Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Today was all about Mixed Media!

I had so much fun making these two ATCs today.  I decided after I did the first one, which is the one with the white area and stamp on it, that I would do a tutorial, so I made the second one (pictured first).  Mixed Media is such an interesting art to me.  At first glance it appears to just be madness, no real precision, no specific thought, just a lot of stamping, inking, painting, dribbling spots, things like that. But I've learned it's completely different then that and there is a method to the madness, there is intent, and specific layering that takes place with actual purpose.  I would love to actually hold a class on this topic and teach it with real specifics that students could walk away with, tools they could use to do mixed media and have the outcomes and successes they want.  I think this is something that might be in my future.  I sure do enjoy it.  So, here's today's work, again the first photos are the ATC I did the tutorial on (tutorial is on my channel), the second photos are of the first ATC I did today and is simply a project share. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. These are really cool looking Jane! Yes, there is an art to this mix media stuff and some people don't realize that. It's like a person who has beautiful messy hair, but they don't climb out of bed with their hair looking like that, they have work at it. lol That's the way mix media is to me. Now I saw that I had a tutorial from you to watch, so I'm off to do just that. Hugs, Brenda

  2. Jane your ATCs are beautiful!! I loved the tutorial yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to guide me in Mixed Media.

  3. Enjoy seeing all the different ways you create your ATC's. Look forward to seeing your ATC board too ! Take care.

  4. I love ur ATC's!! I think u should definitely do a mixed media class Jane!! I would LOVE to learn how to do mixed media!!! I'm just real scared to try it, don't have a clue of where to start.

    1. Awesome Geena, thank you so much, I appreciate the support and encouragement. I just uploaded a video announcing I will be getting the first class set up. I also share some details about what a person can expect from the class. Check it out if you want. Thanks again! xx

  5. Wow, they are amazing! I love the way the second one looks like it has a bevelled edge, very neat. The classes sound like a good idea, I try but I'm sort of stuck on shabby chic and don't really know how to do it right. My mixed media canvases look like pre-school art. lol Debbie :)

  6. they look beautiful, i am going to watch you tube i have some catching up to do!!!