Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's Progress!

Hello Everyone!  I sure am enjoying having my blog and this place to write to all of you.  When I write my mind wanders a bit and I think about those of you who leave me sweet messages, those of you I've found friendship in, and so on, but at one point or another, if you've left me comments in the past, you are thought of.

Today my body did not want to cooperate. For some reason my fibro was kicking in.  Not sure if it's the change of weather or what.  So, I was proud of what I got done, even though it was not a ton.  I was very grateful I had done the "Heat Embossing" tutorial yesterday, so it's ready to go for tomorrow morning. I always do them two days ahead of time just for this very reason.

I worked on ATCs mostly. As you can see below Cheryl won an ATC in one of my giveaways (Congrats Cheryl!), so I wanted to make her ATC and get it in the mail tomorrow.  And of course I need to finish up my ATC for my swap commitments I've made.  I also used my last 3 x 3 Thank you cards, so I starts making some more to have on hand. I came up with a cute concept for the Thank you's, but did not get any completed. Maybe tomorrow!

Here are the ATCs, see what you think:

The last one has an "embossing on glass" technique I will demonstrate in my tutorial tomorrow.  Pretty cool technique anyone can do with the right materials (which are not expensive).

I'm going to enjoy my heating pads and recliner for a while, so I will chat with you all soon! You all have a wonderful rest of your day, or beginning of your new day!



  1. Gorgeous.. love them all... great work and thanks so much for sharing !!!

  2. Love the ATC's! My favorite is the one with Amy's butterfly. It's beautiful. Sorry to hear the fibro is acting up. I think your right and the weather plays a big role in how we feel. We've had many bad storms here in the East and my pain level has been through the roof. I was happy to see a couple of your videos up on YT. I use your videos and Maymay's to help calm my pain. If I don't find a new and watch older post. Hope the morning finds you feeling better. Hugs and prayers, Neasie.

  3. I'm looking forward to the emboss on glass technique. I have those Prima resin pieces too and didn't know what to use them on. Your ATCs give me plenty of ideas. Feel better

  4. Good Morning Jane.. it is 3:30 AM and I am just getting up to start my day. Your ATC's are so lovely! I will look forward to watching your video when I get back home later this morning.

  5. This does but, doesn't pertain to the ATCs but, since you do a lot of them with Renea's butterflies, I just wanted to let you know, I just received my first purchase from her, some of the mini ink pads and some butterflies! Wow! The butterflies are so well made and SO beautiful!!! I just got a couple sets to see what they were like and I love them! I had to buy the Halloween ones b/c I love the tag you did, Jane. If you still have subbies to this blog or to you channel that haven't bought any, they need to! They are even more gorgeous in person! Thank you, Jane for turning me on to Renea's site, I am hopelessly hooked!

  6. Hello Jane:
    I would love to be part of a ATC swap just so I can get started in making one. I would love your critics and how I can improve in making something gorgeous and have something awesome back to start a collection. I'm a shy started that would like to make great things like you. Thank you Annette