I don't look at that as anything special on my part, it just seems that's how you should do videos.  So this has all been eye opening for me as well.

It seems I can't thank you all enough, today is Mike's Birthday and I bet there have been over 100 birthday wishes given to him, all of which I have read to him.  So, thanks for that too! Mike is my best friend, and supports everything I do, so the fact you all include him means a lot to me!

I've been working away on my latest ReneaBouquets DT project, my Shabby Chic altered Spool, and it's coming along, but it's at a standstill for the moment because Renea is sending me some items for it, so I want to make sure I can include them.

In the mean time, today, I will be recording "The Basics of Heat Embossing 101".  I have so much I want to share and show you all, I had to make an outline, otherwise I know I would forget something. You all are going to learn how to do basic heat embossing up to embossing on glass, wood, and metal.  Its going to go well beyond the basics!

It's really been fun having the "Flash Contests". Kathy Byrne won #3, so she's excited!  I hope you all enjoy these little spontaneous ways to win a little something.

In fact, why don't we have another little contest...kind of buried in this "post".  The first person to tell me when the sale ends of the Zutter products will win an ATC card made by me.  Just put the winning date in a comment on this post, be the first person to do so and win!

Love ya all!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Flash Contest Giveaway has been Posted!

Want to have some Trivia fun again? I've just posted my third Flash Contest and this one is called "Tattoo's are Art Too". Remember, these are just fun little things to do on my blog.

So, it starts now and the first person to get all of the questions correct is the winner.  The prize is one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools!
You should post your answers on this blog post.

Have fun and Good Luck!!! I hope you all enjoy these little fun activities/giveaways!

Big Hugs
Jane... vv08

Amy Taylor's FaceBook Link

Amy is shy and nervous but told me in a comment today "Youtube, here I come"....LOL  I'm so excited. She has found a camera and is working out a few details, so it won't be long and we will get to see some amazing talent from this young woman.

In the mean time she told me I could post her FaceBook link. She wants to thank everyone and say Hello.  Her FB page is really neat if you "friend" her you can see her wedding pictures, which are gorgeous and her beautiful family. 

So, go over and make friends with Amy:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amy Taylor

Sometimes life opens doors you didn't even know were there.  Thanks to all of you a big door has opened for Amy.

I have had MANY of you leave comments, messages, PMs, FB messages, all wanting to know how to get you hands on one of these amazing organizers like she sent me, or to buy the plans, see a tutorial, something!  Clearly you all already love Amy's work.  

As I mentioned in my previous post about this, Amy didn't really think she was good enough to do Youtube videos or sell things like this. 

I don't need to tell any of you how wrong her mindset is. She's amazing and the response to her work is overwhelming.  I sent Amy my phone number and we just got done talking. 

Here's where she's at...  of course she sent me the amazing organizer straight from her heart. I know that, and so do all of you, but it also turned out to be fantastic advertising for her skills, talent, and abilities.  She's very surprised at the response from all of you.  She just wanted to do something nice for me, she didn't expect all of this interest in her and the requests for a tutorial, or plans to her design, this is coming at her very fast.

I told her, if she wants it, this is a door that has opened for her and she has the opportunity to create and sell her organizational item designs.  Remember, she was in a horrific car accident, so bad she was told she should not be alive, she can no longer work, so this could turn out to be a great way for her to make a little money.  I told her crafters like to make things themselves for the most part, so selling the designs to items such as what she sent me would be a big hit on her Etsy store (which has nothing in at the moment).  There really is endless opportunity here since we all need to organize something in our craft rooms.  She liked the idea a lot, and is going to speak with her husband about it all.

I also spoke with her about getting on Youtube and showing her albums she makes and basically introducing herself to all of you. I offered to help her get rolling with this.  I'm going to be doing all I can to help this young mother and wife since a regular job is out of the question.

So stay tuned for more information on Amy Taylor!

As always you all rock!  Think of what all this positive response has done for this woman's self esteem!

Love ya!

Tupelo helping Mike with his Birthday Gifts.. LOL

Details about Amy Taylor, the amazing Artist behind my Organizer, and handmade items!

Amy is absolutely blown away with all the feedback and requests for her organizer, a tutorial for it, or just plans of it to purchase. 

Here's the deal, believe it or not this talented young woman never thought she was good enough for a YT channel, so she doesn't have one, except a shell account to watch and comment on videos.  She had an Etsy store, but only had two crocheted items in it that didn't sell so she gave up.

She is flat out amazing and doesn't know it.  I really think, and I think many of you will agree, Amy is at a crossroads and should consider a YT channel, an Etsy store, a Blog - the whole shebang,  because she's talented as all get out!

I'm going to see if I can talk to her on the phone and help her get started, I know if her first project was another organizer (which I know she could get pre-orders for), her channel would sky rocket.

All of you who are wanting to enjoy Amy's talent, hang in there, let's see if all this doesn't build her confidence to give it a go.

I will keep you all posted!


Happy Mail is Not a Good Enough Name For This..

Hello everyone!  Today I received a huge box at my door from Amy Taylor, one of my subbies. I knew she was up to something, but had no idea the magnitude of what she was making.  I will put some pictures here, but seeing the video is really worthwhile. What she sent was over the top.  Now, please also keep in mind, this woman is only 28 years old, the mother of 4, 2 of her own and 2 step children, and she has a terrible back and neck injury, and despite all of her responsibilities and her constant pain, she managed to build something that puts any commercial product to shame.  I do hope you will check out the video if you haven't already. She also crocheted a bunch of items for me, which I moved to the location where I keep things like that, and she sent a ton of charms, which I also put away (she had the drawers stuffed with these lovely items) I wanted to fill the drawers with my "ink and paint" items to keep them all in one place, making full use of this organizer.  Oh, and the big drawer you will see, she had made a built in holder for my stickles. It's gorgeous. She thought of it all, let me tell you. This woman should be an Engineer!  Her thoughtfulness brought me to tears. Here's the photo's I took of this amazing gift:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Additional Headings Added to My Blog - and Some Date Reminders

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm really glad to hear how many of you are enjoying my latest tutorial.  I rec'd one comment that said I had her mind going mad with new ideas. That's awesome! That's what I love to hear.  I love to show technique, then know you'll use it and make it your own.  It's very exciting!  Thank you all for the kind comments.

So, last night I could not sleep to save my life, so I started trying to figure out how to put headings on my blog so my posts could be better organized.  I do a lot of posting and up until now, you've just had to read through them all to find tutorials, etc.  Well, despite my really poor level of technology knowledge I figured it out.  Now you will find 4 headings at this point.  There is:  Project Shares, Our Life, Tutorials, and ReneaBouquets.   All of the posts I put up will still show up on the "Home" page, but now if you click on, for example, "Tutorials", any post I have done that is a tutorial will show up there and so forth for each heading!  I'm excited about this, it will make it much easier for you all to find posts that interest you specifically.

I also adding another "Gadget" as they are called. It's called "Share it".  You will see this on the right side when you're reading a post.  If you like the post and would like to share it you can click on this and Share the post on your FB or Tweet it.  I've not been able to test it, so hopefully it works ok.  If someone tries it and it doesn't work, please let me know and I will try to fix it or take it off. Hopefully it will work out fine. I think it would be fun to share the tutorials and helpful posts other crafters might enjoy but not find otherwise.

Keep your eyes open for a new "Flash Contest", I've got a question in mind, and also a fun prize.

Other tid bits - Today is the LAST day for the sale on Mike's Ink Blenders, great deal, buy 5, get 1 free.  Remember, please leave me a comment if you want to make a purchase so I can send you an invoice. Etsy does not have the ability to program in a sale like this.

The Zutter Innovative Products are still 10% off as well.  We will probably run this sale through the end of July.

And, one last thing, please PM me if you would like to send me a card or ATC to promote your channel. This will be open through July 31st. I'm really excited to have heard from several of you.  I think it will be loads of fun promoting artists on here we may not be aware of.

I rec'd some feedback on my next ReneaBouquets DT project.  It looks like doing a project that is shabby chic and uses some stenciling and the little ink pads is what most of you would like to see, so that's the direction I'll be going.

Ok, I'll get going so I can do some creating today. Tomorrow we are celebrating Mike's birthday at his Mom's so I'll be busy having fun!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tutorial: Stenciled and Layered Double Winged Butterfly ATC

 Hi Everyone!
I had some requests to do a tutorial on my Layered Butterfly ATC.  I was able to get it done today.  I did a video tutorial and I also wanted to put it here on my blog. I really love this technique.  Here's the end result so you know where we're headed:

The cool thing with this tutorial is, once you learn the technique, you can let your imagination go and dig out dies you may not have used in a while, or use your favorite dies and use this technique. The options are endless. You can make dress forms, Christmas trees, anything that you want, then embellish to your heart's content.

So, let's get started:

The first step is making a stencil with your favorite die you want to use. As you can see in the picture, there is my butterfly die next to my pallet knife.  I ran it through my Vagabond with a piece of acetate and made a stencil, which you can see sitting on top of the embossing paste.  To make it easier, I sprayed a little "Easy Tack" on the back of the stencil and pressed it onto my ATC base.  Then I used my Wendy Vechi Embossing Paste in Black and gently spread it all over my ATC, covering the stencil well and creating a nice amount of texture with my knife blade.  Once I had my ATC covered I gently pulled the stencil off, leaving behind the impression from the stencil.  I made sure to promptly wash my pallet knife and stencil. I really like the stencil and want to have it for future uses.  I then let the embossing paste dry completely.

While the embossing paste was drying I did a little prep.  I used Mod Podge to adhere 80# white cardstock to some music note paper.  I also put a coat of Mod Podge on top of the music note paper so it would have a nice coating and add a little thickness.  I set this aside to dry.

I continued my prep by die cutting a butterfly with a heavy weight red cardstock (from Papertrey Ink). I also cut a small tag for a "thank you" sentiment I wanted to add.  Then I used my Black India Ink to stamp my sentiment on my little tag.

Meanwhile my white cardstock and music note paper dried so I die cut them with the same butterfly die. It was now ready to adhere to the ATC.  I applied a thin amount of my Art Glitter glue all over the butterfly impression on the ATC and then carefully inlaid the music note butterfly.  Because I was using the same die everything fit together perfectly.  I also adhered my sentiment with the same glue.

The only remaining step was to adhere the red cardstock butterfly die cut.  I put a good amount of glue on just the body of the music note butterfly and it's antenna, then I attached the red die cut butterfly and bent it's wings up to give it a dimensional look. 

As one last step I embellished with three sequins.   I used silver to give it a fun little shimmer. I used two 8mm sequins and one 4mm sequin.  That's it, super easy. Think how much fun this technique would be with other dies you already own!  I hope some of you will give this technique a try!


ReneaBouquets - Discount Code, My Next DT Project, Techniques? Style? and Much More!

Hello Everyone!
If you've been watching my channel along with following my blog then you know I had some great news to share about ReneaBouquets!

Who doesn't like a discount? I was so excited to pass along the new discount code ReneaBouquets gave me for all of you.  As if her items were not already super affordable, now you can get 10% off of your entire purchase amount by using the code DTJANE.  This is just wonderful, and I'm so happy she is doing this.

And let me just say, this is even more amazing then you might realize.  ReneaBouquets is also selling craft products such as inks, stamps, and stencils.  If you do some price comparing, you'll be really impressed with her affordable prices. Typically the mini distress ink pad sets sell for $10.99, but ReneaBouquets sells hers for $8.75!  Then you use the discount code and now you've paid under $8.00 for the set!  Same with her beautiful new rhinestone pieces, they are priced very affordably. 

This is why I love working with Renea, she makes beautiful creating affordable. 

Here a few photos of some of her newest items, and there is a lot more where this came from:

ReneaBouquests has a blog, facebook page, an Etsy store, and the newest addition is her own .com store.  Here are links to everything you need.  I encourage you to "Like" her facebook page so you can stay on top of the latest information from ReneaBouquets, because she's not sitting still!

Her new store - check it out:
Her Etsy store: :
Renea's Blog:
ReneaBouquets Facebook Page: (LIKE her FB page and stay up on all the latest news going on at ReneaBouquets)

Now for my question to all of you - What would you like to see for my next DT project?  Are you wanting to see some new techniques with her new crafting products?  Are you interested in seeing a layout incorporating her new Mosaic butterflies?  Maybe something shabby chic?  Ways to use her other items such as her Tea Bags and Flowers? 

These are just a few ideas, I would love your thoughts, and of course they should have ReneaBouquets products as the focus. Just leave a comment here and I will get it.

If you've been buying from Renea all along, thank you!! and if you've never been to her store, check it out, you'll love what you find!

Hugs, Jane...vv08

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Big Thank You and Some Random Chat

I just can't say Thank You! enough for the wonderfully kind comments you all left on my "Paint Tutorial" videos.  As you can imagine MayMay and I are working really hard to bring you lots of accurate information on these topics.  We do outlines of each topic we're responsible for, we do research, in some cases we create examples, in other words, we give it our all. So to get so many comments back saying "thank you, the information you gave me was helpful", really means the world to both of us!  Since I'm using this format to express my thanks instead of responding to each comment, I really wanted to make sure you all knew how thankful I am.

Now some random things.  I was asked if I would do a tutorial on this ATC:

I'm happy to do one. I'm hoping to get it started tomorrow. It's a cool technique and doesn't have too many steps. And, the best part, once you learn how to do this you can do it with anything you have a die for, like maybe a Christmas tree - how cool would that look???  So, I'll be getting this out there on video for you all just as soon as I can.

Those who know me know that every other Friday is house cleaning day and I hate it, with a passion. I love a clean house, and we always keep our picked up and looking good, but I need to clean good every two weeks.  Lately I've been getting injections in my back on Wednesday (of cleaning week) this means I can't really clean for very long, so I've been splitting up cleaning over two days, which means today was a 1/2 cleaning day.  I did get it done, but I didn't like  It seemed like time flew today doing what I call "invisible" chores.  You know all those things you do that seem to take time, but aren't really chores you could make a list of. Things like insurance cards coming in the mail and you need to get everything sorted out so you have the right information in the right car, or you get something in the mail that's not correct to you have to call and get it straightened out.  I had a day full of those things and before I knew it my day was disappearing.  But that's ok, at least I feel caught up and when I get done cleaning tomorrow I should be able to sneak some crafting time!

It's also been a while since I chatted about what I'm watching on TV.  Good ole' TrueTori is over so I had to find something new to watch.  I found a couple of shows to watch.  One is really something.  It's called "Married at First Sight".  It's a social experiment.  These 4 "experts" have come together to use scientific techniques to match up these willing participants.  They have asked them a ton of questions, interviewed them, did home visits, and all sorts of things to get to know these people, then match them up.  Once they were told they had a match they were given one week to plan their wedding.  This is all the further I've gotten.  Talk about a wreck you can't look away  Oh yeah, I'll be watching the next episode.  The other show I found is "Tiny House Nation".  I'm into Tiny Houses/Living, and have been since I first heard of it.  I would love nothing more then to give up our house and build a tiny home on a private piece of land. I would love to have a separate building for my crafting and a big garage for our cars. I'm trying to get Mike so see the benefits I see in that kind of lifestyle.

Well, I need to run, I've rambled enough.  Mike just asked if I was ready to go?  We are going to take the '54 Ford out for a ride tonight. The weather is nice and I think we'll all have fun cruising in the lead sled.  Maybe I can get him to go to the Donut Drive-In.  Yumm, best donuts in St. Louis in my humble opinion.

I sure do appreciate you all, and it's good to just catch up on the things I used to chat more about on video.  I'm so glad I started this blog!

Ok, I have to run!
Big Hugs,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BIG SALE (LIMITED TIME ONLY) on Mike's Ink Blending Tool's for those that Follow my Blog!

This is really exciting and something Mike has never done before. We want to team up and give some extra benefits to those who follow my blog, so here's the deal and it's a good one!

For every 5 Ink Blending tools you buy, you get one FREE!  That's a $4.50 savings! When you average out how much your paying for a total of 6 Ink Blenders - it's a really good deal! 

These Ink Blenders Mike makes are really comfortable for the hand.  If you have any bit of arthritis in your hands, or just want to be comfortable while you edge your papers, these Ink Blenders will change your ink distressing life. They really are so nice to use.  There is not one square corner to dig into your palm, they are rounded and smooth. He has several reviews on his store site you can read from customers that have purchased them. I think those reviews say it all. To read the reviews or check out Mike's store, click on the "Zutter" icon on the left of my blog!

Ok, so here is the fine print...

You need to buy 5 to get 1 free, there is no limit to this, so buy 10, get 2 free, and so forth

Mike will be making these to order, so please be a bit patient, it will probably take 4-5 days to get them made and in the mail to you.  These are not just thrown together.  Mike cuts them, sands them so they are very smooth, he puts a foam pad on the base (a much thicker foam pad), then he adds a layer of velcro, and finally the standard foam pad that can be purchased in any craft store.  These are quality Ink Blenders. They also have a nice size flat surface on the end to label them if you prefer to do so.

The Etsy store does not have an option to do a sale like this, so it's being done right here.  If you want to place a order, please leave me a comment with how many you want and I will invoice you.

This sale will run for the next 3 days - through the end of the day Saturday, July 12th!  Remember, you must be a follower of my blog! Again, to check out the reviews on Mike's store, click on the "Zutter" icon on the left side of my blog.  Make sure you leave your orders here in a comment so you get the sale!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Crazy Day!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great day! The weather here is fabulous. Last night we had really bad storms that brought in some gorgeous weather! I love it! So I kept plugging away at ATCs and made some great progress! Here's a photo:

I know you've all have seen the Halloween ATC, but I made a video this evening showing all three of these ATCs. So it's in the picture.

I also accomplished something pretty big - I recorded and uploaded "The Basics of Paint 101".  It turned out to be a "two parter" again!  It seems I have so much to cover I can't get it all done in one video, or maybe I just talk too  I hope you all love it and learn a thing or two. It will go live Thursday.

I also started working on two other ATCs that I are not in the above picture, I did show them briefly in my video share. They are going to be very different then anything I've ever done. I rec'd a super pretty butterfly die in the mail today that I had ordered from Papertrey, Inc.  I used one of the butterfly dies to make a stencil by running it through my Vagabond on some acetate. Then I took the stencil and sprayed the back with Easy Tack.  It worked pretty well.  I also made some custom colors of molding past by using Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad Reinkers.  I loved the way they turned out. So for now the stencil part is complete and drying. Tomorrow I will go to work doing some cool embellishing that I have in mind.  I hope what I have in mind turns out

I'm pretty tired so I better turn in. Mike goes back to work tomorrow so it's back to our normal routine, which means the alarm goes off early.


It Seems I Couldn't Get Quite Enough of Halloween!

Hello everyone!  Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my Galaxy Tutorial video,  I really appreciate them.  It takes a bit of effort to put together tutorial videos, so it really feels nice to know they are helpful and appreciated.

Also, I'm noticing I'm picking up quite a few male subscribers lately. I think that's awesome! I hope I can keep things interesting for everyone. So welcome to everyone that is new to my channel and my blog, I'm so glad to have you!

Every Monday afternoon I Skype with my good friend Bex, the wonderful hands behind my Blog design.  Usually we both craft while we chat about our lives.  We've been doing this for a while and I really enjoy it. It keeps us from letting time slip by, which happens so easily.  I wanted to work on ATCs while we chatted yesterday and I couldn't resist - yep, I had to make a Halloween  So, here's a peek.  I saved it in color and black and white.  I think the black and white looks neat, kind of spooky like.. 

Today will be a busy day, I'm going to put together the big "The Basics of Paint" tutorial for Thursday and get it uploaded so it's ready to go.  So you won't hear much from me.  You all have a wonderful day...

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Tutorial for the Mixed Media Galaxy ATC is up on my Channel!

When I did my video sharing my most recent three ATCs, one of them was a the galaxy.  It seems to be pretty popular right now.  I asked if any of you wanted a tutorial and I got quite a bit of interest in seeing one, so I got it done today. The video is up and running! I hope you find it helpful, and as always, if you don't own the exact same products, take a look at what you do own and see if you can't use what you have. You never know, you must might end up with an amazing galaxy!

The main thing - Have fun with it!

Congratulations Aurora-Delphyne (Wendy)!!!

Mike did the drawing today for the contest joining/promoting my blog and Wendy was the winner! I'm really excited for her, she has been a long time subbie of mine, always supportive, and always with something nice to say. I'm very lucky to have so many wonderful subbies like Wendy. It feels really good when you see one of them win a giveaway your doing.  So Wendy will win 5 of my ATCs . I'll be working away on them very soon so I can get them mailed off to her.

Congrats Wendy, and thanks for all your support over the last, geez, almost 2 years now!


And the Winner for "Flash Contest #2" is.... and another tid bit

Congratulations to Jennifer Haunold!!! At 9:08am she completed all the correct answers to the "Tupelo Trivia Flash Contest". It turns out this one was a little challenging. I may have to go a little easier next time. I do want it to be all about having fun. Jen also got the bonus questions correct! Thank you all for playing along and being patient as I work out what type of questions are better to ask then others. Keep your eyes on the blog posts, there will be more "Flash Contests" in the future. It will be an ongoing part of my blog.

Also, OMGosh I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful comments I rec'd both here and on my channel about my recent ATCs I made. I so appreciate your kind words. The sweet comments really inspire me to keep creating and trying to step up my work all the time. It makes me want to improve and try new techniques.

Many of took me up on my offer to show how I created my galaxy ATC, so I will get that done for you all. It's so super easy you'll all want to try it when you see how it's done.

Ok, that's it's for now. I need to run an errand and then it's back to crafting! I have a lot of ATCs to (I love making them)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Shabby Chic ATC Project Share!

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! It has been quite some time since I did a shabby chic project of any sort so I decided I would do a Shabby Chic ATC. The paper I used is from Graphic 45 Curtain Call, it's the Ballerina Slippers. I think it's so pretty. I edged it all in Frayed Burlap. This one will be going to a very sweet friend of mine. I have 15 of these to do this Three down, 12 to go! xxx Jane vv08

New Flash Contest Giveaway has been Posted!

Want to have some Trivia fun? I've just posted my second Flash Contest and this one is called "Tupelo Trivia". Remember, these are just fun little things to do on my blog.

So, it starts now and the first person to get all of the questions correct is the winner. If the winner has also answered the bonus questions correctly they will receive one or two surprise gifts in with their winnings, depending on how many they got correctly.

You should post your answers on this blog post.

Have fun and Good Luck!!! I hope you all enjoy these little fun activities/giveaways!

Big Hugs
Jane... vv08

A Glimps Into Last Nights Party

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope everyone has had a fun and safe weekend. I hope you're enjoying the ATCs I made. What I find amazing is the two ATCs I shared below were made using the same stencil! Just goes to show the versatility you can get out of one stencil. I changed the post, but I had originally failed to mention the galaxy ATC was made using Gelato's and Embossing powder, not just embossing powder.

Last night was loads of fun. I swear, every year the crowd seems to grow by leaps and bounds. I go every year and Mike and I sat there saying, "I've never seen those people before" over and over last night. My friend is definitely a "more the merrier" type. She loves a crowd at her house. We are quite different then that, we prefer just having a couple over, or a friend and have a nice chatty visit. It's a good thing there are all types of people in the world otherwise events like this last night would not happen and we did have a great time. We were just glad a whole neighborhood wasn't waiting in line in our house to use the I guess we're getting old... lol Ok, enough about all that (but now you know more about us) here are some pictures I thought you might all enjoy.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Little Project Share

Hello Everyone! First, I wanted to mention, thanks so much for all the positive feedback on the "Channel Promotion Opportunity" I uploaded earlier today. I'm excited and feel it is a win, win all the way around. I'm so excited to discover some of these talented crafters I may not be familiar with at this point. It should be loads of fun!

We're getting ready to head over to a friends 4th of July party. This is a friend I've known for a long time, since 1985 actually. She happens to live across the street from Sublet Park in South City. Each year the neighborhood contributes some money towards the fireworks display and they put on a really nice event for the neighborhood. Since my friend lives across the street we are able to just bring a cooler, set up chairs, get a few snacks and enjoy the show. We've been going for years and always have a great time. Tupelo will be staying home since fireworks scare him. He will feel much better in his safe environment.

BTW - this friend happens to be the mother of the twins I made the mini album for (first video uploaded on this channel). The twins are just over 12 months old now and I can't wait to squeeze

So, here's what I accomplished today, just a little sneak peek I thought you might enjoy seeing. The first photo is an ATC I did using some of ReneaBouquets new products in her store. I did a two part tutorial which will be uploaded tomorrow. The second photo is an ATC for one of my exchanges I'm doing. As you can see it's a galaxy. I was totally inspired by a video I saw by Kristina Werner. She did a galaxy card. It was done with Tim Holtz distress paints and was really neat. I felt inspired and challenged by it, but wanted to make it my own, so I did mine with Gelatos and embossing powders. If anyone is interested in a tutorial, just let me know.

Have a great night everyone!

ATC-Card Call/Channel Promotion Opportunity

Yes, here I am again, with a second post this morning. I felt this needed a post all it's own. I will also be doing a video on this topic. I've seen on a couple of channels such as Kate Werner, where she does a "Mail Call". Essentially it gives her subbies an opportunity to make cards, send them to her, and she shows them on her channel. I thought that was pretty neat and it got me thinking....

For those of you who have been sub'd to me for a while you know that from time to time, when I identify an outstanding crafter that is new on YT, I will do a video promoting their channel to help give them a jump start. It's really fun and my subbies love finding out about these new crafty treasures. Typically after I do one of these videos I will get several PMs asking me to promote other channels too.

I started thinking, how could I combine all of this? Here's what I came up with... Have an ATC-Card call! Here's how it would work:

Send me one ATC or Card with your best work, really reflecting your artistic style.
Include a note with your channel name
Also include your favorite style of crafting, and
the direction you plan to take your channel, for example - just to show your work, maybe you plan to show tutorials, etc. (what you want my subbies to know about your channel)

This will be open until July 31st. This gives you a few weeks to make your ATC or Card and send it to me.

I will show off all the ATCs and Cards I receive and provide your channel information and details. This will be a great way for you to get some exposure for your channel, and it will also be a great way for my subbies to find your channel.

This is open to everyone; however, it's a particularly good opportunity for those who are just getting started and only have a few subbies. It can be really hard to get started and get your channel off the ground.

If you are interested, please send me a PM on the video I do related to this to get my address for mailing in your ATC or Card. Please note: I will not be returning the ATCs or Cards, so please do not send something you want returned.

The video related to this will be uploaded later today.

I'm excited about this, I think there are many hidden treasures out there on YouTube land!


It's Saturday Morning, that can only mean one thing! I have a lot to share with you all! :)

Happy Saturday everyone! First I want to say "Thank you" so much for the comments so many of you have posted on my blog. They are so sweet and mean a great deal to me. You all have shown so much support. I appreciate that you are allowing me to use my blog to say "Thank you" at one time instead of commenting back to each comment I receive, whether it be here or on my YT channel. This has freed up a tremendous amount of time for me that I can use for more crafting (which I bring to you all), and for more family time. I want to say Thank you for the comments many of you left on my latest tutorial video. While I may not be commenting back anymore (unless you have a question), I certainly read everything you write to me and what you have to say means a lot. If you haven't checked out the video, here's a picture of the three "super easy" thank you cards I created:

I know for those of you who are experienced crafters, these are easy and you don't necessarily need a tutorial, but I do have many brand new crafters who find tutorials like this helpful. I know when I was new I scoured the YT channel looking for tutorials like this. My plan is to do a variety of tutorials, at all crafting levels. So stay tuned. I will be doing some more complex mixed media tutorials that can be used on canvas, ATCs, or cards in the near future.

Breakfast with the Hoodlums should be interesting this morning. Mike is waiting for Butch to pick him up, he's not sure who all is going, but I can say Troy (the conspiracy theory) guy has been a character I'll be anxious to hear the stories when he gets home so I can share them with you all in my next video.

This next week promises to deliver some great information with "The Basics of" tutorial series MayMay and I are doing. MayMay will be covering "Card Making" on Tuesday, the 8th. Personally I cannot wait to see this video. Since I'm right at the beginning of my card making journey, I'm sure there will be so much I can learn from her. Then I will follow up with "Paints" on Thursday! I happen to own a lot of different paints, so I will have quite a bit of information to share with you on this topic. I'm really excited, and hope you all enjoy it.

Also, a quick reminder, the giveaway for joining and promoting my blog ends tomorrow night at midnight central time. Obviously if you are reading this you have already joined my blog and have one entry into the drawing, but if you promote it on your FB page, twitter, etc. and send me the link (you can send me the link by pasting it into a comment on the video for the giveaway) you will have additional entries for the drawing. The winning prize is 5 ATCs!

Ok, I think that's it for updates. I am going to do a second post on here with a challenge/promote yourself opportunity, so if that sounds interesting to you, keep an eye out for it!

Love ya all!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Big 4th of July Sale on Mike's Ink Blending Tools!

As a way to show how much we appreciate you all Mike and I decided to run a one day 4th of July sale on his Ink Blending tools. They normally are $4.50 in his Etsy store. Today, they have been reduced to $3.35 each! That's just over 25% off! These blending tools are amazing, especially if you have arthritis. If you go to the store you can also read the reviews he has on his Ink Blending tools. They've been popular. Don't forget all the Zutter products are still 10% off! If you do make a purchase that includes Zutter products and our handmade items, they must be separate purchases, as they are mailed from different locations. I hope you enjoy your day! And remember, at the end of the day the sale ends on the Ink Blenders. To get to Mike's store click on the "Zutter" logo on the left hand side of my blog. It's say's "Mike's Etsy store" just above it.