Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Big Thank You and Some Random Chat

I just can't say Thank You! enough for the wonderfully kind comments you all left on my "Paint Tutorial" videos.  As you can imagine MayMay and I are working really hard to bring you lots of accurate information on these topics.  We do outlines of each topic we're responsible for, we do research, in some cases we create examples, in other words, we give it our all. So to get so many comments back saying "thank you, the information you gave me was helpful", really means the world to both of us!  Since I'm using this format to express my thanks instead of responding to each comment, I really wanted to make sure you all knew how thankful I am.

Now some random things.  I was asked if I would do a tutorial on this ATC:

I'm happy to do one. I'm hoping to get it started tomorrow. It's a cool technique and doesn't have too many steps. And, the best part, once you learn how to do this you can do it with anything you have a die for, like maybe a Christmas tree - how cool would that look???  So, I'll be getting this out there on video for you all just as soon as I can.

Those who know me know that every other Friday is house cleaning day and I hate it, with a passion. I love a clean house, and we always keep our picked up and looking good, but I need to clean good every two weeks.  Lately I've been getting injections in my back on Wednesday (of cleaning week) this means I can't really clean for very long, so I've been splitting up cleaning over two days, which means today was a 1/2 cleaning day.  I did get it done, but I didn't like  It seemed like time flew today doing what I call "invisible" chores.  You know all those things you do that seem to take time, but aren't really chores you could make a list of. Things like insurance cards coming in the mail and you need to get everything sorted out so you have the right information in the right car, or you get something in the mail that's not correct to you have to call and get it straightened out.  I had a day full of those things and before I knew it my day was disappearing.  But that's ok, at least I feel caught up and when I get done cleaning tomorrow I should be able to sneak some crafting time!

It's also been a while since I chatted about what I'm watching on TV.  Good ole' TrueTori is over so I had to find something new to watch.  I found a couple of shows to watch.  One is really something.  It's called "Married at First Sight".  It's a social experiment.  These 4 "experts" have come together to use scientific techniques to match up these willing participants.  They have asked them a ton of questions, interviewed them, did home visits, and all sorts of things to get to know these people, then match them up.  Once they were told they had a match they were given one week to plan their wedding.  This is all the further I've gotten.  Talk about a wreck you can't look away  Oh yeah, I'll be watching the next episode.  The other show I found is "Tiny House Nation".  I'm into Tiny Houses/Living, and have been since I first heard of it.  I would love nothing more then to give up our house and build a tiny home on a private piece of land. I would love to have a separate building for my crafting and a big garage for our cars. I'm trying to get Mike so see the benefits I see in that kind of lifestyle.

Well, I need to run, I've rambled enough.  Mike just asked if I was ready to go?  We are going to take the '54 Ford out for a ride tonight. The weather is nice and I think we'll all have fun cruising in the lead sled.  Maybe I can get him to go to the Donut Drive-In.  Yumm, best donuts in St. Louis in my humble opinion.

I sure do appreciate you all, and it's good to just catch up on the things I used to chat more about on video.  I'm so glad I started this blog!

Ok, I have to run!
Big Hugs,


  1. Great paint tutorial. Great visuals too. I liked that you have lots of examples and also mentioned
    Other things too ie book papers for a background and what to use so you can still see the paper. The Ranger channel has tim holtz doing great tutorials. I watched the ones on the distress paints a few months ago. Thanks again and good luck with the shots!! Ouch. My husband had those a very long time ago. Happy crafting !!

  2. i don't like cleaning also!!! But it has to be done!!! And here with two kids and two dogs i have to vacuum cleaning every day! but i just do it with out thinking!! LOL