Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prize Package for the Winner of Flash Contest #9 (Barbara)!

Hello everyone!

I really appreciated everyone's help with Flash Contest #9, it was a little different then my past Flash Contests, in that I asked for help spreading the word about my blog.  Usually Flash Contests are quick, 24 hours, and just a fun question; therefore, the prize is usually one item, such as an ATC or Ink Blending Tool. 

In this case I wanted to put together a Prize Package with a few items.  ReneaBouquets has wanted to be part of the Flash Contests and had mailed off a package to me that included some items for the giveaways.  I've been waiting for it to arrive, and Barbara has been super patient waiting for her prize package to be complete.  Unfortunately, the package appears to be lost.  I can see by the tracking number it's been mailed, but two days after Renea mailed it, it stopped right there and it has not shown any activity since.

I do not want Barbara to have to keep waiting so I pulled a beautiful package of butterflies from my personal stash for her.  Barbara will be receiving my ATC with the acrylic piece on it, one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools, and a package of Renea's butterflies.

I've done a video if you would like to check it out:

It's wonderful the stores sponsoring the Flash Contest are doing so, and the items they sell are amazing.  If you get a chance, check out their stores.  Links to the stores are in the margins of this blog. 

Click on the "Zutter" logo and you will go directly to TupeloDesignsLLC
Click on "ReneaBouquets" logo and you will go directly to ReneaBouquets
Click on "We (Heart) Bloggers" logo and you will be directed to Punch Place Plus



  1. Those butterflies are gorgeous!!! So sorry that the package is lost! I have had a few packages go amongst the missing and it is always so depressing waiting for the tracking number to show that it is moving it's way to you only to see all movement stop. Hopefully it will show up soon and thank you for pulling some butterflies from your own stash for me! I look forward to receiving all o these delicious goodies!! THANK YOU!

    1. You're very welcome Barbara, thank you for your patience. I will get them mailed out tomorrow for you! xx

  2. Sorry I haven't posted for a couple days. We switched internet/cable/phone providers and have been having some issues since. I think we got them all worked out and we are up and running full steam again!!! By switching to one company for all we are saving over $250/month and $3000/year!! Wahoooooooooooooo! More money to spend on craft stuff! I wish, really means we have money to buy my meds without it hurting as bad,,.