Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat Time!!!

Ok back to my Alaska stories.....

As time went on living there became harder and harder.  Fred and I didn't see eye to eye on anything at all.  Winter was beginning to set in, it was late September and the snow was piling up.  All Fred wanted to do at the point was mush dogs.  You recall all the chores the girls did that involved caring for the dogs.  Well, they both told me in private that they didn't even want to dog mush.  It was Fred's dream, not theirs. Yet they had to work their tails off to care for the 30 dogs that lived on the property. The days were getting much shorter very quick and it was getting cold. The temperatures were starting to hit around 0 degrees around that time, so it was cold.  It snowed every day.

The snow is different there though, it's really dry.  So you can have 6 inches of snow fall on your vehicle, open the door, jump in, slam the door and all the snow falls off the car...  it's the same way on the roads, it mostly just blows off.  They don't use salt up there, they put down gravel if there is ice.  That makes for endless broken windshields.  People mostly drive trucks and they get the gravel it their tires and it flies out and hits your windshield.  I was getting chips fixed all the time!

I mentioned last week I had found a job in North Pole, AK.  This was one interesting town.  Yes, Santa really does live there.  I saw his house every time I went to North Pole. I visited him a few times.  Oh, btw - he has an RV park right next to his house and he has real reindeer in his yard (all true).  One of the funniest things to me, that I saw was, as you drove into North Pole the first thing you saw was a building advertising  with the way things were for bathrooms in houses, many people did not have showers in their homes so they had to drive somewhere for a shower.  So, North Pole catered to them and had a shower facility.  North Pole didn't have a lot, it had a very small grocery store, a McDonalds, Taco Bell, and a few small businesses.  It was mostly just one road through the middle of the town and that it - it as called "Santa Claus Ln" of course.  Santa's house was just off this street.  The funny thing was around Thanksgiving people started mailing out their Christmas cards, well many of them wanted their cards to be stamped from North Pole, AK so they would drive for miles to go to that post office.  It was crazy around that post office the closer it got to Christmas!

By October I was just going through the motions, I had become closer to Megan and more distant from Michelle.  Michelle was always lying about something, skipping school, all sorts of stuff. I stayed out of it with her and let Fred handle her.  He was failing miserably at it, but he was a clueless man that thought he knew it all.  About the only thing that changed in October was the length of the days and the temperatures.  We had put away all the food for the winter, which meant Fred had butchered the pigs and chickens (I'll spare you the details) and put the vegetables up by blanching and freezing them.

November rolled around and I knew I had to leave. Fred showed so many outbursts of anger it was frightening.  He mostly showed them towards the girls, but since I had started protecting Megan more that was a problem to him and he directed some of his anger towards me for that. I knew by then I simply hated him. I know that's a strong word, but I couldn't find much of anything about him I liked and definitely was ready to go back where I had come from.  He didn't think I would do that since I had moved so far....silly man...the highway and the skies go both ways.  So, early November I decided to leave.  As I mentioned Fred's anger toward me was bad so I knew telling him I was leving would not go over well. He may have been a jerk to me, but he wanted me to stay because I helped with the girls, chores, cooked, etc.   So, to keep the peace for a while longer, when the girls went to school and he went to work, I was packing up boxes of my belongings.  I worked part time, and managed to find these great boxes in a shed of his, so I took them and started packing them up. They were really big and I figured I could fit three of them across the back seat of the truck.  So every Tuesday and Thursday (my days off), I hauled 3 big boxes of my belongings to the post office and mailed them to my best friends condo in St. Louis.  Fred was so into the dogs and running his little homestead he didn't even notice my belongings  

Then about mid-November I told him I was leaving.  Meanwhile my best friend had decided to come up and visit so she had booked a flight to AK arriving early December.  I decided to let her keep planning to come up there. The biggest obstacle Fred and I faced with my leaving was the big fancy truck we had was in both our names and needed to be in just his.  When we originally bought it we used my truck I had been driving as the vehicle that was traded in to get the truck.  Only problem was - I was upside down in it.  I had been buying new vehicles all time and rolling my "upside downness" into the next vehicle, and the next, and the next.... So not they were all rolled into this fancy truck that he needed to re-finance into his name.  Everyone said "no" because now the truck was used to make matters worse.  I was freaking out about this - I needed my name off that truck so I could leave., and I wanted to go. We tried several options and all were a dead end, until one day when I called who it was currently with and they said they would refinance it. I was elated!! 

At this point I told Fred I was planning to leave, it was now about a week before Thanksgiving.  If Fred wasn't a big enough jerk already, he was about to get worse.  He treated me like crap, he started looking for new women on right in front of me (I didn't care because I despised him, but you have to agree it's rude), and he just became more and more arrogant.  He planned to drive 6 hours to visit family for Thanksgiving, I chose t stay home.  When they all left I was doing the happy dance. I had 2 days worth of peace.  So...what's good for the gander is good for the goose right?  So I started scanning in my picture to, writing my profile and out there I went and lo and behold on Thanksgiving day I met Bob....

This is where I'm going to end for this bog post Bob is a whole store in itself... I'll pick up next week with more as usual! 

Big Hugs,


  1. Ugggg Do you know how bad I just want to pick up the phone and call and say OK I have popcorn and diet pepsi...continue!!! You are truly an amazing story in Alberta and so close to Alaska I can sooo totally relate to all of the weather conditions you have written about...windshields...girl i dont now a single person without a cracked windshield or an extension cord hanging out the front of their vehicles!

    I find myself not liking this Fred guy at all...and I wonder how in the world those girls are doing. So thankful this is a past life and not a present one :)

    Okay until next Sunday .... I CANT WAIT!

  2. Jane, I honestly don't know how you put up with Fred for as long as you did. You are one strong woman, girlfriend! I'm looking forward to reading your continuing saga!

  3. I knew that you went to Alaska and came back not on good terms but I had no idea of the rest of the story!! You are great at keeping us hanging!!!!!!

  4. GROAN!! You keep leaving me just hanging out there waiting, no~ CRAVING ~ just a little bit more before you go! Can't wait to hear the rest of this story. The more I hear the less I like Fred and the more I hurt for Michelle. The poor girl was probably just feeling so lost and alone that she COULDN'T let you in to help her. I hope that you might find the girls one day and learn how they are doing. I bet they BOTH think of you often.
    Till next Sunday! Have a great week!

  5. OMG!! I just found this story and I can't wait for you to write more! I'm off to find more of the back story!!!

  6. Cliffhanger!!! I fear this is not going to end well! But by your sharing I have NO doubt you will be helping someone get out of a bad or similar situation. Thank you for sharing, this is powerful.