Monday, July 14, 2014

New Flash Contest Giveaway has been Posted!

Want to have some Trivia fun again? I've just posted my third Flash Contest and this one is called "Tattoo's are Art Too". Remember, these are just fun little things to do on my blog.

So, it starts now and the first person to get all of the questions correct is the winner.  The prize is one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools!
You should post your answers on this blog post.

Have fun and Good Luck!!! I hope you all enjoy these little fun activities/giveaways!

Big Hugs
Jane... vv08


  1. 1. How many tattoos does Mike have? - 1
    2. What did he recently get tattooed on his upper arm? - pin-up and a hot rod
    3. Where did we go to get his tattoo done? - Tennessee
    4. How many tattoos do I have? 11

    1. Hi Dana, good try, you have all of them correct except the State we went to. Give it another try if you wish! Thanks for playing along!
      xx Jane

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  2. Mike has one tattoo. 2. A pin up sitting on a Hot rod. 3. You went to Kentucky 4. you have 11 tattoos!!

  3. You are the winner girlfriend! Congratulations. If you can, PM me somewhere, either YT or FB and give me your address so I can send you your prize!!! Thanks so much for playing along!

    1. I am so excited..... It has been a long day of Vacation Bible School, so came home exhausted and thought I would check to see who won. Woot, Woot!! I sent you my address on Facebook, sent a private message. Love you Girlfriend!!! xxoo. Thanks everyone!!

  4. Congratulations to Kathy. I knew all the answers this time too. I didn't answer them so someone else could have the excitement of winning. These little contests are so fun Jane. And my son, the artist, wanted me to tell you he agrees, tattoos are art too. He currently has 3. And plans for more. Lol

  5. Congrats to the winner!!!! Diana