Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just a Little Housekeeping with Mike's Etsy Store.... we've changed the name a bit!

Hi Everyone! 

We've made a change in the name of Mike's Etsy Store. It's still your favorite Greyhound Tupelo.... lol, we've just added LLC to the end. So Mike's Etsy Store name is now "TupeloDesignsLLC". Here is the new link to it:

Nothing else has changed.  We just felt it was important to make the name the official business name and include the LLC part.  It's never easy changing these things, you don't want to make it hard for previous customers or shoppers to find you, but it needed to be done.

Thanks for all of the support and don't forget Mike still has his Ink Blending Tools on sale - buy 5 get 1 free!  I think he's planning to run this through the end of August!



  1. what does that mean, LLC? Is that something that stands for America?

    1. It might be one of the ways American companies are set up if it doesn't look familiar to you. I never know if something like that is an American thing or worldwide thing. LLC stands for "Limited Liability Company". We set his company up that way a while back but decided to change the name to represent it. What it means is that you have registered your company with the state you live in as an official company. As an LLC it is considered it's own entity. So if you have your company as an LLC and someone wants to sue you, they are suing the LLC, not you. They can only get the value of your company, they can't sue you for your personal assets and take your home! Now, it's doubtful that would happen in crafting, but there are also tax advantages you get once you are a registered company, and by law if you run a business you have to register your company with the Internal Revenue Service (federal government), and your state, so you pay the appropriate taxes. It's bothered me we didn't have the name representing the LLC for a while, so I decided to figure out how to change the name and did it. We are also going to add to the store more very soon so watch for that! xx

  2. Cool beans!! Looking forward to seeing more goodies in the store!