Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amy Taylor

Sometimes life opens doors you didn't even know were there.  Thanks to all of you a big door has opened for Amy.

I have had MANY of you leave comments, messages, PMs, FB messages, all wanting to know how to get you hands on one of these amazing organizers like she sent me, or to buy the plans, see a tutorial, something!  Clearly you all already love Amy's work.  

As I mentioned in my previous post about this, Amy didn't really think she was good enough to do Youtube videos or sell things like this. 

I don't need to tell any of you how wrong her mindset is. She's amazing and the response to her work is overwhelming.  I sent Amy my phone number and we just got done talking. 

Here's where she's at...  of course she sent me the amazing organizer straight from her heart. I know that, and so do all of you, but it also turned out to be fantastic advertising for her skills, talent, and abilities.  She's very surprised at the response from all of you.  She just wanted to do something nice for me, she didn't expect all of this interest in her and the requests for a tutorial, or plans to her design, this is coming at her very fast.

I told her, if she wants it, this is a door that has opened for her and she has the opportunity to create and sell her organizational item designs.  Remember, she was in a horrific car accident, so bad she was told she should not be alive, she can no longer work, so this could turn out to be a great way for her to make a little money.  I told her crafters like to make things themselves for the most part, so selling the designs to items such as what she sent me would be a big hit on her Etsy store (which has nothing in at the moment).  There really is endless opportunity here since we all need to organize something in our craft rooms.  She liked the idea a lot, and is going to speak with her husband about it all.

I also spoke with her about getting on Youtube and showing her albums she makes and basically introducing herself to all of you. I offered to help her get rolling with this.  I'm going to be doing all I can to help this young mother and wife since a regular job is out of the question.

So stay tuned for more information on Amy Taylor!

As always you all rock!  Think of what all this positive response has done for this woman's self esteem!

Love ya!


  1. Sometimes all we need is a little 'lovin' to feel our worth!!
    Hats off to you, Jane!

  2. Nice!! I even showed my husband and he had already been at home depot planning one out Tell Amy we are first in line for plans...a kit would be even better, easier fore and for her and her fam.

  3. I'm SO excited bout all this!! I can't wait to buy 1 of her organizational designs :) What you're doing for her is so awesome & inspirational!!

  4. This organizer is just awesome, like the person who made it! I understand how Amy feels about maybe your stuff won't be good enough, I struggle with this myself but. after this, I hope it will really give her the confidence she needs to get her stuff out there! She is truly an amazing crafter who needs to share her talents and Jane, you are and absolute angel!