Saturday, July 5, 2014

ATC-Card Call/Channel Promotion Opportunity

Yes, here I am again, with a second post this morning. I felt this needed a post all it's own. I will also be doing a video on this topic. I've seen on a couple of channels such as Kate Werner, where she does a "Mail Call". Essentially it gives her subbies an opportunity to make cards, send them to her, and she shows them on her channel. I thought that was pretty neat and it got me thinking....

For those of you who have been sub'd to me for a while you know that from time to time, when I identify an outstanding crafter that is new on YT, I will do a video promoting their channel to help give them a jump start. It's really fun and my subbies love finding out about these new crafty treasures. Typically after I do one of these videos I will get several PMs asking me to promote other channels too.

I started thinking, how could I combine all of this? Here's what I came up with... Have an ATC-Card call! Here's how it would work:

Send me one ATC or Card with your best work, really reflecting your artistic style.
Include a note with your channel name
Also include your favorite style of crafting, and
the direction you plan to take your channel, for example - just to show your work, maybe you plan to show tutorials, etc. (what you want my subbies to know about your channel)

This will be open until July 31st. This gives you a few weeks to make your ATC or Card and send it to me.

I will show off all the ATCs and Cards I receive and provide your channel information and details. This will be a great way for you to get some exposure for your channel, and it will also be a great way for my subbies to find your channel.

This is open to everyone; however, it's a particularly good opportunity for those who are just getting started and only have a few subbies. It can be really hard to get started and get your channel off the ground.

If you are interested, please send me a PM on the video I do related to this to get my address for mailing in your ATC or Card. Please note: I will not be returning the ATCs or Cards, so please do not send something you want returned.

The video related to this will be uploaded later today.

I'm excited about this, I think there are many hidden treasures out there on YouTube land!



  1. Can't wait to hear about the Hoodlums!!! LOL!

  2. hi, i just watched the video and i am going to participate!!!! Really exting about it!!! I think this is a great oppurtunity for my channel, again thanks to you!!!!!
    i really appreciate what you are doing for me/us!!! you're such a great friend for me!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see all the talent that comes to light through you Jane! This will be fun, and I know I am always looking for more awesome video's to watch. Now if only I knew how to do a video. lol But there are so many talented YT people out there that I will watch all their videos! Thanks for doing this for them Jane! Hugs, Brenda

  4. Great idea I'm making an ATC should be mailed sometime this week thank you for doing this