Friday, September 5, 2014

Fish Bites it is!!! And the WINNER is.....

Congrats! Lida Amey you have won Flash Contest #12!  This one was sponsored by "TupeloDesignsLLC"!  We hope you enjoy your prize (in the video on YT).

I hope you all will come take a look at Mike's store.  He is stocking a variety of item, and is going to have a lot more.  He placed 4 really large orders last night so he could get the store really stocked up.  You're going to see everything from Spectrum Noir markers to stickles!

We do have a question.  Would there be any interest in having the prize for this (on occasion) be a 40% off coupon for one item valued at $20.00 or less to his store?  Let me know.  I didn't want to do that without asking because to use your prize you are then required to shop.  So, curious about your thoughts.

Lida Amey get in touch with me so I can get your prize winnings out to you!  Way to go!



  1. Congratulations, Lida!!!
    I think the 40% off would be a great prize!

  2. Congrats to lida!!! I think a coupon code is a great idea!!!! I don't know if it is for me, living in the Netherlands an option because i think shipping is very expensive, and it is cheaper for me to buy it over here. But the most of your subbies are living in america so i think you should it!!!!!

  3. Dang!! I was in the hospital after what was supposed to be same day surgery!!! Missed #12 but hope to be here for lucky #13~~ Congratulations Lida Amy!

  4. Congratulations Lida!! Hi m love Jane, most companies that give prizes to their store do not give a percentage off, they give a "gift certificate" for a dollar amount. Example: Loves Rubberstamps gives $20, the winner needs to spend the entire $20 and pay for shipping. I know when I've won, I always buy more than $20 worth of items. Just my opinion.... Love ya' Patricia B