Saturday, July 19, 2014

Destash - Please Read if Participating

Hello everyone!  I've been recording away and have a backlog of videos to upload.

I am trying to mix it up like you all asked for.  I have two beautiful color coordinated kits available with some G45 paper, and now I'm loading specific products.

Please note:  Please do not request an item if you have contact block on. Other's may be interested in purchasing the item(s).  If you hold it and I am unable to reach you so you can pay, it will immediately be made available again.

Here are some of the upcoming destash items:

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.  Basically I have groups flowers by what I am able to fit in a Medium Flat Rate shipping box.  There are two videos uploading - Assortment #1 and #2.  There will be more flowers coming.

Kaisercraft Wood Items.  These are priced individually with shipping included for the US only.  There is an Advent Calendar (large square one), Oriental Bird Cage, Large Key, and Flying Ducks.

HUGE assortment of vintage doilies, old doily style placemats, and much more. This is a my entire collection!

I have just begun!


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