Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exciting News About Flash Contests!

Ever since I've started my "Flash Contests", I've had this vision of growing it into something much bigger.  So, I started it out, tried to make it fun, and got many of you playing along and having fun with me. 

Once I got it off the ground I went to ReneaBouquets and asked her if she would be interested in sponsoring some of the Flash Contests?  She jumped on it and is sending me items I can use as giveaways that are from her store (so you know they're good prizes)..  I'm expecting these items to arrive on Thursday according to my tracking number.  I think I've shared this before, but I know some of you are new.

So, here's even more good news.  I've been in communication with Jamie at "Punch Place Plus", you may know who she is from watching MayMayMadeIt!  Amy (MayMay) has been working with Jamie for some time and has done a fabulous job showing off the wonderful items made by Punch Place Plus.  Jamie is wanting to grow her business more and has asked me to join in to promote her products. And, she is also going to sponsor the Flash Contests too! 

This is so exciting, so I'm going to do a rotation.  Basically I will have a Flash Contest that ReneaBouquets sponsors, so you'll get prizes from her store, then I will have one sponsored by Jamie at Punch Place Plus, then one sponsored by TupeloDesigns so you can get a chance at Ink Blending Tools Mike makes, and of course I will sponsor one so I can make an ATC for one of the winners.

I think this will be loads of fun.  I'm going to go with this for a while and see how it goes.  I'm not going to focus on finding more sponsors, but.... if someone is interested in sponsoring one, or being part of the rotation, I'm not going to turn them away! In time, if it all goes well, I will look for additional sponsors.

So....keep your eyes open for Flash Contests, more sponsors = more contests!

xxoo  Jane...vv08


  1. Jane, what wonderful news!! Congratulations! I love Renea's products and I was at Punch Place Plus a little bit ago & checked out Jamie's site--wonderful goodies there too!

  2. Wow Jane that it amazing news.

  3. wow Jane, that is really exciting news!!!!

  4. Great news! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Great news Jane and so very exciting for everyone.
    Love - Lady Anne xxx

  6. Hi my love Jane, amazing news! Love ya' Patricia B

  7. That is wonderful news Jane!

  8. Just spent a while browsing PunchPlacePlus. Great selection of goodies!! Thanks for introducing me to them!