Saturday, August 30, 2014

Breakfast with the Hoodlums, an offer/question, and a Visit to see the '54


Well it's lunch time and there is already so much to share with you all.  I also have a question I'll ask here in a bit.

I told you I would keep you updated on Mike's '54 Ford for those of you who are following it's progress.  We were so happy to see so much progress when we went out to Fast Lane Cars this morning!  The engine compartment is getting all cleaned out an will be painted flat black so it should look really good when it's all done.  Here's what it looked like today, all the grime is gone

The new engine is gorgeous looking!  I love the flat black valve covers, super neat!  The automatic transmission is already bolted on, so it's very close to being slid right into the engine compartment.  Here's the motor and transmission..

Once it's in the car it won't take long to hook everything up.  It will be getting a new radiator, exhaust, wiring harness, things like that.  Overall I'm confident it will be a great car once it's all put back together.  We can't wait!!!

Ok - next subject!  I've been updating everyone on the store, etc on FB.  I've also posted a photo on my main FB page of Tupelo.  This is the photo that will be on Mike's business cards  I have had someone ask if I would be interested in getting coffee mugs with this cute photo of tupelo on them to put in the store. She told me she enjoys my videos, blog posts, and FB posts when she has her morning coffee so having  a Tupelo mug would be perfect!  I looked into this and here's what I found.  The mugs are not cheap, they are $12.00 each.  So, to cover the paypal fees, packaging, etc., it would cost $15.00 + shipping for a Tupelo mug.  This would be a break even for me, which is fine. I think it's fun that you all love Tupelo so much!  I have no idea if one, or twenty of you would want one of these mugs.  So, here's what I'm doing - if you are interested in one of the mugs let me know by the end of the day September 8th!  I will invoice you so it will be essentially a pre-order, once I have all the order, I will place an order and when they come in, I'll mail you your Tupelo mug!   Thanks so much for all the love you show Tupelo.  I know many of you love him to death, but still don't want a mug.. I get that too!  xx

Ok, finally - Mike had Breakfast with the Hoodlums this is all I can say.  Here's the latest.  Troy the conspiracy theory guy, well he thinks the CIA is trying to get another war going because wars make money so he's convinced of that. I asked Mike how he comes up with this stuff?   Mike's like, "I really have no idea"  The there is Butch - he's the guy who's wife I used to garage sale with. I haven't lately just because I've been busy, but after hearing all I did today, clearly I need to make an effort to get together with her.  Butch had left a good paying job a while back and took a payout to do so.  He is a welder and was sure people were waiting in line to hire him.  After a year he finally figured out they weren't.  A while back he took a pretty good job.  It paid him $24 or $29 an hour, I forget exactly, but it was good and had benefits, insurance, vacation, all the things you want in a job.  Well he couldn't get along good with everyone and didn't like working so hard so he started telling Tina he didn't think the dust in the building was healthy.  So now Mike found out he quit and took a part time job at our St. Louis Zoo as a welder for $17.00 an hour with no benefits.  Mike asked him what they were doing for insurance and he said, "well we don't have any anymore".  Mike asked "what are you going to do if you have a heart attack or something" (which is not out of the realm of possibility, he's 58, diabetic, on high blood pressure medicine, and very overweigh).  He told Mike, "I guess we'll just have to deal with it"...OMGoodness are you kidding me... I was dying when I heard this. Then Les, who owes the government more then my house is worth times 2 apparently doesn't have health insurance either and his wife has now been diagnosed with a tumor on her throat, which appears to be throat cancer....  That is very sad to me because her brother passed away from that at the age of 27.  It did not keep her from smoking though and it appears it has now caught up with her.  They have no way to pay for her treatment.  And, mind you Les makes $40 an hour!  So who knows what's going to happen with her situation. 

So that's an update on everything going on with that part of our lives.  Of course we are still working on details for the store. Today Mike is placing another order.  He is going to add some staple items such as alcohol inks, and he's going to get them in individual colors, so you don't have to buy packs of three, and potentially own one of the colors already.  He's also going to get some stickles, especially the Diamond color and some of the popular ones.  He wants to get some things in for Christmas crafting too, so he'll be adding Snow Tex and some Tim Holtz Christmas stamp sets.  He'll also be adding the Tim Holtz tissue paper someone requested. So the inventory keeps growing. He wants to be a one stop shop for the basics and have some of the newest mixed media products.  Basically he wants as big of a range has he can afford to start it up with.

We are expecting our first delivery in on Tuesday so that should be when you start seeing some items go in the store, probably late in the day because that's usually when UPS shows up.  We're so excited you just can't imagine and we really owe that all to you. The support is just so helpful!!!

Love you all and so glad we get to share with you on this blog. I'm so glad I started it!
xx Jane...vv08


  1. I'm so glad you started the blog also. Thanks for the update on the hoodlums! I've missed hearing the crazy stories. I was also impressed how clean the engine compartment of the car turned out. They really did an awesome job. Won't be long before you two will be cruising in her again. And Mike's store...oh my goodness! I am beyond excited for him. So many goodies. Can't wait to shop! I'm not doing much of anything this weekend but monday is my birthday and my boys are taking me to dinner. hope you, Mike and Tupelo have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Big hugs my friend.

  2. Can't wait to start seeing items in the store :-)

  3. I'm so excited for both of you on the growth of Mike's store! I am positive it will do well and you will be so busy packing & shipping orders you won't have time for your own crafting! lol Sorry, I don't mean that. But I have seen it happen with other friends on YouTube. I wish you all the best and huge success with the shop! Debbie :)

  4. The '54 looks like it is coming together and before you know it you guys will be cruisin' the road with it. lol And I hope you get someone to take a pic of you and Mike in it!! Oh a Tupelo mug sounds so cute and I would want one like everyone else if I drank hot drinks. lol I have enough hot flashes without drinking hot drinks on top of it. I hate coffee, so don't do that either. I do water, plain ordinary tap water. My drink of choice. But I can see many others wanting to start their day out with Tupelo! Oh my goodness, I can't imagine not having ANY health insurance!! Not a good call at all. I'm panicking because hubby has cancer and is a lifetime chemo patient-he is still working but not full time like he used to (full time was 50 hours a week). I have Lupus, RA and Fibro and can't work anymore either so I'm not bringing in an income. No I didn't get on disability and should have!!! I'm still kicking myself for that one. Anyway hubby has pretty good insurance at work and they pay him for a 40 hour week whether he gets 40 hours in or not. I'm worried what will happen to both of us if he gets to the point where he can't work with the insurance thing. He farms also on the side. I wish he could retire and just farm but no way can we give up the health insurance. We pay nothing because hubby started when he was 17 and the boss pays for the families of the guys that started with him. Other's don't get this luxury and it IS a big luxury as we had a big family. 8 of us. I'm just a tad bit older than hubby (2 yrs 8 mon) so at 54 I'm not even close to getting on medicare and he is even farther away at 51. So not to have medical insurance just blows my mind with Mike's friends!!! I sure hope they get something especially the lady who has a tumor. Oh my I just can't believe it. lol The time to not have medical insurance would have been when they were very young, that time has come and long gone. I sure wish them all the best. I'm really looking forward to the store goodies! It will be so fun to be able to shop (when I have the money, lol) at a one stop shop. Hugs, Brenda

  5. Thanks for posting the pictures of Mike's car, it looks like its really coming along! I know how much work can go into them. My brother has a 1964 Chevy 2 door, with a 4 speed 409 in it. He bought it when he was a junior in high school and only takes it for a ride now and then. The Tupelo mugs sound great! It sounds like you guys are really going to have a great selection of products in the store! Thanks for all the updates, Hugs, Sue

  6. Hi Jane, I enjoyed this post bringing us up to date on your lives. Always enjoy the hoodlum stories! Off topic, I watched the youtube video where you received and said you were pleased with the products made by Crafty Secrets. I am subscribed to their e-mail, and see that today Sandy (the owner) wrote that she is continuing to get rid of her printed stock and stamps so that she can focus on her digital products. They used to have adorable stamp sets in several sizes, but have discontinued them in favor of going digital. Anyway, today's e-mail says she is having a 70% off sale of some remaining stock, so I thought I would be an "enabler" and let you know about the sale. If you can't find the site at: "", you might try "". Enjoy, and "No, you don't have to thank me"!!! Linda S. in NE

  7. I love Tupelo too but I won't be ordering a mug. You see, I downsized a few years back (900 sq ft) and there's not enough cupboard space.
    $40 per hr? Wow I missed out. Poor old public service career would never have made it up that high even with a union.

  8. Wow, the motor looks awesome ! So happy it's coming along nicely. I used
    run a detail shop and my ex and I owned a body shop, so I can appreciate
    the love of cars.
    The store is going to be great, I'm almost out of score tape, so hope you are
    going to carry that to. 1/4 & 1/2. :-)

    1. Thanks Lori! We do plan to carry scor-tape, but not right at first. We've purchased a big variety of items, but there are still an endless number of products out there. I don't want you to run out. I will tell you that Jamie at PunchPlacePlus carries a generic brand of Scor-Tape in those sizes in her store. Amy from MayMayMadeIt uses it and is very pleased with it and I understand the cost is way less. So that might be a good lead for you. Thanks for your confidence in our store. I can't tell you how excited we are. We placed another order for product today. We're trying to think of Holiday items people may want as well as having everyday staple items. I haven't gone through every thing Mike has ordered, but from what I have seen it looks like he's going to have well over 100-150 items in the store right from the start. That's excited to us! Thanks for thinking of us and I hope my lead to Jamie's store helps you out. xx

  9. The car is going to be awesome...cant wait for pictures of you 3 driving around in it ! I sure have missed the hoodlum stories...glad to hear one today! Sounds like the store is going to be jammed with crafty goodness !!

  10. lol, Jane.... you need to start a whole line of items for Mr. Tupelo at Mugs, coffee cups, t-shirts, posters, post cards, playing cards, mouse pads, the list goes on and on. Mr. T is becoming the most famous dog on the internet so go for it. Oh I forgot, calendars, so I can look at his sweet face every single day. Later you could also do the cars as know how much interest there is for cars. check it out if you've never been to the site. You do the design there do all the don't make millions but the work isn't hard doing the design. hugs, deb the RN

    1. Thanks bunches Deb. I will check it out. Mr. T is one popular guy and all he really does is sleep all day. I told him I'm waiting for him to start "designing". He is "TupeloDesigns".. I told him just design something... but nothing, he just goes back to sleep. lol xx

  11. Hi Jane!
    So Nice to read how your car is going, and the store and the hoodlums!
    I think the car will be beautiful! Nice that you can see the progress!! I don't want to order a mug from your sweet tupelo, although i love him i think it will be to expensive for me and i think my own dogs will be jalous! LOL
    As you know i went to the craftevent yesterday and i will make a video tomorrow to show what i bought. I will now go over to you tube and watch your video's that i haven't steen yet!!
    Big Hugs mildred

  12. WOW! Things are really rolling along so fast for you guys! SO glad to hear this!! Can't wait to see the store loaded with all of these awesome goodies!
    Sounds like the car is also coming along nicely! What a great time you and Mike are going to have making memories in it when it is done! So exciting!!!
    The Hoodlums sound like they would be a riot to hang out with although not very smart when it comes to insurance but I can understand it. In 2000 I was 1 day away from getting insurance at my job and found out that I had thyroid cancer. The insurance company refused to pay for ANY of the treatment (one pill cost $1300 for 1 single pill and I had to take it for 10 days.) I had surgery to remove my thyroid because it was full of tumors. I was fortunate that the company I worked for told me to bring them any bills and they cut me a check immediately so we didn't wind up losing everything to medical bills.
    Good luck with everything you have going on and I look forward to your posts to let us know what's up! :-)