Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Destash Continues....

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all for your support as I work my way through my destash.  It's a major undertaking.  I really want to put all these beautiful items in the hands of crafters that will use them, so this is working out really well.  So far almost everything I've put up has sold. At the moment there are two things available: The Steampunk Spells Collection and One of the Secret Garden Kits

There is a lot more to come.  I am happy to say I am starting to notice things are gone and feels good. I'm starting to narrow it down to what I actually use with the direction I'm headed.

For those that like to know what's coming, here's a partial list of what I have not gone through yet and will be putting up for sale.

Lace - OMGosh I have so much still. There will be a lot more lace for sale, all brands, sizes, styles, colors, and textures.

Flowers - I still have quite a bit to make some nice flower assortments. 

Shabby Chic - I have a lot of shabby chic style flowers, lace, sprays, and embellishments

Sprays - I have them in all styles, I also have a lot of leaves.

Paper Collections - many more to come

Birds - I have a bunch to sell

Frames - I will have a LOT of them (all in one video)

Lace fabric - curtain lace, table cloth lace - lots of it

Items to Alter - loads of them

Vintage Baby Blocks - these are so cool, great for making baby and childrens things. 

Vintage Jewelry - some cool things there

Chinese Braid Trim - Rolls of it

Metal - OMGosh here too!!! I have a huge container of Tim Holtz metal items, and then other random metal pieces

I have a bunch of the "Downtown LA" Jewelry that works so well on projects.

Scrabble Letters - I even have a special edition that has black and silver pieces

This is just what pops into my head, there is even more, but were getting there!!!

Thanks again ladies, to those of you making purchases, and to those of you putting up with the videos!



  1. Wish I could purchase Jane :(... But I know it will be loved and go fast. TFS Rasheeda

    1. Thanks for all the kind comments you've been leaving. I'm a little short on time at the moment to write back all the time, but do know I read each one and they mean a lot to me.

  2. Not sure how to contact you for a purchase? Help. I am interested in steampunk shadow box from utube video.

    1. I just need your paypal info so I can send you an invoice. Once you pay it, I will ship it out to you. It's all first come first serve. You can comment back here with your paypal if you want.

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    3. Thank you, I have sent the invoice. It should show up in a few minutes. Please pay by clicking on the "pay now" button and I will ship it out for you. Thanks again.

  3. Jane. Just received my flower assortment and bead/charm assortment! I couldn't be more happy with what u put together
    For me! I love everything!!