Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dina Wakley's Scribbly Birds and Acrylic Paints

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!  I've been busy with various things like doctor appointments, yuk!  But today I was able to enjoy some crafty time. To be real honest, I thought I was going to be busy helping Mike with placing orders and details with the store.  Boy I was wrong, he has jumped right in and learned how to get it all done.  And it's been busy, he's had customers wanting specific items, wanting to pre-order so they have their items reserved, but he's got it all organized.  My job tomorrow is to make him some file folders with tabs he has marked down for me. I think I can handle it!  On a very serious note - I couldn't be more proud of him.

So you can see below what I did with my crafty time!  Mike has ordered the full line of Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints, the gesso, and gel medium for the store.  He also ordered her paint brush sets, pallet knives, and the Scribbly Bird Stamp sets (however there are only 2 of them).  I decided to give all these fun goodies a try. I had never used them before.  OMGoodness, let me just tell you how easy they all work together.  Those paint brushes and that wonderfully creamy paint make mixed media a breeze.  I did not struggle at all with this mixed media card, in fact I made the video a tutorial!  I had loads of fun.  The video is uploading (for those of you who read this soon after it's posted), and it is, as a I mentioned a tutorial.  I speak a lot about shading, highlighting, and adding shadows.  I also talk about letting the brushes do the work and to "over work" your painting.  I hope you enjoy it!  And, keep in mind, the majority of the items I used Mike has ordered for his store: 


  1. Congratulations to Mike!!! Love the card. That bird is super cute!! As soon as I have money, I'll be buying from your store! Wishing you all the best for making your dreams come true! Love ya' Patricia B

  2. i love the card, such beautiful colors!! exciting for Mike, to building his store and filling with items!!! i will watch the video today, i am really curious how you made this cute card! I love the little bird!!

  3. I love these bird stamps! Great coloring as usual! ♥, Melissa

  4. Such a pretty card! LOVE the sentiment! TFS!

  5. I love that card. Can you tell me if the little puffy gadget you used is instead of the anti~static pad and is it refillable
    Thank you and good luck to Mike

    1. Hi Susan, thank you! The one I used here is made by EK Success. To be honest it's ok. I have two of the bag styles. One is from Happy Bugs, and it's my favorite. It's probably the messiest of them all, but works perfectly every time. Because that one works the best Mike is going to carry it in his store It will be here Tuesday in case you're interested in it. xx

  6. Thankyou for such a promt reply. I am from the UK but will certainly be looking at what you have and what the shipping will be. I have watched everyone of you videos and blog and have been inspired by you. I have never done mixed media but I really want to have a go you make it look so simple. I am re-oganising my craft room at the moment but soon when it is done I am going to follow you tutorials and have a go.