Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amy Taylor did it! She made her first video!

The response to this young woman was overwhelming.  She wanted to do something nice for me and went to work, thinking nothing about herself, or really anything except doing a good job on a project for someone she cared about. She worked really hard and it was a huge selfless act that turned out amazing!

The Happy Mail video showing her accomplishment has had more views then most of my videos that have been on my channel for a long time. It was a really big deal and everyone wanted to know more about this talented young woman.

We emailed and spoke and she really didn't think she was good enough for a channel.  Well I convinced her otherwise and she is off and running now.

Here's a link to her new channel:

I've posted it all over, so no one should miss it...LOL  I hope you all will go show this remarkable woman some YT love.  I think her channel promises to be something really special, just like her!



  1. Congratulations to Amy on your new channel!

  2. I'm glad you convinced Amy to do a channel Jane. She will be great I think. Hugs, Brenda

  3. I saw Amy's you tube tonight. She'll be great. I like easy going people. Thanks for encouraging her to walk through that door.