Friday, August 8, 2014

Wrapping Up the Tutorial Series with MayMay and Giveaway Reminder

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and trying out some of the new things they learned from MayMay's and I tutorial series. We certainly had a wonderful time doing it and if I were a betting woman I would have to say at some point you will see more collaboration between the two of us. We just loved working together!!

First I want to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!! for the lovely comments all of you left on the last video.  It was so nice to read how much you all enjoyed what MayMay and I did.  It was a lot of work, but knowing what it meant to all of you made it all worthwhile.  I know MayMay feels the same way.

MayMay is a super hero and she is attempting to go through the comments and respond to everyone. There are a lot, so I'm wishing her the best...LOL  With everyone leaving their "secret word" answer, it made for a lot of comments!  For me, I have to say my Thank you's here and on FB so I can still find time to create, my body only gives me so much time in a day.

Speaking of the "Secret Word".  Please don't forget to put that in the comments so you'll be entered in the giveaway. We have 4 great prizes to give away - open to International too!!!  The deadline to enter is Saturday night at midnight central time. The drawing will be held on Sunday! I can't wait!

So, again THANK YOU!!! 

What's next - more ATCs, Cards, and a really crazy in depth beginners mixed media tutorial series that I will be doing.   Hope to see you all there!



  1. Looking forward to the new tutorials. Mixed media is something I'm not confortable with but after seeing all the beautiful mixed media work you've done, it's definately something of interest to me. So your mixed media tutorials I know will help me step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Thank you so much Jane for giving so much of yourself to so many of us. You're the best! Hugs to you my friend

  2. i can't wait to see your next video's!! I love watching tham as you already knows!!!
    But also take care of your self!!!! Take time to rest as well!!!

  3. Jane, I'm really looking forward to your Mixed Media tutorials. As I told you, that whole realm of art has always intimidated me, even though it has been something I've wanted to try for a long time.

    I want to that you and Maymay for a wonderful "Basics Of" series. You both knocked it out of the park, and taught me many new things. I want to thank both of you for that. I feel that I have gained two great friends whom I can turn to any time I have a question about anything crafty. You are both wonderful women and talented artists.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, weekend. Gentle (((Hugs)))

  4. Thank you both for taking the time to do the tutorial series. It was very informative and well done.

  5. Thx so much to u both for the great tutorials!! I'm really excited & looking forward to ur mixed media tutorials :) I'm not sure what the "secret word" thing is bout :/ I've been outta loop past wk. I'll have to look & see what I missed on that. Thx Jane! Love all ur videos & really enjoy reading ur daily posts on ur blog :D