Thursday, July 3, 2014

ATC Tutorial - "Spring Confetti"

Since Marianne won an ATC as her prize for having the correct answer to the Flash Contest I thought I would make a tutorial while I made it. So, let's get started. Here's a finished picture so you know where we are headed.
I used some "Inchies made by Crescent Industries. I then started by using various colors of my MetaMica paints (I'll be teaching these in my Paint Tutorial video) on various colors of tissue paper. I just covered them well with shimmery colors and then let them dry on their own. It didn't take long.
Then I used Soft Gel Medium (I'll be teaching this in my Art Medium Tutorial video) to adhere the tissue paper to the "Inchies". I also let that dry on it's own, again it did not take long. I trimmed the excess paper off.
After this I used my mini distress ink from ReneaBouquets store and a Bo Bunny stamp to distress the edges of the Inchies and stamp a little bit of design on them.
To make it easier to play with my Inches I taped them to a piece of paper with scotch tape. I then adhered some tiny embellishments to the top of them. One little flower came from a tiny punch I have, but most of the items came from using a die made by Mama Elephant called "Confetti". I then used some white acrylic paint, markers, and jelly roll glitter pens to jazz them up.
At this point they are ready for some clear coat. I wanted them to shine. Originally I was going to use Glossy Accents but it takes a long time to dry and I don't like fighting the bubbles so I used my Lisa Pavelka and my UV Light. It really puts down a shine.
While the Inchies were in the UV light I decided it was time to prepare a base for them. I used one of my wood ATCs from Fernli Designs. I had to Gesso it first, then I covered it with a beautiful napkin to give it some color. I used regular Mod Podge to adhere the napkin.
Once the ATC was dry I adhered the Inches to it and this ATC was done! I love it and I hope Marianne does as well!


  1. Wow, this ATC looks amazing! I love the inches, the how glossy you made them Jane. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. This truly amazes me and I just love how beautiful it is, so I'm sure that Marianne will love it too! Hugs, Brenda

  2. One word AWESOME!!! Jane, honey you rock!

  3. Congratulations to the winner and that ATC is awesome. I keep forgetting to use my napkins for a background. Sincerely, Elaine Rico

  4. I'm so excited! My ATC is beautiful and amazing! All my favorite colors and i love the look of the bold black stamped images! It is so me and Jane I dont know how you did that! Your work is one in a million and I will be honored to have it displayed in my home. I'm glad I paid attention when you explained the meaning of your channel name, it sure paid off!!
    Your blog is great and the contest was fun!!
    Thank you and know I will treasure this piece of your art.

  5. wow!! it looks amazing and the pictures are great!!!I know Marianne will be so happy with her ATC!!

  6. Congrats to you Marianne,The ATC is really awesome.And Jane thanks for the inspiration an d the tutorial.I will defently try take make

  7. Beautiful ATC and thanks so much for sharing how you did it! You, Mike, Tupelo and all your other wonderful subbies have a safe and happy 4th!

  8. Just received my beautiful ATC in the mail this am. It is more stunning in person
    I love yr blog and the opportunity to win a piece of your art!! I can't stop staring
    At it and looking at it from all angles

    Thank you jane !

    1. Yay! So glad you love it! I'm having fun with the blog too. It seems my second Flash Contest was a bit too hard, I have one person who is so close... I'll have to go easier next time. xx

  9. Oh I'm glad u got my message. I was confused on where to leave it. I only knew
    A few of the tupelo questions. Lol. I'm so happy I won before. Lol.