Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Info and Updates and What's In store for July?

Good morning again!  Ok, I think I'm the luckiest crafter out here, if you recall yesterday morning I left a post on here because I was excited I had 5 followers and this morning I have 74!  Are you kidding, this is amazing to me!  Wow!  Well, this just tells me, we're going to have fun. If you all are willing to sign up and follow, then I plan to deliver!

Last night I added a little section on the right side of the blog with some of my favorite online stores right now.  Frequently I have viewers/subbies ask me where I like to shop or where they can find certain items.  Those questions are not easily answered, and here's why.  I rarely buy things from the same place twice.  For example, ATG refill tape.  When I need more rolls, I simply do a Google search for it and then look for the best price.  I usually find the best price on Ebay, but it may be a different seller from the previous time I made a purchase. 

Lately I've been adding to my stamps and dies (coordinating sets mostly) for my new card making venture.  Sometimes I will see one in a video, or even find one in an online store - I will still go ahead and do a Google search on it to see if I can find it cheaper.  So I shop all over. But I do have some favorite stores I frequent.  These favorites usually have what I'm looking for and have proven good service to me.  So I will update the list on the right as things change, or if I discover a new online store I think might interest some of you.  So, check out the list from time to time.

Next topic - I want to say THANK YOU! I've received some very understanding comments in regards to my attempt at managing my time better and using my blog to stay connected instead of trying to comment back on each individual comment.  Wheeew this is great.  I can really give you all some much better information this way. I had to stay pretty "on the surface" when responding to comments, this format is so much better.

My crafting plans for July seem to have already laid it self out.  I will be making 15 ATCs in the month of July.  Ten of them will be for exchanges, and five will be for the lucky winner of my giveaway!  I'm super excited to be doing an ATC exchange with CraftyIrena and BexSwanson (my lovely blog creator).  Both of these ladies are very talented crafters on YouTube.  I will also be doing my Design Team work for ReneaBouquets.  I have a super cute project planned, as well as some short demo videos using the new Tim Holtz stencils and mini distress ink pads.  So there will be some great things to learn there.  I also want to make some 3 x 3 Thank you cards.  I find myself needing them when we make a sale in Mike's Etsy store an I don't have them on hand. I need to change that and have a supply ready to use!  Then there will still be the tutorial series MayMayMadeIt and I are doing, "The Basics of".  So every Thursday I'll be uploading a tutorial. And of course, I still want to make my Operation Write Home cards.  So July is packed with some great projects and tutorials. As you can tell, it's going to be busy and full of crafting!!!

On a personal note, I owe you all that have asked, pictures of Mike's '54 Ford Customline Tudor.  It really is a nice car, so I will get that done very soon. We are actually getting it out today and driving it to my MILs house. Mike grew up in a small town in IL called Waterloo. His Mom still lives there, in the same house he grew up in. Waterloo is about 25 minutes from our house in St. Louis, MO (we are right on the MO/IL border).  The weather has cooled off a bit so we are loading up Tupelo and driving the '54 over there so she can see it and go for a ride in it.  I'll snap off some pictures today while it's out of the garage and get them uploaded on here.  So today will be a family day for us.

I've also had some of you ask about my tattoos. I usually am pretty vague when I respond.  It's not because I don't want to share, it's because the details are typcally too long for the simple comment space on a YouTube video.  So, now that I'm blogging with you all I promise to get into more detail about them. There are 11. Some have big significance and some have no significance.  But I will now be able to share some personal details better on here about them, including some pictures of ones you all have never seen because they are not within camera shot.

Gosh I'm long winded...LOL  Ok, that will do it for now, I love connecting with you all this way, it's so much better!

Much Luv,


  1. Happy new blog Jane. Really looking forward to following you on here. So much better than You Tube

  2. Everything looks so wonderful Jane!! So excited for you and your new venture!

  3. So happy to see that you have a blog now Jane!! I think it will be a wonderfully fun adventure for you and for us. Can't wait to see what all your July adventures bring. Hugs, Brenda

  4. Well done on your new blog Jane!

  5. Was so pleased to find you again on utube Jane, a blog too, how lovely. Best of luck with it. Lynne x