Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Keeping It Real....

Wow, what an amazing day.  I woke up to 5 followers of my blog and I'm going to bed with 59!  That's exciting.  I know I tempted you all with a giveaway, but I honestly believe you all would have followed me if I just asked you to. You all are good people.

One of the other reasons I've been thinking about starting this blog is time management.  I struggle with that. I always have.  So many of you are so sweet and leave nice comments for me on my videos and usually about 20 or so of you take the time to send me private messages each day just to chat.  I make sure and respond to each and every one of you. I've always felt the communication and connection was important.  As much as I still feel that way, the reality is my channel has grown quite a bit, and as a result there are more comments and private messages to respond to. I've been averaging around 100-125 messages each day (combination of comments and PMs).

Lately I've found it hard to manage my own health needs, spend the time I need to with Mike and Tupelo, and find time to craft because I'm spending about 3-4 hours a day minimum answering emails and comments. It made me start thinking of possible solutions. I think this blog, if used properly is a good one.  This is where I'm going to communicate and connect with everyone, all in one place.  This is where I will leave blog posts thanking all of you for your kindness, sweet comments, and friendship.  And, as I mentioned before, this is where you will learn more about who I am, my past, my present, and where I would like my future to go. This is where I will share my day-to-day with you.

I think it will be better in the long run. When I respond to comments and private messages I have to keep it short because there are so many to respond to, so I really don't say much of anything except thank you. But, here, I can say "real" things, things that many of you might relate to.

This will also allow me time to do more crafting, post pictures on here that I will have more time to take, more time with Mike and Tupelo, the ability to share things of more substance, and the time I need to manage my health.

I'm funny when it comes to this. Many of you are probably thinking, "she's tried not commenting back to every comment before"..... Yes, I have, I've tried a few times, and I care about you all so much, I've failed every time. But this time I'm trying it differently by using this blog to manage my communication with you all, and I think this time it will work. It needs to, my mind, body, and soul are telling me I need to make these changes.  I lose myself if I don't craft and spend time with family, and when that happens, I'm no good to anyone.

So, I need to be realistic, open, honest, and forthcoming with all of you. Let's give this a try. I hope you won't quit leaving comments and PMs from time to time, I will still be reading them, they give me so much mojo to want to craft well and do my best for you.

Love ya all!!!
Jane - vv08


  1. Congratulations jane!! I'll be reading and watching!!

  2. Congradulations jane on your blog I will definetly be reading

  3. Tech challenged too. I can't tell if my message got sent. Hope you have Peace

  4. Still tech challenged but I was able to join the blog (I'm #67 lol) and share the news of your blog on my FB page with the same name you see above. Providing a "link" is Greek to me. Peace & Hugs

  5. Hi Jane congrats on your blog, i definitely will be a follower,i have for awhile now had your YouTube Link on my blog as one of my favorite YouTube Channels to go and check out,hopefully i can work out how to post links under your vid xx Wendy

  6. i will still leave comments on your video's as well, i know you read them and that is enough for me to let you know i saw youre video and i liked it. I also think it is a great way to communicate with this blog, more easier for you i hope!!
    You know what they say, being a celebrity isn't Always easy!! LOL!!

  7. Girl, I was hoping you'd do a blog. I love following in my blog reader. I don't know if that shows up in your count or not. I'm excited that you are doing this now. I love your videos. I love that you show us really cool techniques and different things then everyone else. Congratulations on your new blog. I'm sure it will be successful regardless of giveaways or not. We like YOU and your teachings. Thank you.