Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Weekly Chat.... (Store Inventory Update at the end)

I love this time of the week when I sit down and relax, and simply write to you all.  It's one of the most peaceful things I do in my entire week.  It truly does feel like I finally get to sit down and chat with you all.

I can't start this out without saying how AMAZING you all are.  So many of you have made purchases from Mike's store, but here's the part I find the most amazing... if he's run out of something (which has happened often), you all have waited for him to get it back in so you could buy from him rather then going elsewhere! That's so sweet of all of you.  Many of you have sent really encouraging messages to him which have helped more then you know.  Mike is very nervous right now.  If his comfort zone had a number it would be 10.  Right now, he's hitting right about a -4!  This is way out of his comfort zone. We've had some long chats about it and I think those really help him.  I'm able to put things in perspective for him because I grew up with a Dad that went into business for himself.  And it doesn't hurt to remind him that he's been hauling 15-20 packages a day to the post office! I'm excited as can be an have taken over ordering product - so ladies and gents watch out!!!

Stepping back a bit, I want to share a little history that will make Mike's nervousness more understandable. Before I met Mike he lived a very quiet life.  He had lived in his apartment for 18 years.  He had a girlfriend for about 18 years as well, but that was going no where. She never moved away from home and had no desire to.  They were down to only seeing each other about twice a month.  Mike had his truck and replaced it every 5 years.  He fished with friends now and then, hunted once a year, and once a year went to Canada to fish.  That was Mike then. 

Six years ago I moved into the apartment across the hall from him.  I had already heard there was a single guy living in the apartment across from me, so I was curious, being single myself and all.  So I started watching for him.  Let me tell you ladies, he's one quiet guy, it was like he was stealth.  I knew when he left for work and when he came home, but it seemed I always missed him.  We pretty much shared a balcony, it just had a divider between the two and I would look out my back door and see he had meat on the grill so I would watch for him to come tend to it so I could step out and say hi, but it never failed, I would step away for a moment, come back and his food was off the grill and he was back inside.  It literally became like  I couldn't catch this guy to save my life, so I came up with a plan.  We all had individual garage doors in the lowest level of the building (4 family building) and I knew he came home from work about 3:45, so I went out back about 3:30 and started waxing my car.  No mind you, my car was just a driver, it was nothing I ever bothered to wax that's for sure, but on this day it was getting some TLC.  So, there I was waxing my car, like it was something I always  and here he comes home from work, right on schedule.  Of course being the nice man he is he came over to introduce himself and welcome me to my new apartment.  Me being chatty, kept him out there for a good hour.  I really enjoyed our chat and he never mentioned a girlfriend so I thought he was 100% available.  I was excited, good men are hard to find and I had a feeling I was on to something good here.  So he went in and I put that car away lickity split, I didn't even finish waxing  Soon after that I started running into him more on the balcony and before long he was looking for me to be out on the balcony (I didn't know that at the time).  Then one evening, being the person I am I asked him if he would like to go one evening to get a snow cone.  I told him I loved doing things like that, but it was no fun alone.  He jumped on it and offered up night we could go.  I was like a little kid, I was so excited.  So we went on our snow cone date and really had fun getting to know each other.  I loved he was so stable, he had a solid background and it made him a solid man.  I can't tell you all how attracted I was to that because I had nothing solid in my history.  Shortly after that he asked if I would join him for dinner and he was cooking, he set it for the upcoming Friday night.  Well I was already falling for him, so I couldn't say "yes" fast enough.  Let me just tell you ladies... I was ready to marry him that night I had dinner with him.  He has always been an amazing cook and what a meal he made for us.  He fried fish he had caught, he made bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, coleslaw, potatoes cooked in foil packets with butter on the grill, and even had home made cookies for dessert!  The conversation was wonderful and I still hear nothing about a girlfriend so I was heaven.

From then on the rest is history to a point.  Since the old girlfriend thing had been dwindling anyway, he officially ended it and we went forward from there.... kind of...  remember the part where nothing was stable about me, well I've been full of life changing ideas since he met me.  Since we were together all the time and were paying rent on two apartments it only made sense to buy a house, well that was easier said then done. Talk about nervous wozzer.... he couldn't pull the trigger even though we had found a perfect house.  Now mind you he bought the house in his name back then since we were not married and he did the down payment, but he was approved for a $300K house and we were only buying a $167K house, so he could easily afford it and he was scared to death...  I pushed and I pulled and he's now been in the house for almost 6 years and loves it.

Then I hit him up for the Corvette.  OMGosh, I thought his arm was going to fall off when he was writing the check for it.  He was literally trembling.  Not because we couldn't afford it, but because it wasn't a necessary item in life, it was being frivolous.  Now he's on his second Corvette and just bought the '54  So he loved that too.

Next was the dog idea.  I said one day, "I would really like to get a dog to keep me company during the day now that I'm not working".  He said, "ok, I guess we can o that, what kind did you have in mind?"  I said, "a Greyhound".  He immediately came back with, "anything but a Greyhound, I don't like them at all and I'm not getting one so what other kind do you like".   I gave him the business and asked him what a Greyhound ever did to  He even went to work and told the guys, "I'm not getting any blanketie blank dog".  So funny.  Now he and Tupelo are inseparable. They go for walks every day and Mike takes him the car everywhere he goes... So, he loved the dog idea too.

And of course he had to make the decision to marry me... who knows what he went through to decide that, because he surprised me on my birthday 5 years ago with a ring.  He had to be shaking in his boots then too, but I'm pretty sure he's happy he made that decision as well.

So Mike has had his world turned upside down and sideways since meeting me. He lives a life he doesn't even  But he's also "living" for the first time and he loves it.

When we chatted the other night I reminded him of these things and how they positively impacted his life and it helped him put this new business venture in the right perspective.  Yes, it's a big change, but nothing he can't handle, and the risk is not near as big as if he were to try going out on his own in the tile business.  In fact the next day after he slept on all the things we discussed he seemed to be much more excited about it all and a lot less nervous. 

So, there's a little background.... I'm still glad he's the stable rock in the family though because someone needs to balance my "try anything" nature. lol

Now for a store update!  Ladies and Gents, I can't even begin to list all the new items that will be coming to the store. Here are a few that come to mind - First I ordered a lot more of the things Mike keeps running out of, hopefully we can now re-order when we are low instead of trying to get product here quickly after he has run out.  I ordered from a different distributor I had not ordered from yet and got Mod Podge, Fiskars stamp presses, Inka Golds (in great colors, I even found the "Gold Brown"), Soy paints, a bunch of Crafters Workshop Stencils (some I have never seen before that were really neat), Martha Stewart clay molds, Sculpey Original clay, and loads of other fun items.  I was able to find the metal tips for the Art Institute Glitter glue.  I ordered a bunch of the tips and the glue.  I have more Judikins embossing powders coming, more glitter glue, 3D crystal lacquer starter kits, Tombow glue, glass beads, and the list goes on and on! 

The big news to share is the Dusty Attic order.  I went through each item in their store and put together a really big order.  I purchased items from I think every category they have. I got a lot of flourishes, Christmas designs, nautical items, and I ordered all of their flowers, some leaves - it's the biggest order TupeloDesignsLLC has ever placed, so for those of you who love Dusty Attic I think you'll be pleased.  It won't arrive for a while though, their website states it takes them at least 14 days to ship and then it has to come to the states. 

In the mean time you will see the shop fill up with loads of fun goodies. I also want to remind everyone we are still working on perfecting the shipping charges, it's quiet the challenge when trying to figure out how much to put in the category for "when purchased with another item", but we are getting there.  I do want you to know though, if your shipping seems out of proportion, and it turns out you did pay too much, after Mike weighs it and pays the shipping, he will refund you the overage if it's was more then $1.00.  At first he had a lot of refunds because we were still working on getting it right, but we've been tweaking here and there, and he said he's had a lot less refunds to do so that's a good thing.

So, wow what a long blog post today!  It's nice to catch up though and I'm now going to get myself going and make my "From Me to Who" card, another highlight of my week!  I just love making and sending those. 

Thanks again for all of your endless love you share with us in the form of friendship, encouragement, support, and kind words.  We are so blessed to have you all in our lives. 

Love, Jane...vv08


  1. My dear Jane and the amazing Mike - that is such a lovely and humble story. It warms my heart reading it and knowing you both more through it.. You are both truly lovely people and as I've said more than once you both deserve happiness and success and I know you will have it (more than you do know).

    I'm so proud to have you in my life xx

  2. Love your post and love hearing your love story with Mike. Making my wish list and each time you update us on items I get to think about things I might like to try!

  3. Hi Jane, even though I have heard your love story before, I never tire hearing it over and over again.... You two are so meant for each other. You are both on a new journey and it will be a good one for you both. I love the store, I never liked buying on line before because I didn't like going from one store to another. This way, I can just sit here and buy from Mike, one stop shopping is for me. And I know the quality of what you are selling. Thanks you two, and love everything you guys do. Once again, thank you for the lovely "From Me To Who" card. Made my week. God Bless you three! It means so much to me to be able to call you friends.....

  4. What a beautiful story about how you and Mike met and fell in love. Thank you for sharing it. I'm sure your love and encouragement will help settle Mike's nervousness, as it has in the past. And I predict the store will grow more and more successful everyday. And wow, I'm so ecited you are going to carry Inka Gold products. I have been playing with the 3 colors I found at Michaels and I'm having fun with them. I would love to get more colors. Love the variety of items that you will be stocking in the store. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jane. Sending big hugs of friendship your way! :-)

  5. Aww thanks for sharing your story Jane! You guys are doing amazing with the store, I'm sure it's A LOT of work. Tell Mike & Tupelo hello :)

  6. Your story is wonderful, two people destined to find each other and Tupelo completes your family.

    Elaine xx

  7. OMG, that story made me tear up. How sweet. You two sound a lot
    like my hubby and me. He was set in his ways to.

  8. Awww, I loved hearing about how you and Mike met Jane! So romantic and so perfect! It was all lined right up in the stars for you two. I know Mike will do well with his store because he has you by his side but also because he has a great head on his shoulders. I was very satisfied with my package that arrived yesterday!! It was well so well packed and trust me when I say I will be shopping with Mike and you again. Mike's store has become my favorite because of the items you are carrying. Love all these fabulous goodies!! Hugs, Brenda

  9. WOW! Love the love story!! Isn't it funny how something so little as moving into a new place can change not one or two but THREE lives? How wonderful of you to share it with us! Tell Mike to relax, we understand that things are just getting going and that there are bound to be a hiccup or two along the way but what is life without a hiccup or two?!?
    Can't wait to watch you grow and become our one stop shop! Wild ride or not we will be here with you both!

  10. Really enjoyed your love story Jane. It seems you and Mike are perfect for each other. So nice that you share your wonderful memories and let us in your life. You are both beautiful people.

  11. I just watched the Christmas tree project the other night where you tell this story. It touch my heart then as it touches my heart now. I keep thinking "all in God's time. He has a plan for each of us." I'm so happy that life is going so great for y'all. Hugs and prayers, Neasie

  12. What a beautiful love story, Jane. It sounds like the two of you were meant for each other, are perfect for each other. And I'm so happy for both of you with the success of your shop, it's amazing what a good promotion can do for a business. And you are doing an fabulous job of promoting Tupelo Designs! It's wonderful that you're so busy he has handed over the ordering to you...and it looks like you have fantastic products coming soon.
    Congratulations again! Debbie :)

  13. what a great story about your journey with Mike!! And i am also very happy about the store that is doing so well!!
    i hope you have a great week!!!

  14. Such a sweet love story! So glad everything is coming together for y'all

  15. This is my favorite blog post ever.

  16. Hi my Love Jane, you are just amazing!! That goes for both you and Mike! It seems you are a three piece puzzle that fit perfectly together! You complete each other. So happy to see the store doing so well! Maybe I can get someone to buy me some items for Christmas! Love ya' Patricia B

  17. So glad u shared how u and mike met I think thats awsome