Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BIG SALE (LIMITED TIME ONLY) on Mike's Ink Blending Tool's for those that Follow my Blog!

This is really exciting and something Mike has never done before. We want to team up and give some extra benefits to those who follow my blog, so here's the deal and it's a good one!

For every 5 Ink Blending tools you buy, you get one FREE!  That's a $4.50 savings! When you average out how much your paying for a total of 6 Ink Blenders - it's a really good deal! 

These Ink Blenders Mike makes are really comfortable for the hand.  If you have any bit of arthritis in your hands, or just want to be comfortable while you edge your papers, these Ink Blenders will change your ink distressing life. They really are so nice to use.  There is not one square corner to dig into your palm, they are rounded and smooth. He has several reviews on his store site you can read from customers that have purchased them. I think those reviews say it all. To read the reviews or check out Mike's store, click on the "Zutter" icon on the left of my blog!

Ok, so here is the fine print...

You need to buy 5 to get 1 free, there is no limit to this, so buy 10, get 2 free, and so forth

Mike will be making these to order, so please be a bit patient, it will probably take 4-5 days to get them made and in the mail to you.  These are not just thrown together.  Mike cuts them, sands them so they are very smooth, he puts a foam pad on the base (a much thicker foam pad), then he adds a layer of velcro, and finally the standard foam pad that can be purchased in any craft store.  These are quality Ink Blenders. They also have a nice size flat surface on the end to label them if you prefer to do so.

The Etsy store does not have an option to do a sale like this, so it's being done right here.  If you want to place a order, please leave me a comment with how many you want and I will invoice you.

This sale will run for the next 3 days - through the end of the day Saturday, July 12th!  Remember, you must be a follower of my blog! Again, to check out the reviews on Mike's store, click on the "Zutter" icon on the left side of my blog.  Make sure you leave your orders here in a comment so you get the sale!


  1. I have some of these and they are awesome

  2. Those are really nice!! I love how they're made specifically to help those with hand problems! I have fibromyalgia (among other health issues) & these would be great for me to use! Your prices are great too! Hopefully I'll be able to get some soon! Thx!!

  3. How do I go about ordering one of these Jane (I know the sake has ended) I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis so my wrist hurts often and you have stated these are great for ppl like myself so id like to give Mike's handy work a try :-).

    1. These are amazing to use Gareth. His store is on Etsy. If from my blog, you go to the bottom of the page you'll see a "mini" version of his Etsy store, look at the very bottom and click on "TupeloDesigns" (right below the word Etsy). This will take you straight to the store. If you do decide to order (the shipping is more for the UK obviously), I will send you an additional one for free.