Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good Morning! Happy 1st of July!

I was so happy this morning when I looked at this blog only to find out I have 5 followers! That may not seem like many yet, but I think it is. I haven't done a video announcing the blog is up or anything, so I'm thrilled.  Stay tuned, I think I'm going to do a giveaway on here for something fun to get this rolling.

Meanwhile I completed my most recent DT project for ReneaBouquets.  Gosh I love designing for her, she truly is a super sweet person. She has never turned this DT spot into a job, she lets me have my creative freedom. She's awesome, not to mention she makes a mean

So I went for the Halloween theme! I just think it's so much fun and there is so much you can do with it. Plus Renea has awesome Halloween butterflies! There is a link to Renea's new store on my blog where you can check out all her beautiful work and new products she's carrying!

Here's a couple of photos:

I did a full series of tutorials on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out. I've also decided to put this up for sale in Mike's Etsy store, TupeloDesigns.  There is a link on my blog if you're interested.

Today is going to be interesting, I saw MayMayMadeIt's first tutorial video, "The Basics of Cutting Tools 101", and she knocked it out of the park! So now the bar is set high, and I'm up next. So I decided today, my goal would be to get the Die Cutting tutorial completed and uploaded, just set to Private. But the pressure is on! Tomorrow we are spending the day with my MIL, so I won't have time to record it then and I sure don't want to rush it.  Fortunately Mike is off work and has taken over dog walking and so forth, freeing up a lot of my time. He's such a help!

So, there's a bit of life around here. I hope you are all well and thanks again for being the "First 5"!!!


  1. I'm all signed in to follow you here as well Jane. Now I am off to watch MayMay's video!

  2. What a beautiful blog you have!!! I hope you have a lot of fun with it!!
    I am a follower here as Well!!! ;)

  3. Jane, I'm following you here as well as Youtube. May your new journey take you to great places... dee

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging. I have a blog but haven't updated it in awhile. I love, love, love your YT vids and now that you have told a little bit about yourself, I feel even closer. I am 53 and married a second time, have a cat, no children but my Mom is still living and we have been getting closer in the last 8 years since my father passed. Can't wait to see more of your inspirations. Hugs, Johnna

  5. Hi my love Jane, looks like you have a bunch of We love you on YT and I'm loving your blog too! I haven't been spending much time on YT lately, going through some life changes.... Hope to see you soon. Love ya' Patricia

  6. Morning Jane,

    I've subscribed, shared you on FB, Pinterest and google+ :0).

    regards to you and enjoy the day whatever it brings :0)

  7. I love Halloween themed work and yours is, of course, sooooo Spooktacular!