Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat - It was getting close to Christmas

What a whirlwind the first week had been.  We were having a lot of fun and Bob really seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed his.  He introduced me to his friends, took me everywhere because I did one thing really well.  I just smiled a lot and kept my mouth shut. 

The money kept flowing.  As Christmas approached there were gifts to be bought and a Christmas dinner to be planned.  I remember him telling me he needed to get a gift basket from Bath and Body Works for his son's girlfriend.  I just happened to be going there myself so I offered to pick one up for him.  He was very appreciative and said, "get the biggest one they have", "do you think $100 will cover it?"  I told him I did, and he peeled off another $100 for me.  Well the biggest they had at that time cost $50.00 so I brought it home and went to give him his change.  He said, "oh no, I appreciate the favor, you keep it".  I told him "no", but he wouldn't hear of it, so I had a little more walking around money.

I remember once we were going somewhere and he was out of his usual roll of $100's and we had to go by an ATM. He said, "I hate these things, they only give out $20's".   It took all I had not to start giggling at him...

Bob drove a beautiful new SUV, it was a Mountaineer in a pearl white. He told me it belonged to the company.  Well that was interesting too.  Bob was never short of tricks up his sleeve.  He was the President of the St. Louis location for a Cleaning Company that did Janitorial services for places like the Airport here in St. Louis, and many large school districts in the area.  They had big contracts.  The business was in a building of course.  The St. Louis location was just one of may locations that was under a parent location in another city I've now forgotten.  Bob wanted to buy the building they were in here in St. Louis and have them rent the building from him.  The parent office was not interested because they felt it was all too close and could create a conflict of interest.  Of course Bob saw easy money, so he bought the building under another company name and leased it to them just like he wanted to. They never knew.

By now Lisa was wondering if I was ever going to move into her extra bedroom.  I had moved furniture in but had never even slept in my new bed.  I paid her rent though because I wanted to know that room was there if I needed it.  I did bring back may of the things he was buying for me, it was just endless, until one day Lisa made the joke "you're going to have to claim Bob on your taxes"...

Bob already knew Lisa was suspect of him, and he didn't like that much.  He especially didn't want her influencing me in any way - hence another reason to keep me at his house and away from her.  He was concerned about her, more so then I realized.  So one day he comes up with, "I think I know someone that might be good for Lisa".  Lisa was and still is to this day, looking for Mr. Right.   I asked him who and he told me about some guy he knew.  Then he said, "I would like to get to know her better first to make sure, how about we all go to dinner together".  I thought that was a great idea because I was missing my friend.  It never dawned on me he just wanted to get a feel for Lisa and to see if she could cause him any real trouble.  I told Lisa about his plan and she agreed to go to dinner. The difference between her and I - she knew what he really wanted to find out at that dinner.  We went to dinner and Bob asked her lots of questions, hidden in conversation as usual.  I guess he didn't find her to be any real threat.  After that he never really mentioned her again, and of course there never was a guy he wanted to fix Lisa up with.

I followed my normal routine every day, went to work, came home to his house, let myself in and watched TV until Bob came home.  There was never any work to do around there bigger then laundry or the dishwasher.  Bob paid to have people do everything else for him.  He had a housekeeper and a company that took care of his yard.  He took care of the drycleaning.  He knew someone who owned a drycleaners so he took both our clothes there and brought them back.  I never dealt with them, which was nice.  So there wasn't much to do but watch TV and wait for him to come home.  And to be honest, I always felt I was being watched when I was there.  I never dared to look around in places I didn't belong.  I swore those golf balls were keeping track of me. 

The Christmas presents were accumulating so I started wrapping them after work.  But, when Bob arrived home he was ready to go out to eat, so I knew I needed to be ready to go when he pulled in.  He always had a place to eat in mind and it was always upscale.  We never just ate at a normal place.  Even if we were going out to lunch it couldn't be Subway, it had to be the next tier up.  Well I was craving Steak n' Shake.  For those of you that have never heard of it, it's been a chain here in St. Louis all my life. They serve burgers and fries for the most part.  They are known for their burgers as being "Steak Burgers", and they make them really thin.  The buns are toasted and buttered, so you get the perfect amount of  it's like an upscale chain diner.  I told Bob I was really wanting to go there.  Well Steak n' Shake was really beneath him, but he said he would go for me.  Well we went and did he do a good job teaching me never to make a request like that again.  OMGosh did he get dramatic.  He rolled around on the couch for two days complaining how bad his stomach ached and the cramps he had, etc, etc.. 

Bob had a way of teaching you a lesson.  One night I wanted to go Christmas shopping with Lisa. She was my best friend and I hadn't seen near enough of her.  I told Bob I wanted to go shopping with her one night.  You could see it in his face, this was not the routine and not the norm.  I was supposed to come home to the house and be ready for dinner when he came home. period.  He couldn't say much, but I could tell he didn't like it.  Well I met up with Lisa and we started shopping and having fun, then my phone started ringing.  Of course it was Bob.  He wasn't feeling very well, his head was stopped up... "when was I going to be home?"  I told him I wasn't sure, that I was having fun, and wanted to get my gift shopping done.  He called back again, now he was much sicker..."how much longer until I came home?"  This went on until finally I just went home.

This was a turning point for me.  I didn't leave Bob, but I didn't feel the same anymore after that night.  Christmas was about 2 weeks away now, I had gifts for him and his family, we were planning a Christmas dinner for his family so I didn't rock the boat.

The funny thing about Bob was, while he was suspect of everyone, he never seemed to notice that I was losing my excitement for him. I didn't want him too because I had figured out it was in my best interest at this point for me to keep him thinking everything was as perfect as always. 

We were two weeks into this relationship, Bob was happy as long as I didn't stray from the routine, he was still showering me with gifts and fancy dates, and then he told me something interesting one night when we were laying in bed talking. He said, "does it bother I don't tell you everything?"  I answered with, "no not really, it's not like I'm on a need to know basis, we're not planning to get married or anything".  He said, "it's not like that, it's for your protection, if you don't now anything, you can't be implicated in anything". 

Now those are words to fall asleep by....


  1. Well, that sounds ominous! I can't wait until next Sunday! Happy Thanksgiving, Jane, Mike, and Tupelo!

  2. What??? I knew something was fishy!

  3. I actually got chills when I read the end of today's "chapter". Who is this guy and what is he involved in that he feels the need to protect you from. Oh do I dare ask? I agree with Barbara. Time to exit stage fast as possible!!

  4. Your story is centainly not a positive endorsement for on line dating!! OMG!

  5. You can't be implicated if you don't know anythng huh? Good golly it's a good thing you didn't marry him!! I knew he was a bad guy, now we just need to find out what kind of a bad guy he was and hopefully you found an "out" to leave. Well I guess you did cause you are will Mike now. lol Happy Thanksgiving Jane, Mike, and Tupelo! Hugs ,Brenda

  6. Ok...what is Bob planning for you and how do you get away safely? That's what I want to know. It has to be mafia, right!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jane, Mike, and Tupelo....Blessings to all of you!

  7. Can you hear me yelling at my screen, JANE get away from that FREAK NOW!!! til next week ...