Friday, July 11, 2014

ReneaBouquets - Discount Code, My Next DT Project, Techniques? Style? and Much More!

Hello Everyone!
If you've been watching my channel along with following my blog then you know I had some great news to share about ReneaBouquets!

Who doesn't like a discount? I was so excited to pass along the new discount code ReneaBouquets gave me for all of you.  As if her items were not already super affordable, now you can get 10% off of your entire purchase amount by using the code DTJANE.  This is just wonderful, and I'm so happy she is doing this.

And let me just say, this is even more amazing then you might realize.  ReneaBouquets is also selling craft products such as inks, stamps, and stencils.  If you do some price comparing, you'll be really impressed with her affordable prices. Typically the mini distress ink pad sets sell for $10.99, but ReneaBouquets sells hers for $8.75!  Then you use the discount code and now you've paid under $8.00 for the set!  Same with her beautiful new rhinestone pieces, they are priced very affordably. 

This is why I love working with Renea, she makes beautiful creating affordable. 

Here a few photos of some of her newest items, and there is a lot more where this came from:

ReneaBouquests has a blog, facebook page, an Etsy store, and the newest addition is her own .com store.  Here are links to everything you need.  I encourage you to "Like" her facebook page so you can stay on top of the latest information from ReneaBouquets, because she's not sitting still!

Her new store - check it out:
Her Etsy store: :
Renea's Blog:
ReneaBouquets Facebook Page: (LIKE her FB page and stay up on all the latest news going on at ReneaBouquets)

Now for my question to all of you - What would you like to see for my next DT project?  Are you wanting to see some new techniques with her new crafting products?  Are you interested in seeing a layout incorporating her new Mosaic butterflies?  Maybe something shabby chic?  Ways to use her other items such as her Tea Bags and Flowers? 

These are just a few ideas, I would love your thoughts, and of course they should have ReneaBouquets products as the focus. Just leave a comment here and I will get it.

If you've been buying from Renea all along, thank you!! and if you've never been to her store, check it out, you'll love what you find!

Hugs, Jane...vv08


  1. What about altering one of those large spools you have?

  2. I like the idea of a shabby chic layout. Her beautiful butterflies would be fantastic on a layout. Especially with some of your amazing coloring techniques and stencils, etc.

  3. hi!!! i love shabby chic, but i also would like something done with the distress inks you have. I have them as well but all i do with them are distressing the edges. But you don't have to, it are just some ideas!