Monday, July 7, 2014

Congratulations Aurora-Delphyne (Wendy)!!!

Mike did the drawing today for the contest joining/promoting my blog and Wendy was the winner! I'm really excited for her, she has been a long time subbie of mine, always supportive, and always with something nice to say. I'm very lucky to have so many wonderful subbies like Wendy. It feels really good when you see one of them win a giveaway your doing.  So Wendy will win 5 of my ATCs . I'll be working away on them very soon so I can get them mailed off to her.

Congrats Wendy, and thanks for all your support over the last, geez, almost 2 years now!


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  1. Your most welcome, 2 years, wow time flies when your having fun lol, and that is what its been, watching your vids Jane, i so enjoy them, your such an inspiration to me, loved getting to know about you, Mike and of course sweet Tupelo, my day wouldn't had been the same without my Jane fix lol, oh and thank you Mike for drawing my name out, you rock, oh i can't wait to receive them, i know they will be awesome, thank you Jane xx Wendy