Thursday, August 21, 2014

Super Exciting Offer from (includes a Giveaway)

I'm beyond excited about this package has put together and the giveaway they are offering!

I couldn't love my glue gun (PAM HB220) any more then I do.  It's so amazing to use.  It's truly an investment. While it is more costly then the small crafter style glue guns, there is no reason to not expect this piece of equipment, if cared for properly, to last for many, many years, eliminating the need to buy glue guns more frequently.

I have more information you can view to learn more about my glue gun on my YouTube channel under the following Playlist: "Glue Gun Information"

Please disregard the old Discount Code.  It is no longer valid. has put together an amazing package, which includes the glue gun, the detail tip like mine, and 3 types of glue to get you started.

Here is the link to the offer from

You can also click on "" logo (in the left margin) and it will take you directly to the glue gun package deal on's website.

Now for the Giveaway details and Rules:
1.  You must buy your GlueGun kit promoted in this video from between now and the end of the business day Friday, September 5, 2014. 
2.  Let me know you've made your purchase.  Leave me a comment on this blog post or leave a comment on the video I made announcing this giveaway.  I will verify it with Emily at
3  Must be a subbie of my channel.
4.  Not open to International (this gun will not work with the electrical in other countries)
5.  I will do a drawing after September 5th for the winner.
6.  The winner will receive a nice size package of glue sticks for their new glue gun!

I'm super excited about this, and hope that many of you make this investment. 



  1. This Sound Great !!! Will check this site. Thanks for sharing A;nna

  2. WOW! Sounds like an amazing offer. Wish I could take advantage of it but medicine takes top billing here but hoping I can at a later time!! Thanks for sharing this with us!