Thursday, August 14, 2014

And the WINNER is...... (name the random card I send out each week activity)

Congrats! and a Huge Thank You to all who participated!! I really appreciate it.  More then you know.  I drew a complete blank when it came to naming this "sending a card each week to a random subbie" activity.  I knew you all would come up with something awesome, and sure enough I was right.

I had many entries on my blog post. I was thrilled with the response.  Sadly some people responded with the their ideas on random FB comments and videos.  At the time I saw them, some I thought were just great, but when it came time to pick a name, I sat down this morning to do so and I don't remember where are those isolated comments were left.  I had to just go to the blog post where they were to be and go with what I had there.  It worked out good though because I easily found my winner.

Ok.... I'm getting to it...LOL  The winner's name just jumped out at me. The minute I read it, I knew it was the right name.  So here's it is:

"From Me To Who"

This name was put in by "Elaine Rayworth"  Elaine you Rock! Great job, you are the winner, and my Sailboat card will be coming your way.  Please message me your address in a FB message if you would and I will get it out to you.
Thanks to everyone again for playing!  You all ROCK in my eyes, without you all none of this would be any fun.  I hope to do this long enough to get cards out randomly to as many of you as I can!
xxoo   Jane....vv08


  1. What a great name!! Congrautlations, Elaine!

  2. that is such a cool name. Loving it. Way to go Elaine, and how appropriate the card is for her. Over the Pond!!! Love it. Love people who can come up with such catchy titles!!

  3. Congratulations Elaine! Great name!

  4. it is a great name!!! so you really picked the right name!! congrats to Elaine!!

  5. Thank you Jane and thank you everyone. Looking forward very much to receiving Jane's card. Was thrilled to discover my suggestion had been chosen!

    Elaine xx

  6. Elaine sure does rock, that was a great name! Hugs, Brenda