Monday, August 18, 2014

We have a WINNER for Flash Contest #9!

First, I do have to say a huge Thank You!!! to all who participated.  You all were so helpful, kind, and gave it your best effort.  I read so many FB posts and heard words on videos that spoke very kind and highly of me.  I can't tell you all how wonderful it made me feel.  So, thanks again!!!

Now for the winner - I'm very pleased to announce Barbara Macaskill was drawn as the winner of this "unusual" Flash Contest.  Since this one took so much effort and went on for 48 hours I wanted to put together a "prize package", not just a single prize like normal.  I'm going to need your patience Barbara as I am still working on it.  There are some items come from ReneaBouquets that are specifically being sent to me to be used as prizes for my Flash Contests. She wants to be a sponsor of it, and I think that's amazing.  The items she is donating were mailed today so I should have them in a day or two. 

I have made an ATC, that is my all time favorite so far... love this ATC:

There will also be one of Mike's Ink Blending Tools in the prize package!  So Congrats Barbara! Please contact me on FB privately with your info and we will work out getting everything mailed to you once I have it all together. I will also do a video of your prize package once I have it complete.

Thanks again to everyone for your help and participation!

Big Hugs, Jane...vv008


  1. Amazing!
    As always, you are such an inspiration!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is me! I will message you right now and am so excited!! I have wanted to try one of Mike's blending tools and LOVE Renea's stuff!! Thank you!! I am doing a happy dance right now!!!

    1. Congrats sweetie! I got your info and will get everything together for you this week and mail it off! I hope you enjoy your winnings when they arrive! Thanks for participating! xx

  3. i am happy for barbara! She won a great prize! I also love your atc very much!! It is just gorgeous!!!