Thursday, August 21, 2014

Where do I get my Wood ATCs???

I've been asked that a lot.  The wood ATCs I use, both flat and dimensional, are so fun to use and can hold up to anything!  I love them and recently stocked up on them.  They are a UK company, but if you are in the US their shipping is super fast and their prices are easy to digest. 

To make it easier for everyone who may want these, or to just check out the other super cool designs in their store, I've added a link on the left hand side of my blog page.  Just look for the "Fernli Designs" logo, click on it and you'll be directed right to their store!

Have fun taking a look around!



  1. Will definitely check them out when I get some $$. Believe it or not, I have never received nor made and ATC. I am hoping to change the making one part by the time I receive yours!
    I have a personal question that I understand totally if you do not want to answer. I think I read that you have health issues resolving arounb pain. Is that correct and if so what diagnosis is it? I ask because I have CRPS, which is a pain condition, amongst many other issues. Thanks!

    1. I do have pain issues, but this is really not where I want to discuss the details. I don't really like to discuss it anyway, it's a downer and it's not what defines me. I don't keep it a secret because I want people to know they might be able to enjoy their life through art even though they suffer with health issues. I prefer to talk about my art, creating and the things that better define who I am. xx