Saturday, August 30, 2014

Breakfast with the Hoodlums, an offer/question, and a Visit to see the '54


Well it's lunch time and there is already so much to share with you all.  I also have a question I'll ask here in a bit.

I told you I would keep you updated on Mike's '54 Ford for those of you who are following it's progress.  We were so happy to see so much progress when we went out to Fast Lane Cars this morning!  The engine compartment is getting all cleaned out an will be painted flat black so it should look really good when it's all done.  Here's what it looked like today, all the grime is gone

The new engine is gorgeous looking!  I love the flat black valve covers, super neat!  The automatic transmission is already bolted on, so it's very close to being slid right into the engine compartment.  Here's the motor and transmission..

Once it's in the car it won't take long to hook everything up.  It will be getting a new radiator, exhaust, wiring harness, things like that.  Overall I'm confident it will be a great car once it's all put back together.  We can't wait!!!

Ok - next subject!  I've been updating everyone on the store, etc on FB.  I've also posted a photo on my main FB page of Tupelo.  This is the photo that will be on Mike's business cards  I have had someone ask if I would be interested in getting coffee mugs with this cute photo of tupelo on them to put in the store. She told me she enjoys my videos, blog posts, and FB posts when she has her morning coffee so having  a Tupelo mug would be perfect!  I looked into this and here's what I found.  The mugs are not cheap, they are $12.00 each.  So, to cover the paypal fees, packaging, etc., it would cost $15.00 + shipping for a Tupelo mug.  This would be a break even for me, which is fine. I think it's fun that you all love Tupelo so much!  I have no idea if one, or twenty of you would want one of these mugs.  So, here's what I'm doing - if you are interested in one of the mugs let me know by the end of the day September 8th!  I will invoice you so it will be essentially a pre-order, once I have all the order, I will place an order and when they come in, I'll mail you your Tupelo mug!   Thanks so much for all the love you show Tupelo.  I know many of you love him to death, but still don't want a mug.. I get that too!  xx

Ok, finally - Mike had Breakfast with the Hoodlums this is all I can say.  Here's the latest.  Troy the conspiracy theory guy, well he thinks the CIA is trying to get another war going because wars make money so he's convinced of that. I asked Mike how he comes up with this stuff?   Mike's like, "I really have no idea"  The there is Butch - he's the guy who's wife I used to garage sale with. I haven't lately just because I've been busy, but after hearing all I did today, clearly I need to make an effort to get together with her.  Butch had left a good paying job a while back and took a payout to do so.  He is a welder and was sure people were waiting in line to hire him.  After a year he finally figured out they weren't.  A while back he took a pretty good job.  It paid him $24 or $29 an hour, I forget exactly, but it was good and had benefits, insurance, vacation, all the things you want in a job.  Well he couldn't get along good with everyone and didn't like working so hard so he started telling Tina he didn't think the dust in the building was healthy.  So now Mike found out he quit and took a part time job at our St. Louis Zoo as a welder for $17.00 an hour with no benefits.  Mike asked him what they were doing for insurance and he said, "well we don't have any anymore".  Mike asked "what are you going to do if you have a heart attack or something" (which is not out of the realm of possibility, he's 58, diabetic, on high blood pressure medicine, and very overweigh).  He told Mike, "I guess we'll just have to deal with it"...OMGoodness are you kidding me... I was dying when I heard this. Then Les, who owes the government more then my house is worth times 2 apparently doesn't have health insurance either and his wife has now been diagnosed with a tumor on her throat, which appears to be throat cancer....  That is very sad to me because her brother passed away from that at the age of 27.  It did not keep her from smoking though and it appears it has now caught up with her.  They have no way to pay for her treatment.  And, mind you Les makes $40 an hour!  So who knows what's going to happen with her situation. 

So that's an update on everything going on with that part of our lives.  Of course we are still working on details for the store. Today Mike is placing another order.  He is going to add some staple items such as alcohol inks, and he's going to get them in individual colors, so you don't have to buy packs of three, and potentially own one of the colors already.  He's also going to get some stickles, especially the Diamond color and some of the popular ones.  He wants to get some things in for Christmas crafting too, so he'll be adding Snow Tex and some Tim Holtz Christmas stamp sets.  He'll also be adding the Tim Holtz tissue paper someone requested. So the inventory keeps growing. He wants to be a one stop shop for the basics and have some of the newest mixed media products.  Basically he wants as big of a range has he can afford to start it up with.

We are expecting our first delivery in on Tuesday so that should be when you start seeing some items go in the store, probably late in the day because that's usually when UPS shows up.  We're so excited you just can't imagine and we really owe that all to you. The support is just so helpful!!!

Love you all and so glad we get to share with you on this blog. I'm so glad I started it!
xx Jane...vv08

Friday, August 29, 2014

Things are moving along...

I wanted to put up a post and just connect with you all again.  Kind of little updates on life here and there.

Mike and I are going to head out to Fast Lane Cars tomorrow morning and see how the '54 is coming along.  We are starting to really miss it and are so anxious now to get it back.  It seems like it's been gone forever.  Progress is coming along. When you buy a new motor, which is what they did for us, there are many parts that still have to be added such as valve covers and so forth.  They got all those things in and built the motor. Then it has to be attached to the transmission and in it goes.  It appears that's about where we are.  They also had to clean out the entire engine compartment, firewall, under the hood, make it all pretty and   There's so much involved.  I'm hoping to get some pictures tomorrow to update you all with since the last shots you saw were of just a big empty hole where everything had been.

Either Sunday or Monday we are going visit with Mike's Mom, Joyce. We haven't seen her in a while so we need to get over there.  She's really a good MIL and I'm really lucky to have her.  It will be good to hang out and just relax at her house for the better part of a day.  She loves Tupelo like we do so he's welcome there as well. He's her Granddog, so he gets the treatment of a King when he visits.  She always lays out blankets for him to lay on so his boney body is  So sweet of her.  We're so lucky she feels that way about him, it certainly could be very different.

Mike's had some days off work this week so it's been great working with him and teaching him things he needs to know to run his store.  He did all the orders we had from yesterday and this morning.  One of them was out of the country so he learned how to do customs paperwork as well.  He's learning how to manage his way around the store, create invoices, pack the orders.  He even gets out the Thank you cards and writes notes to the customers, heck he even uses my big ATG gun to seal his envelopes for his Thank you cards.  He's a   I asked him today how he would like this to be his life and he's liking it.

We then found out he was approved with another big craft distributor so we went through and I helped him pick out things to order for the store.  The store is going to really have some variety, from adhesives (he ordered the glue many of you ask about that I use with the really fine tip), to embossing powders, stamp blocks, Petaloo flowers, the new Graphic 45 ink pad colors from Colorbox, all sorts of items!  I can't wait to see how it all looks when he has it all uploaded.  I think it will be a fun place to shop!

Graphic 45 seems to be the company this is shipping out right away, we are still waiting on Ranger and Prima.  I also think the Baby 2 Bride paper will be in our shipment, I don't think it's going to be backordered, so I'm thrilled about that. I told Mike I think he's going to see that sell pretty quickly.  He ordered 6 sets of it, so we'll see how long they last. It's gorgeous paper, it's going to be all I can do to not keep one for myself!!

I'm going to go do some much needed crafting, it's been too long, so I have the itch to do some.  I have ideas for those acrylic ATCs I want to try out, plus I need to fulfil a swap commitment I have for August!  

I want to wish all of you a safe Holiday weekend in the US and for those of you outside the US, have a wonderful and safe weekend as well.  Thank you all for the continued enthusiasm and encouragement.  I have Mike read the comments and I can see it gives him confidence that this endeavor of his will work.

Big Hugs.. Jane..vv08

Thursday, August 28, 2014

And the WINNER of Flash Contest #11 is....

Thank you to PunchPlacePlus for their generosity with this Flash Contest!  Jamie and her husband sent so many wonderful things I can put together to make awesome prize packages! 

Mildred!!!! She is our winner, all the way from the Netherlands!  Congrats to Mildred, this is her first win in the YT, Blog, Crafty world, so I'm so excited for her.

Mildred I hope you enjoy all the fun items you'll be getting from PunchPlacePlus!!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dina Wakley's Scribbly Birds and Acrylic Paints

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!  I've been busy with various things like doctor appointments, yuk!  But today I was able to enjoy some crafty time. To be real honest, I thought I was going to be busy helping Mike with placing orders and details with the store.  Boy I was wrong, he has jumped right in and learned how to get it all done.  And it's been busy, he's had customers wanting specific items, wanting to pre-order so they have their items reserved, but he's got it all organized.  My job tomorrow is to make him some file folders with tabs he has marked down for me. I think I can handle it!  On a very serious note - I couldn't be more proud of him.

So you can see below what I did with my crafty time!  Mike has ordered the full line of Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints, the gesso, and gel medium for the store.  He also ordered her paint brush sets, pallet knives, and the Scribbly Bird Stamp sets (however there are only 2 of them).  I decided to give all these fun goodies a try. I had never used them before.  OMGoodness, let me just tell you how easy they all work together.  Those paint brushes and that wonderfully creamy paint make mixed media a breeze.  I did not struggle at all with this mixed media card, in fact I made the video a tutorial!  I had loads of fun.  The video is uploading (for those of you who read this soon after it's posted), and it is, as a I mentioned a tutorial.  I speak a lot about shading, highlighting, and adding shadows.  I also talk about letting the brushes do the work and to "over work" your painting.  I hope you enjoy it!  And, keep in mind, the majority of the items I used Mike has ordered for his store: 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flash Contest #11 Is Up! (CLOSED)

I hope you find this Flash Contest fun!  I'm so excited that it is being sponsored by PunchPlacePlus.  This is the first time they have sponsored a Flash Contest!  I have loads of goodies from their store, so I'll be putting together a great little prize package for the winner.  I will show it off on Thursday afternoon when I do the drawing.

This Flash Contest officially ends at midnight central time on Wednesday night.  Remember, I live in St. Louis, MO, so check your time zone information so you don't miss out.

Please leave your responses as comments to this blog post for Flash Contest #11.  I will use these correct responses for the drawing!

Have fun and good luck!!!


You All are AMAZING!!! It was a Big Day, Mike's First Orders and some minor housekeeping!

Hello Everyone!

I hardly know where to start.  The response to the video Mike and I did was just so incredible it has left me about speechless (but that's hard to  You truly are extended family for me.  My entire family is Mike and Tupelo, that is it, no parents, no siblings, just them. So if you ever doubt, because I don't comment back, or I get behind on watching videos, that you all don't count or mean something to me... think again.. you are the family that makes me smile, the family that tells me I did good at something, the family that makes me feel I have value in this world, and just let me say, that's a real big deal to me.   So while I've chosen this blog as my way to connect with you all instead of responding to every comment, it is only because of time. I still want to craft for you all and hopefully continue to inspire.

Before I go any further I have a housekeeping message.  If you have bought the package I promoted and have not left me a comment on the video where I promoted it, please do so you are in the giveaway drawing for the glue!  I don't want anyone left out!

Also, keep your eyes open for Flash Contest #11 - It's coming.....

Ok, now some fun progress news.  Mike was off work today so he was able to really dig in on getting his store going.  He opened a business checking account so we're working on getting all the Paypal set up tied to the right account.  It's almost all verified.  Meanwhile the TupeloDesignsLLC store is working fine.

There are a lot of fees and what not on the Etsy site, so we also bought a domain for TupeloDesignsLLC.  It's a challenge to set up, but it's in the works and is functional, it just needs some fine tuning.  So Mike will have both stores going before long.  The domain site has a slightly different name, but it's very close.

Mike is also going to work on a Logo.  He really wants one that has a picture of Tupelo in it, so we'll see what he comes up with.  He found himself really busy when I said, "ok honey, you need to place the first orders so you can get product in your store".  All of this is new for him and he's used to me handling most things, but he jumped right in and learned a lot.

He ordered all the packing supplies.  He is going to be selling some mixed media items so he got plastic bags that would be strong enough if there was a loose lid or something happened with a container, it would be contained to the bag.  He also ordered loads of bubble wrap, tape, etc. 

That was actually exciting in itself, but then the fun part started and he had to pick what to order.  He hit the Prima store first and ordered several of the different texture pastes they now have, he got some chalkboard paint in really cool colors, and some of the Julie Nutting Watercolor Paper Tag Pads.  Then he went to Ranger and ordered all of the Dina Wakley paint colors, some gesso and gel medium.  He also got pallet knife's, paint brushes, Scribbley bird stamps, a Tim Holtz Halloween stamp, and much more (there needs to be a few  He's been watching me order items and craft for so long, it was amazing to see him find things to buy.  Of course I helped him some, but he really has been paying attention, much more then I realized!

It's truly exciting and scary all at once.  He printed off his orders and calculated the prices he will charge so he's ready to go once the items come in and he can list them in the stores.   I could not be more proud of him!!!

Meanwhile I had a doctor appointment and went with a very dear friend so she could meet with our Financial Advisor, she's in need of one, and we love ours. She is single, so she wanted me to go with her for the first visit.  So the day was busy and I am now enjoying writing to you all as I sit in my recliner, with the heating pad on my back.

I am a happy person tonight.  I might feel bad physically, but my heart is full of hope and is optimistic thanks to all of you.  I am relaxing and happy to be writing you all on my blog.  Life is good!

<3 jane...vv08="" nbsp="" p="">

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Evolves, Grows, and Changes, but sometimes that can be bittersweet....

Hello Everyone!

This is by far the most exciting, yet bittersweet post I have every put up on my blog.  I've always been one to keep you all informed as to what's going on in my world because I think it makes everything "make more sense", if you know the back story.

As you all know Mike, my husband, has his own Etsy store, TupeloDesignsLLLC.  He started it out very small with just one item, his Ink Blending Tool he created.   It is a great little consistent seller.  For Mike it was a hobby at first.  He likes making them, and he could handle his one item store.  He handled 90% of the emails, made the Ink Blenders, and I mailed them out for him.  It worked out really well.  Then as most of you know we were approached by Zutter.  Originally they wanted to give me a Bow-it-All V2.0 since I had done a nice review video of the first Bow-it-All, but the relationship quickly turned in to Mike teaming up with the CEO to add a few of their items to the store.  Again, Mike was able to handle the emails, and working with Zutter to fill the orders.  The traffic on the store has continued to be consistent and Mike has enjoyed it

Stepping to the side a bit, many of you know Mike and I have a personal goal we were first tossing around, but have now decided it is a goal we want to achieve. We would like to sell our home, buy some land and build a tiny house.  We want to build a large pole barn for the cars, a craft studio for me, and about a 500 sqft home for us to live in.  Our vision is to achieve this within the next year. A key part to this goal is creating income for Mike so living outside the metro area is feasible.  Mike has gotten a good taste of what it's like and what it takes to operate his store and he's now ready to grow it.

I've spent most of the time I've been crafting promoting other stores and helping them grow, but it has now become time for me to stand by my husband and help him promote TupeloDesignsLLC.   He hasn't decided 100% yet what brands he intends to carry.  At this point I can tell you he's leaning toward starting out with Prima, but again, no final decisions have been made. He does plan to start out small, carry a variety of brands and items, and this will include some mixed media items because of my love for them, and because I love to do tutorials using them.  From a professional standpoint, it's only right that we don't create or take a chance on any conflicts of interest, so to ensure that, it requires I only promote stores that carry significantly different items, for example PunchPlacePlus who specializes in acrylic. Therefore, going forward I will not be able to design for Renea, or design for or promote any stores that carry items similar to what Mike will be selling.  It's simply a business decision I had to make to support my husband.

As decisions are made, brands are selected, items are chosen, I will be letting you all know.  I'm very excited for him.  This is a huge change for a man who has spent his life working very hard on his knees as a Tile Setter and Marble Mason.  He is now over 50 and his body is getting tired.  This is a change that needs to happen for multiple reasons, and I'm honored to stand by his side as he makes this transition.  I'm confident in his success because I've always believed in him.

I am lucky to have all of you who stand by me.  I know many of you care about me, but also care about my little family. I get so many notes that say, "say Hi to Mike and give Tupelo a belly rub for me".  So, I know you understand my decision.

I don't know how to thank you all for being my crafty family, I appreciate it at a level I can't find words for. I'm excited beyond words as well. This is huge for us. Mike is excited and nervous all at one time. I know he will have the support of all of you, in one fashion or another, and for that I am grateful, and so is he.

xx  Jane....vv08

Saturday, August 23, 2014

And the WINNER of Flash Contest #10 is.....

This was so fun for me everyone! This Flash Contest has the most participation so far, super exciting!   I can't wait to get started making the winner their ACT!

The winner.... is Gareth Frewer!   Congrats Gareth!

Thank you all for playing, supporting me, leaving such lovely comments on my videos and everything you all do to help me in my journey!

I've already come up with a question for Flash Contest #11, so I have a feeling it will be up before you know it!

Thanks so much!!!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Flash Contest #10 has been posted!

That means you have 24 hours to answer the question I asked.  Flash Contests are listed in the right hand margin of my blog so take a look for the question and entry details.

This is the blog post you want to leave your answer with.  Simply leave a comment attached to this blog post and you'll be entered!  I do ask you also be a follower of my blog.

The sponsor of this Flash Contest will be me!  This means  your prize will be an ATC.  I have been thinking of some new ATC designs, so hopefully you'll enjoy what I come up with. 

It won't be long and I'll have items from my other Flash Contest sponsors.  I also have a big surprise for you from Punch Place Plus, but I'm waiting for the items to arrive so I can show them to you when I share the details.

Have fun, and good luck! 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Very Personal Art Share - A Few Tattoo Closeups

I apologize it's taken so long for me to post these.  I promised them weeks ago when I first started my blog.  I've been asked several times if I would mind posting some.   These tattoos were all done by Scot Winskey at Inkwell Tattoo in LaGrange, KY.  He also did Mike's tattoo. 

He is a like minded person for both Mike and I, in that he loves cars too.  It made it easy to convey what we wanted done.  He is also the person who fixed up my lower arm tattoo after a little incident of skin cancer.

I love his work, it's super colorful and fun.  Plus he loves Tupelo to no end and let's him by the Tattoo shop mascot while we're there...LOL

These are upper arm tattoos:

This is one on my upper back area:

Super Exciting Offer from (includes a Giveaway)

I'm beyond excited about this package has put together and the giveaway they are offering!

I couldn't love my glue gun (PAM HB220) any more then I do.  It's so amazing to use.  It's truly an investment. While it is more costly then the small crafter style glue guns, there is no reason to not expect this piece of equipment, if cared for properly, to last for many, many years, eliminating the need to buy glue guns more frequently.

I have more information you can view to learn more about my glue gun on my YouTube channel under the following Playlist: "Glue Gun Information"

Please disregard the old Discount Code.  It is no longer valid. has put together an amazing package, which includes the glue gun, the detail tip like mine, and 3 types of glue to get you started.

Here is the link to the offer from

You can also click on "" logo (in the left margin) and it will take you directly to the glue gun package deal on's website.

Now for the Giveaway details and Rules:
1.  You must buy your GlueGun kit promoted in this video from between now and the end of the business day Friday, September 5, 2014. 
2.  Let me know you've made your purchase.  Leave me a comment on this blog post or leave a comment on the video I made announcing this giveaway.  I will verify it with Emily at
3  Must be a subbie of my channel.
4.  Not open to International (this gun will not work with the electrical in other countries)
5.  I will do a drawing after September 5th for the winner.
6.  The winner will receive a nice size package of glue sticks for their new glue gun!

I'm super excited about this, and hope that many of you make this investment. 


Prize Package for the Winner of Flash Contest #9 (Barbara)!

Hello everyone!

I really appreciated everyone's help with Flash Contest #9, it was a little different then my past Flash Contests, in that I asked for help spreading the word about my blog.  Usually Flash Contests are quick, 24 hours, and just a fun question; therefore, the prize is usually one item, such as an ATC or Ink Blending Tool. 

In this case I wanted to put together a Prize Package with a few items.  ReneaBouquets has wanted to be part of the Flash Contests and had mailed off a package to me that included some items for the giveaways.  I've been waiting for it to arrive, and Barbara has been super patient waiting for her prize package to be complete.  Unfortunately, the package appears to be lost.  I can see by the tracking number it's been mailed, but two days after Renea mailed it, it stopped right there and it has not shown any activity since.

I do not want Barbara to have to keep waiting so I pulled a beautiful package of butterflies from my personal stash for her.  Barbara will be receiving my ATC with the acrylic piece on it, one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools, and a package of Renea's butterflies.

I've done a video if you would like to check it out:

It's wonderful the stores sponsoring the Flash Contest are doing so, and the items they sell are amazing.  If you get a chance, check out their stores.  Links to the stores are in the margins of this blog. 

Click on the "Zutter" logo and you will go directly to TupeloDesignsLLC
Click on "ReneaBouquets" logo and you will go directly to ReneaBouquets
Click on "We (Heart) Bloggers" logo and you will be directed to Punch Place Plus


Where do I get my Wood ATCs???

I've been asked that a lot.  The wood ATCs I use, both flat and dimensional, are so fun to use and can hold up to anything!  I love them and recently stocked up on them.  They are a UK company, but if you are in the US their shipping is super fast and their prices are easy to digest. 

To make it easier for everyone who may want these, or to just check out the other super cool designs in their store, I've added a link on the left hand side of my blog page.  Just look for the "Fernli Designs" logo, click on it and you'll be directed right to their store!

Have fun taking a look around!


Mixed Media Tutorial from the Past "Finnabair Inspired Mixed Media Steampunk Fairy Canvas"

I've decided every now and then I will showcase an old tutorial from my channel.  Some of these are really neat tutorials and, in this case, apply to what we've been working on lately with the Mixed Media Background tutorial series. I think this might be particularly helpful to those that are new to my channel and may have not seen some of these "oldie but goodies".

This tutorial fits perfectly with the recent Mixed Media Tutorial Series I just did.  If you watch as I go along you will be able to easily identify where I brought colors, embossing, and stencil work forward, and then pushed some of it back. This project is a great example of the techniques you just learned in action. Another great technique in this tutorial is how to use lace to build texture with.  You will see how I do that in the very beginning.

This tutorial is from July 2013, and I've gained a lot of new subbies since that time.  I hope those of you who have never seen this really enjoy it.  If you just followed the Mixed Media Series, I think you'll find it very interesting and I think you'll find yourself watching it with an educated eye rather then just watching it.

Here's the link:

I hope you enjoy it. I'm sorry I don't have pictures to post here, but I think they are long gone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just a Little Housekeeping with Mike's Etsy Store.... we've changed the name a bit!

Hi Everyone! 

We've made a change in the name of Mike's Etsy Store. It's still your favorite Greyhound Tupelo.... lol, we've just added LLC to the end. So Mike's Etsy Store name is now "TupeloDesignsLLC". Here is the new link to it:

Nothing else has changed.  We just felt it was important to make the name the official business name and include the LLC part.  It's never easy changing these things, you don't want to make it hard for previous customers or shoppers to find you, but it needed to be done.

Thanks for all of the support and don't forget Mike still has his Ink Blending Tools on sale - buy 5 get 1 free!  I think he's planning to run this through the end of August!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exciting News About Flash Contests!

Ever since I've started my "Flash Contests", I've had this vision of growing it into something much bigger.  So, I started it out, tried to make it fun, and got many of you playing along and having fun with me. 

Once I got it off the ground I went to ReneaBouquets and asked her if she would be interested in sponsoring some of the Flash Contests?  She jumped on it and is sending me items I can use as giveaways that are from her store (so you know they're good prizes)..  I'm expecting these items to arrive on Thursday according to my tracking number.  I think I've shared this before, but I know some of you are new.

So, here's even more good news.  I've been in communication with Jamie at "Punch Place Plus", you may know who she is from watching MayMayMadeIt!  Amy (MayMay) has been working with Jamie for some time and has done a fabulous job showing off the wonderful items made by Punch Place Plus.  Jamie is wanting to grow her business more and has asked me to join in to promote her products. And, she is also going to sponsor the Flash Contests too! 

This is so exciting, so I'm going to do a rotation.  Basically I will have a Flash Contest that ReneaBouquets sponsors, so you'll get prizes from her store, then I will have one sponsored by Jamie at Punch Place Plus, then one sponsored by TupeloDesigns so you can get a chance at Ink Blending Tools Mike makes, and of course I will sponsor one so I can make an ATC for one of the winners.

I think this will be loads of fun.  I'm going to go with this for a while and see how it goes.  I'm not going to focus on finding more sponsors, but.... if someone is interested in sponsoring one, or being part of the rotation, I'm not going to turn them away! In time, if it all goes well, I will look for additional sponsors.

So....keep your eyes open for Flash Contests, more sponsors = more contests!

xxoo  Jane...vv08


As many of you have found, my blog is the place where I am most personal with all of you.  Today's blog post is no different, expected it doesn't involve Mike or Tupelo this time.

For those of you that are new this is information you do not know the history on so I'm going to recap a bit.  Quite some time ago, about 1 1/2 years ago I was tormented by bullies on my channel.  My channel on Youtube had a different name, it was "velocityvette1".  I also had a blog called "velocity scrapper".  I had reached almost 2,000 subbies on my channel and about 145 followers on my blog.  I had worked hard at it, just like I do now.  I ended up losing my channel to some ladies who thought it would be really funny to "copyright" my channel and tell me I stole it.  These ladies had done far more to me before it got to this point, including using my personal email address to bully me, so when I was called a very derogatory name on my blog, after some ladies tag teamed on my blog to bully me, I finally just threw in the towel and closed it all down and left the social media crafting world.  I needed the break, and I wanted to craft in peace.

I was contacted by several ladies that cared about me a lot and they got my head on straight.  They were strong when I wasn't and helped me realize these ladies were not worth my worry, and I needed to focus on all the positive comments left by people I had encouraged and inspired.  So out of all of this began a new crafting attitude and world for me. This is when I started "velocityvette08".  The ladies that supported me sub'd me immediately and I had lots of subbies before I knew it.  And now, just a year and a few months later I'm heading toward 6,000 subbies.  I'm amazed and so grateful for that.

It gave me the courage to start a blog again and even become very personal in it with all of you, because there are so many wonderful people who watch my videos, tutorials, read my blog posts, follow me on Pintrest, and care about Mike and Tupelo.  I'm so happy I started it and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

In fact I'm having a wonderful time everywhere, on FaceBook, my channel - all the places I connect with you all.  This brings me to my last step I needed to take - the "thumbs".  One of the things that the bullies did was thumbs down my videos.  I could put 4 videos up at the same time, and I could watch on Video Manager as each one got 3 thumbs down in a just a matter of a few seconds, they would just go down the list.  In fact, I was such a focus of their life, I actually had videos get thumbs down before they even registered a view, which meant, they had to be watching their computer for me to upload a video, then very quickly open it before anyone else, thumbs down it, and close it before it registered a view.  I was really amazed by that, because that took some effort!

Since then I haven't bothered to turn the thumbs up/down on on my videos.  I just set my default to have them turned off.  I've had several of you over time say, I tried to thumbs up your video, but it won't work for some reason.  Well, it's been turned off.

YouTube recently made changes that allows you to now thumbs up or thumbs down a video, but you can't see it, only I can.  Since that change went into place here is what has been happening on my channel.  A few of my videos have been getting one thumbs down.  Now I realize there could be someone who just doesn't like them.  But, interestingly enough, it's my tutorial videos, such as "The Basics of" tutorials, and my "Mixed Media Beginner Backgrounds" videos, and most recently my tutorial called "Under Glass" using Renea's butterflies and dragonflies.

I decided it was time to turn the thumbs up and thumbs down back on.  It's kind of last step for me to show I'm confident in my work and what I'm doing.  If you don't like it, that's fair, you surely don't have to watch, and are free to move on. As far as those old bullies go... I would hope they've found something else to do by now.  I've clearly found my way and am just  having lots of fun creating, connecting with all of you on my blog, swapping ATCs with some of you, surprising you with cards, having Flash Contests.... all of these activities are my way of trying to share my work with  you.  And Wow! have you all shared back with me!  I've had beautiful gifts made for me, cards sent to me to surprise me, I've received amazing ATCs in my swaps, it goes on and on. I feel blessed beyond words.

So, this is a big deal for me, I'm now 100% back and then some, but the thumbs were the final piece to me being 100% back. So, I'm going to ask this.... "if you enjoy a video of mine you watch, would you take a moment and give me the thumbs up?"  I would really appreciate it.  I understand it has some value with Youtube and it of course has a lot of value for me to see that my video was enjoyed.  Positive feedback is always appreciated by everyone who does videos. You really put yourself out there with each one you do, you allow yourself to be vulnerable,.  It's not always easy, especially if you have struggled with a project, or it didn't turn out just as you would have hoped.  When I read your comments I know it was worth it.

I feel so good about making this decision and I'm going to ask for your support with it, especially while it's new for me to have them turned back on.  I hope you all will have my back and give me the thumbs up if I've earned it in your eyes. 

Thank you all for helping me get to this final step and actually taking it.  It's no small thing to me.

Love you all!   Jane....vv08

Monday, August 18, 2014

We have a WINNER for Flash Contest #9!

First, I do have to say a huge Thank You!!! to all who participated.  You all were so helpful, kind, and gave it your best effort.  I read so many FB posts and heard words on videos that spoke very kind and highly of me.  I can't tell you all how wonderful it made me feel.  So, thanks again!!!

Now for the winner - I'm very pleased to announce Barbara Macaskill was drawn as the winner of this "unusual" Flash Contest.  Since this one took so much effort and went on for 48 hours I wanted to put together a "prize package", not just a single prize like normal.  I'm going to need your patience Barbara as I am still working on it.  There are some items come from ReneaBouquets that are specifically being sent to me to be used as prizes for my Flash Contests. She wants to be a sponsor of it, and I think that's amazing.  The items she is donating were mailed today so I should have them in a day or two. 

I have made an ATC, that is my all time favorite so far... love this ATC:

There will also be one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools in the prize package!  So Congrats Barbara! Please contact me on FB privately with your info and we will work out getting everything mailed to you once I have it all together. I will also do a video of your prize package once I have it complete.

Thanks again to everyone for your help and participation!

Big Hugs, Jane...vv008

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sweet Little Project Share...

I loved this card.  It was really fun to make. To do the gold circles I embossed a big square on a scrap of paper using a very thick mixed media type of gold embossing powder then I kept die cutting circles.

The letters were cut with a new alpha set of "tall letters".  The heart was done by using this cool little embossing folder I got from Stampin Up. It embossed the heart and cut it out all in one pass.

I used "Tide Pool" ink from Hero Arts to stamp the teal circles, using a stamp set from Papertrey, Inc.  I'm not sure if you can see it, but just to the bottom right on the Velum, the word "You" is embossed with some Lindy's embossing powder.  So it say's "Love You" on the card.  I cut the word "You" from a sentiment from the same stamp set (yep I'm cutting my stamps again)...LOL 

I popped up the letters that spell "LOVE" with some clear Kool-tac.  It works well, as it's clear and you can't see it easily, but I really find it hard to use.  It's super sticky and really stretches a lot.  I then took advantage of the letters and glued behind them to adhere the Velum to the card base.  I also put a spot of glue on each corner, which was concealed with some sequins in the color "Moonshine". 

I wrapped the Velum with some very thin twine, then for a final touch used foam tape to mount the card base. The colored papers I used were from Papertrey, Inc, and Stampin Up.

Oh, and this will be an OWH card.  I have 21 cards ready to mail Monday, they are all stuffed in their envelopes per the OWH instructions, sorted, bundled with a Packing Slip, and packaged up for shipping out.  I sure hope they make a soldier happy!


Back to Getting Personal....

So yesterday I was blow away again by Jeorgina and the amazing hand knitted, absolutely stunning, cowl scarf.  I didn't see that coming at all, she sure caught me by surprise, and what a lovely surprise.  If you haven't seen the video, it's on my channel.  She really did a fantastic job and the colors are outstanding!  LOL  it actually made me excited about cold weather!  And I can't finished this paragraph until I say "thank you" for all the sweet comments many of you left for me!

Yesterday morning Mike and I had planned to hang out together.  We had been planning it all week actually.  About 3 weeks ago we dropped Mikes' car off at Fast Lane Cars to have some major work done to it and we're beginning to miss it, plus I wanted to get some photos of it's progress along the way.  We're very anxious to go cruisin' in his '54 Ford again! We only got to do it a few times before we dropped it off there, so it was just enough to tease us.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a rainy day, but we made the most of it and kept with our plans.  Fast Lane isn't just a mechanic shop, in fact here's a link so you can see where we went..  They specialize in everything to do with muscle cars, vintage cars, rebuilds, sales, they have a gift shop, two show rooms, they have it all.  On top of that they have a network with all areas that help with rebuilds.  For example if you want to add air conditioning to an old car like Mike's, they have a connection with the company that makes a/c conversion kits for older cars.

We each had our reasons for wanting to take a ride out there (it's about 40 minutes from our house).  Mike wanted to browse around the show room floors, it's like going to a car show, but it's indoors and climate controlled, so it's really enjoyable, and boy do they have a lot to see!  My mission was completely different.  I wanted some photos of Mike's '54 in progress.  I thought I might be able to find a way to use them in a layout for him.  Together though, we really wanted to see how his car was coming along.

So we get out there, it's pouring down rain, and I look over, yep, there's his car, outside...uggg in the rain. I could see the motor had been pulled, it was sitting really high in the front, all the weight was gone, I also noticed the hood was no longer attached, but just sitting on the car.... I thought boy this isn't going to be easy... how am I going to get photos?  So we took a walk around and we found the mechanics, they sure are nice there.  The owners are super too. The wife loaned me her umbrella and two of the mechanics took the hood off for me, one person held the umbrella over my head, and I clicked off some shots.  I couldn't believe how helpful everyone was so I could get the pictures.  I was so thankful. 

Then the mechanics took us inside and started showing us all of the new parts that had arrived for Mike's car. Everything is there, new tires (he's getting some cool ones, they have big wide white walls like old cars, but they are actually radial tires like new ones), the new engine is there, transmission, radiator, headers, fuel injector system, air conditioning system, power steering,  all kinds of fun things that will make Mike's car loads of fun to drive.

It was really fun to see everything and know they are ready to begin putting it all back together.  We are really excited to be getting this done.  The old motor had a lot of really bad oil leaks and needed a rebuild.  Well for not much more money we figured we could just replace it.  But then we decided, you know what, let's just go all out and make it super nice and add the a/c, power steering, and all the creature comforts.  It already has a nice body, so that's the route we're going.

After we did all that we had planned to go out to lunch together. And after an hour or so on my feet my back was screaming at me. Not far down the road we found a Long Horn Steakhouse and decided that would work. So we had a real nice lunch together.  It was good for both of us just to spend some time hanging out together, having a relaxed time even if it was a gloomy day out. We did a lot of chatting about buying land, selling our house, and building a much smaller house.  We're definitely moving in that direction. 

We also discussed him growing his Etsy store and making that his full time job.  That's a very foreign concept to him since he's been a tile and marble man all his life, but the idea of not working so physically hard as he gets older is appealing to him and he has gotten a taste of how the online store thing works since he does manage his store at the level it's at. He just can't imagine it being his full time job. I told him anything is possible if you're positive about it, believe in it, and work in that direction.  It's called "a life without fear".  :)

Here's some shots from yesterday!  I love sharing our lives with all of you, you truly are like my extended family.

This area will be all clean and shiny when we pick the car back up

It was one wet day!

The new motor

The new tires, all wrapped up in plastic still

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flash Contest #9 "Promote my Blog" (Please post your links here)

The details for "Flash Contest #9" are in the right hand margin of my blog as usual, but I had a few more details to provide then I typically do since this is not like most of my Flash Contests.  As you can see by the Flash Contest info, I need help spreading the word about my blog.  This Flash Contests requires you spread the word about my blog including the link to it: in social media places you use.

Let me know all the places you spread the word and give me the links so I can go take a look. For every place you spread the word and provided the link to my blog, you will receive an entry into Flash Contest #9.

Since it is the weekend and people are busier you will have 48 hours (until 2:00 cst, Monday, August 19th) to post your links. Once the 48 hours are up I will draw a winning name. Please post your answers as a comment to this blog post.

The prize..the best part.. will be determined still. It will be bigger the any of the other prizes I have had for Flash Contests. I'm waiting on a couple of things and I intend to put together a prize package this time. So stay tuned about the prize. More information will be coming, but I won't let you down.

Thanks so much, Good Luck, and happy posting!

xx Jane...vv08

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Little OWH Card Share and a Thank You!

I want to take just a moment here and say a big THANK YOU! for all the lovely comments many of you have been leaving on my videos.  My project shares, DT Projects for ReneaBouquets, and my Mixed Media Tutorial videos have received some really thoughtful comments.  I read each one and appreciate them very much!

For those of you who may not be aware OWH stands for Operation Write Home.  You basically make cards in which you donate to the military so they can write to their loved ones when they are deployed.  It's one of the reasons I decided ATCs and Card making were going to be my new path. 

I tried something different today.  I felt like I wasn't getting enough use out of my background stamps.  So, I made some background images and then die cut them.  Here's the video link:  and of course some pictures.  I hope you enjoy this relatively simple, but meaningful card style.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Latest ReneaBouquets DT Project - Alice in Wonderland ATC

Hi Everyone,

Here's my latest ReneaBouquets DT Project!  These little Alice in Wonderland Die cut is so darling. Renea has finished it off in her typical ReneaBouquets style.  It comes in three sizes so it can be used in all sorts of ways and works perfectly with the Marion Smith Mad Hatter Tea Party paper. 

I didn't know a lot about the Alice in Wonderland tale until I did some research on it.  I learned Alice changed sizes several times throughout the story.  Therefore, I found it very fitting, to include Alice twice on my ATC, once large, and once small.

And the WINNER is...... (name the random card I send out each week activity)

Congrats! and a Huge Thank You to all who participated!! I really appreciate it.  More then you know.  I drew a complete blank when it came to naming this "sending a card each week to a random subbie" activity.  I knew you all would come up with something awesome, and sure enough I was right.

I had many entries on my blog post. I was thrilled with the response.  Sadly some people responded with the their ideas on random FB comments and videos.  At the time I saw them, some I thought were just great, but when it came time to pick a name, I sat down this morning to do so and I don't remember where are those isolated comments were left.  I had to just go to the blog post where they were to be and go with what I had there.  It worked out good though because I easily found my winner.

Ok.... I'm getting to it...LOL  The winner's name just jumped out at me. The minute I read it, I knew it was the right name.  So here's it is:

"From Me To Who"

This name was put in by "Elaine Rayworth"  Elaine you Rock! Great job, you are the winner, and my Sailboat card will be coming your way.  Please message me your address in a FB message if you would and I will get it out to you.
Thanks to everyone again for playing!  You all ROCK in my eyes, without you all none of this would be any fun.  I hope to do this long enough to get cards out randomly to as many of you as I can!
xxoo   Jane....vv08

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday's Card Combining Multiple Stamp Sets!

This is a great way to get more from your stamp sets. If you can combine them in different ways then you can definitely stretch them further.  I used three stamps sets for today's card. BTW - this card will go to the person who wins the "name my random card giveaway" contest.  It's open through tomorrow night at Midnight. Scroll down for the appropriate blog post to post an entry if you wish.

I really like this card. It brings up memories of my childhood. When I was growing up I spent every weekend with my Dad (and StepMom when she came on the scene), we always spent the weekend on the water. In the early days we lived on a cruiser for the weekend. We usually tied up in a quiet cove with other cruisers (friends), and stayed there all weekend. We used to bbq, play in the water, and just hang out, it was really fun.  Later in my childhood we had a house on the water and boats to play with. We didn't have sail boats, but I used to see them out on the water.  The whole experience was so peaceful.  I loved my childhood weekends and will always remember them.

A list of all the stamp sets and items I used will be listed below the photo of the card.

Products and Links to purchase them:
Nautical Stamps Set (called Dockside, you can purchase just the stamp set or with the Die Set -
Best Fish Stamps, Die, and Stencil set -
Sunny Skies -
Ranger Copper Embossing Powder -
Versacolor White Pigment Ink Pad -
Milwaukee Heat Gun -

And the WINNER for Flash Contest #8 is......

Congratulations!!!!   Melissa (Dollipop Productions) you are the winner!  I hope you will enjoy having one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools.  Please send me your address in a Message on FB so I can get it out to you right away!  I have it all ready to go!

Everyone - stay tuned for more of these great little contests.  I plan on getting more sponsors on board which means more prizes.

Once I put the contest out there you will have 24 hours to answer the question.  I always give the time the contest ends.  The time is always Central Time.  I live in St. Louis, MO if you need to check what time it means for you.

Thanks for playing! And again, congrats to Melissa!

xx Jane....vv08

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little ACT Project Share for Today!

Don't let this blog post fool you!  It's the third one of the day.  So don't forget to scroll down and see all the other cool things going on!

This is my little ATC project share.  I have always had a liking for this butterfly ReneaBouquets makes.  She also makes it with teal spots.  It's just adorable.  Finally, I found just the paper I wanted to use it with.  This little ATC will fly out of here very soon, all the way to the UK where my ATC swap partner will get to enjoy it, hopefully for a long time to come. 

Check out the video that goes with it.. Mike and I changed the camera angle so we're testing it out.  You'll have to see what you think!

Let's do another Flash Contest Question!!! This post is for Flash Contest #8

 Everyone will have 24 hours to post their answer.  After the 24 hours has past I will draw a name from all the correct answers.  The winning name drawn, will be the winner of the Flash Contest.

Flash Contest #8 has been posted.  Your answers should be left in a comment on this post.  You have until 4:30pm cst to post your answer. After that the winning name will be drawn from all of the correct answers. 

The prize will be one of Mike's awesome Ink Blending Tools.  I just love giving someone the opportunity to try them out.

I will also be sharing some very exciting news about the Flash Contest prizes very soon, so keep your eye out for the announcement!!!

Ok everyone Have fun!

Check out the AWESOME Sale Mike is running in his Etsy store this week!

Hi Everyone! Mike is running a super AWESOME sale in his Etsy store this week. It is a limited time only sale and will run through Friday. Here's the deal. First though I need to say one thing - the Zutter items are shipped from a location then Mike's Ink Blenders, so if you want a Zutter item and a Ink Blender you need to place two separate orders. Ok now for the sale:
The Zutter Bow It All V2.0 (this is the new one) for this week only $20.00!!! Super deal! It is normally $34.95 so that's a big savings!
Here's the other great deal: Mikes Ink Blending Tools - buy 5 get 1 free, that makes a super good deal too. And finally - All of the other Zutter items Mike carries are 10% off!
So if you've been thinking of picking up some of these great items Mike carries, this is the week to go shopping! Here's the link:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My ReneaBouquets DT Project and Lida Amey's Winning ATC!

I absolutely could not wait to use the little cherubs that ReneaBouquets sent me.  I shared them with all of you in my recent video of all the things I had rec'd from her store.  They are just darling.  So, today I found a few minutes to craft and knew I needed to make an ATC for Lida who won Flash Contest #7, so I grabbed my little package of cherubs, a dimensional ATC, a bottle of paint, a brush, and started to work.  I had no plan  I recorded it all for you.  Here was the end result and I love it!  If you haven't checked out these cherubs in Renea's store, I highly recommend them.  If I can make this in less then 25 minutes, the possibilities are endless.  These little cherubs allowed me to craft beautifully with very little time!

The tutorial should be uploaded in a bit. I hope you enjoy it!

xx Jane...vv08

And the WINNER of the Flash Contest is.....

Yay! Congrats! Hurray!   Lida Amey you have won an ATC card!  Please contact me so I can get your info. I will try to get working on it today! Thanks for playing!  And, thank all of you for playing. I'm so excited we will have more of these in the future!

xx  Jane...vv08

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Here's the info and Giveaway Info that ties in with my "Card for Mystery Subbie" video!

Hello Ladies and Gentlmen, I sure have a lot to share with you all, so much going on.  With the destash in my rear view mirror and my mind racing with ideas, I need to catch you all up so we can hopefully have some fun on this blog!  I know I don't answer comments anymore, but by not doing that it frees up the good time of my day to do things like what I'm listing below. I think it's a better trade off.

First big news I think - I finally got a Flash Contest going.  Flash Contest #7 is the post below this and the question is to the right.  There's new rules on how the winner will be chosen, so take a read, I think you'll like the new way.  It gives more people a shot at playing along an having a chance to win.

Secondly - Related to the Flash Contest - ReneaBouquets is now getting involve with them.  Yes! I'm so excited about this.  Renea will be sending me little giveaway items each time she sends me a haul package or my DT package.  So now I will have more options for gifts, I can rotate her items in with the ATC and Ink Blending Tool gifts.

Third - I am now going to be making a card each week that I want to mail out to one of my loyal subbies.  So, yes, one of the requirements is that you are a subbie.   At this point I do not have addresses for most of you (this includes International folks).  I need them so I can randomly choose a subbie each week and send them a card that will hopefully brighten their day.  I will be making the card each week on video, so if I have your address, who knows, it just might show up at your door!  There is no obligation to play along and give me your info, but if you want to, please do so via private message on FaceBook.  Here's my FB Link:  if you are not already my Friend, send me a Friend request. After I have accepted it, you can send me a Message with your info.  I have found that Youtube is just too difficult with the PM's and I don't want to deal with them.  Here is this weeks card:

I think this "weekly card to a Mystery Subbie" needs a better name... this one isn't good at all. I tried to get something out of Mike...and nothing, he said it was too short of notice for him to come up with a good name...LOL 

So, here's the deal... Name this "weekly card to a Mystery Subbie" activity and the winner will be sent their own special card of Thanks.  Let's give this a few days.  Please leave your names on this post by midnight Wednesday, the 13th. I will pick a winner on the 14th!.

Fourth - Yes there's  Since I have settled in to ATCs and Cards I have decided I want to do two ATC swaps a month.  I had turned down some offers to do swaps because I was doing them only within a small group of close friends on YT.  At that time I was still testing the waters to see if this was the direction I wanted to go.  Now that I do want to go this direction, I want to set up 2 swaps a month.  I have one set up for September I think...  If you are interested in doing an ATC swap with me in the future, please let me know.  You can leave me a comment attached to this post.  I do hope to hear from some of you!  I know there is some amazing talent on my channel!  Internationals are welcome too.

And Finally - I am starting the beginner mixed media tutorial series "Basic Backgrounds".  The first video, which is all about product, what you'll need, etc is up on my channel.  I hope this series is a great success. I'm super excited about it.  It's going to be very detailed and have a focus on the true beginner. So, if you've never even picked up a stencil or a stamp that are mixed media related and you've always wanted to - this will be the series for you.  I hope many of you will tune in!

Wheeew I think that's everything.  I'm really having fun since I'm finally heading in the right direction.

Thank you all for the kind words, the encouragement, and endless support!

xx Jane...vv08

It's Time for A New Flash Contest Question!!!

Ok, from now going forward the way the winner is chosen for the Flash Contest has changed.  I've been told some people do not get notice I've put up a new post for several hours after I've posted it, while some get notice right away. That's  not something I can fix, but I can change how the contest is handle so everyone who wants to play along can.

So.. now, when I post a new Flash Contest everyone will have 24 hours to post their answer.  After the 24 hours has past I will draw a name from all the correct answers.  The winning name drawn, will be the winner of the Flash Contest.

Flash Contest #7 has been posted.  Your answers should be left in a comment on this post.  You have until 10:00am cst to post your answer. After that the winning name will be drawn from all of the correct answers. 

The prize will be an ATC I make.  I just love making ATCs and I think it's really fun to make them for these Flash Contests.

I will also be sharing some very exciting news about the Flash Contest prizes very soon, so keep your eye out for the announcement!!!

Ok everyone! Have fun and I can't wait to make the ATC for this contest, I think I'll work on it today!

xx  Jane  vv...08

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wrapping Up the Tutorial Series with MayMay and Giveaway Reminder

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and trying out some of the new things they learned from MayMay's and I tutorial series. We certainly had a wonderful time doing it and if I were a betting woman I would have to say at some point you will see more collaboration between the two of us. We just loved working together!!

First I want to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!! for the lovely comments all of you left on the last video.  It was so nice to read how much you all enjoyed what MayMay and I did.  It was a lot of work, but knowing what it meant to all of you made it all worthwhile.  I know MayMay feels the same way.

MayMay is a super hero and she is attempting to go through the comments and respond to everyone. There are a lot, so I'm wishing her the best...LOL  With everyone leaving their "secret word" answer, it made for a lot of comments!  For me, I have to say my Thank you's here and on FB so I can still find time to create, my body only gives me so much time in a day.

Speaking of the "Secret Word".  Please don't forget to put that in the comments so you'll be entered in the giveaway. We have 4 great prizes to give away - open to International too!!!  The deadline to enter is Saturday night at midnight central time. The drawing will be held on Sunday! I can't wait!

So, again THANK YOU!!! 

What's next - more ATCs, Cards, and a really crazy in depth beginners mixed media tutorial series that I will be doing.   Hope to see you all there!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Today was all about Mixed Media!

I had so much fun making these two ATCs today.  I decided after I did the first one, which is the one with the white area and stamp on it, that I would do a tutorial, so I made the second one (pictured first).  Mixed Media is such an interesting art to me.  At first glance it appears to just be madness, no real precision, no specific thought, just a lot of stamping, inking, painting, dribbling spots, things like that. But I've learned it's completely different then that and there is a method to the madness, there is intent, and specific layering that takes place with actual purpose.  I would love to actually hold a class on this topic and teach it with real specifics that students could walk away with, tools they could use to do mixed media and have the outcomes and successes they want.  I think this is something that might be in my future.  I sure do enjoy it.  So, here's today's work, again the first photos are the ATC I did the tutorial on (tutorial is on my channel), the second photos are of the first ATC I did today and is simply a project share. I hope you enjoy them!

And the Winner of the "ReneaBouquets and TupeloDesigns" Giveaway is......

Yay! Marianne McKinnon!  You are the winner of the three awesome prizes.   You will get the Tim Holtz Layering Stencil and the Ranger Distress Ink Pads #6 from "ReneaBouquets" store and you also have won an Ink Blending Tool from Mikes store "TupeloDesigns".

Please contact me in the next 48 hours so we can get your address info and get these great prizes mailed out to you!

Thank you to everyone who participated from ReneaBouquets and TupeloDesigns!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hey Everyone It's Giveaway Time!!!!!

I'm so excited to do a "ReneaBouquets and TupeloDesigns" Giveaway.  As always I love to promote Renea's Store and Mike and I both wanted to do something to say "Thank you" for hanging in there with me as I completely revamp my crafty space.  It's a huge and time consuming job.  So here's what we all came up with.

It's really going to be simple. All you have to do is leave a comment saying you would like to be included in the giveaway.  You will need to leave your comment by Tuesday at midnight central time.  On Wednesday I will number each comment and then put numbers in a bowl for Mike to draw from.  He will draw a number and that will be the lucky winner.

What will you win you ask??  Ok, here are the prizes, and I think they are awesome..

The Tim Holtz Mini Ink pads are so fun, and they normally retail for $10.99, but not in ReneaBouquests store - there you can buy them for $8.75, and if you use the code DTJANE you will receive an additional 10% off!  Renea has two stores, her newest one is and she has an Etsy Store:

The Ink Blending Tool - a perfect addition to ink pads, these are amazing to use, they feel so good in your hand.  Mike makes these himself and sells them for $4.50 each.  They can be found on his Etsy store called TupeloDesigns, here is the link:

And Finally, the "Gothic" Tim Holtz Layering Stencil.   Currently it is out of stock in Renea's store, but she has an order of them coming in soon. She also carry's several other Tim Holtz stencils at a great price of only $6.00! You can use the discount code for stencils too!  In fact you can use it to get 10% of your ENTIRE order!

So, leave a comment that you want to be in the giveaway, and maybe you'll be the lucky winner of all three items.  Thank you all for everything, I just can't say it enough.  Now I need to get back to organizing so I can start crafting for you all again!!!!