Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!  I always look forward to this time when I can sit in my recliner or in my bed and just write to you all.  It's truly my time to share my gratitude to all of you and connect without interruption.

There are a few things I do each week that are really special to me.  Here they are in no particular order.... I love doing my "From Me to Who" card.  It's kind of funny, it's not even the card making part I enjoy the most, it's waiting for Wednesday or Thursday to roll around and hear how excited the person is who was surprised by my little card.  I love making someone happy.  I think the receiver of this weeks card will be happy too!  We shall see   I also love my blogging time.  You know how many of you say you like to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch my videos, well that's how I feel about writing this Sunday morning blog.  I get a glass of ice water (I don't drink coffee), and I get comfy in a quiet place and just start to write.  I love it.  And last, but certainly not least, I love walking Tupelo.  It's a great break in my day.  I love to watch him re-explore all the same places he checks twice a day, every day.  I guess you never know when a new rabbit or squirrel may have been by your favorite areas to sniff.  There is a house a few doors up where a young girl lives, she's probably about 12 now, she's a tiny little thing and Tupelo loves her to no end.  If she's home and sees him she comes out to pet him, but it takes all she has to keep from getting knocked over because he's just so excited to see her.  If she's not home when we walk by, Tupelo is so cute, he stands in her front yard with his ears up and his head held high, looking at her front door, as if to be saying, "Gabbi, I'm out here, come see me"  He will stand there a long time if you let him.  He's so

Lots of new changes, for the better have happened for Mike with the store.  It's still going gangbusters which has us both happy as can be.  We still can't thank you all enough for coming to Mike's store and giving him a shot to show you his level of customer service and his integrity with shipping costs.  Some really significant things have happened for the store this week - the most exciting being the addition of MayMay Made It as the Designer for the store.  This is huge, for TupeloDesignsLLC and I can't believe we were lucky enough to get her as the Designer for the store. She is everything anyone could ever hope to have with helping the store grow and then some. I know she is loved by her subbies, she is so talented, she is so devoted to teaching, and she is just an overall sweetheart. MayMay will be doing a project a week for Mike's store, so make sure you check her out and see what she does with Mike's products. 

Adding MayMay is a really big help for me too.  There are so many wonderful items in Mike's store, but there is no way I can possibly show them all on video and the possibilities with them. So having MayMay's help is going to really make a difference. 

Secondly I added two fun FB groups.  TDLLC, and TDLLCMM (Mixed Media).  They are closed groups, but if you want in, no problem, just send a request.  I set them up for two reasons.  I wanted  a fun place for you all to exchange projects you've made, even if you didn't use items from the store to create them.  If you did use items from the store though, please tell everyone.   I think it's fun to share your own work, but it's also invaluable to have a place to go to for inspiration.  Well you all jumped right in, shared your work and were chatting away!  Next thing I saw was swaps being set up!  I was so happy to see this happening.  So that's fantastic.  The other reason I set up the group was to offer discount specials Mikes comes across.  These are pre-order items he is able to get on special occasionally.  We needed a way to offer them in a organized manner so this works out perfectly.  He has an offer out there right now for the Avery Elle Pigment Ink Pads.  It's for 10% off.  Now I know Mike sells most of his items 10% off every day, but there are few companies that do not allow that, such as Avery Elle and Crafter's Companion because they also sell their own products. So getting a chance to offer these Pigment Ink pads to you at a discount for a limited time is truly a great deal.  All of the information is in the FB group if you want to check it out!

I'm hoping the Mixed Media groups takes off well too.  I think it would be great to have an active group that posted their inspiring work, shared ideas, and could also participate in the "Special buys".  We also want to help these group of crafters find the items they want to craft with, because typically they are not always readily available for them in stores.

Another big deal for me is - Mike is hiring some help for me during the day when he is still at his regular job.  I know many of you have been concerned I've been doing too much, and to be honest I have, so changes had to be made.  Mike agreed to hire a good friend of mine to come help 3 days a week. This will really be good for me. She recently retired so she is excited about doing this.

So, as you can tell, TupeloDesignsLLC is growing quickly and we're doing our best to keep up and continue to add new products. We have so many cool things coming.  Here are just a few:  White Signo Uniball pens, Gelato's, Gem Pick Up Stick, Twinkling H2O's, Silk Acrylic Glaze, and some more Graphic 45 collections.

To keep the store growing so Mike can one day have this as his full time job, the store is branching off into other areas as well.  We have just started selling on the Scrapyard1.0.  There's a lot of work to be done there to get the album completely set up.  This is something my friend we've hired can certainly help with.  We've also started collaborating more with Jamie from PunchPlacePlus.  Jamie's acrylic items are sold to select groups she works closely with on the web.  These are not YouTube groups like you all are to me. She works with different groups on Yahoo, and places like that.  Many of the ladies she works with make their living with their crafts, selling them at craft shows and such.  So I'm working to find ways to use the products Mike sells with the acrylics she sells.  Then she can present these ideas to her ladies.  This opens up huge new avenues to sell products from Mike's store in addition to what we're doing now.  So this is very exciting.

So, as you can tell there are a lot of irons in the fire and loads of opportunities for the store to continue it's growth.  We are excited to no end.  Mike can see light at the end of the tunnel when he will be able to make TupeloDesignsLLC his full time job.

Before I leave this super long blog message today I need to say a HUGE Thank you! again to all of you.  Many of the messages I rec'd this week were so touching. You shared your insight into my little family and how well we are all working together, and not only that, but how well we just go together, and shared well wishes for our journey ahead. I appreciate those message so much, they're so supportive.  A lot has to work out for Mike and I to still reach our dreams, but it seems the time is right and we have to give it a fair try, so all of your support really helps!

I'm going to stop here and wish you all a great week.  I plan to get back to blogging more then once  a week, but for now, I will definitely be blogging every weekend.

Much luv!


  1. hi Jane,
    i am glad it all is going so well!! Very smart to hire some one when you needed to!! And nice that it is a friend!! I have a question, do you know what the difference is between a webshop and an etsy shop, of is that the same?
    Glad to read that tupelo is doing fine as well, so nice he has a little friend in the street!!
    have a great week!!!

    1. Thanks Mildred, yes, I'm excited for my friend to start helping out! The webshop, online shop, etsy store, are all the same thing!
      You have a great weekend too!

  2. Tupelo is such an intelligent dog to wait for his friend every day. Makes me love him all the more. (from afar)

  3. So happy to hear that things are going so well for the new store!! Every time I stop in I see more and more items that I "NEED". If only my money tree hadn't died on me!! LOL
    I love your chats with us. It is great to hear how things are going and getting updates on Tupelo. Gabbi sounds like a special little girl!
    So happy that you have a friend that is going to be able to come in and help you out!! That will be nice for you to have someone to help and also to visit with!!
    I feel like I have missed so much this week. I have been fighting major infections in my ear, hands, face and arms. At one point I couldn't feel my right middle finger other than agonizing pain from a major infection in it. I have been to the emergency room three times this week and at one point had red lines going up my arm all the way to my armpit. My poor husband has been beside himself trying to wish me well. Yesterday my legs and feet were so swollen that I couldn't walk and was having lots of trouble breathing so he was worried all over again. I think that things are easing up, legs less swollen and no more red lines. The hardest part for me was being told that I couldn't create because the papers and other products are so "dirty". It really is amazing how dirty your hands can get just using papers. Can't wait to get the go ahead to get in there and get my hands dirty again!!
    Thanks for sharing and listening!!! It helps to be able to get it all out without hubby having to deal with my stress also.
    Go get yourself a huge glass of ice water (my drink of choice also) and put your feet up and love on Tupelo! You DESERVE it! Toodles for now!

    1. Good to hear from you Barb, but I wish it wasn't about so much infection you're fighting. I pray you can get "dirty" again real soon! I'm glad my little chats out here keep you a bit of company. They are intended to do just that. I'm so glad I started this blog, if for nothing else reasons like this. Take care of yourself my friend. And make sure you watch your mailbox...;)

    2. I have started cheating just a little and doing some stenciling but am wearing rubber gloves for now. Your chats help make the days not so long!! Thank you for your concern!