Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat..... Who the heck is Bob?

So now I was free of Fred, at least I was hoping so.   Lisa and I headed out of there, I called Bob and let him know we were out of there safe and on our way to get something to eat.  He was relieved.  I still couldn't believe I had all this help from a man I never met.  Lisa was in the dark about everything.  The poor girl, she was just doing along with everything as it was happening. 

We were both starving by this point so the first thing we did was go to the nicest place to eat in North Pole there was, a Chinese restaurant.  We weren't very far away yet, but we felt safe. Fred never went there and we were in a rental no one saw, so we relaxed and had a bite to eat. That's when I started telling her about Bob.  I shared how I had met him, how we emailed, and how he wanted to save me.  Well you all don't know Lisa... she's a realist that calls it like she see's it and she was suspect of Bob from that moment on.  She was like me.. who does all this?  Of course at this point, I didn't care, I was just grateful for his help. 

We had our meal, then headed to Fairbanks.  I had never been to this hotel we were going to so once we found it, we were both impressed, he had us booked at a really nice place for Fairbanks.  It was the nicest hotel in the town by far.  So we got checked in and once again I called Bob, he had asked me to call once we got there because he wanted to make sure the place was nice and that we were settled in.  Of course Lisa was there when I called so she heard the entire conversation.  Here's how it went... let me just say, if you're wondering about Bob already, now you're really going to wonder. 

Bob, "Who's Lisa?  How long have you known her?"  "Do you trust her?" "You're going to be living with her when you come back?"  "How did you leave Fred's?"  "Did you do anything revengeful?"  "You're not going to have any anything at Lisa's, what are you going to do for furniture and all the other things you need"? 

I assured Bob I knew Lisa well, I had known her for about 10 years at that point.  I also told him I had no interest in hurting Fred, I just wanted out with my life and that I was not a revengeful type person anyway.  I also told him I may not have everything I needed, but I did have a car lined up and a cell phone, I also had my old job to go back to so I would be fine. 

Oh let me just say, Lisa's eyes were rolling in every direction... especially when the conversation continued and went like this......

Me, "All I really need when I get back is a bedroom set, Lisa has everything else.  I am planning to get a TV for my bedroom so I can relax and watch whatever I want and not bother Lisa, but other then that, I should be fine".  Bob, "what kind of TV are you going to get".  Me, "I'm not sure, but I did see one at Walmart I liked that had a slot on the side so you can play DVD's".   Bob, "Walmart, I hate that store."  Me, "Well, that's about all I have to look around in up here".  Bob, "Do you have a model number or anything for this TV?" Me, "No, it's just a 20" TV and it was the only one with the DVD slot on the side".  Bob, "Ok, make sure you call me before you go to bed".  Me, "Ok will do, talk to you later".... end of conversation.

Lisa was shaking her head and just sat back on the pillows of her bed and said "this is going to be interesting"....

Our four remaining days in Fairbanks were pretty uneventful.  We went to a couple of movies, we ate out, we went to a craft fair, we did anything to blow time. There isn't a lot to do in Fairbanks, and of course we didn't go out in the evening much, because we didn't want to risk running in to Fred.  He didn't know if we were still in Alaska or not, but he did go to Fairbanks from time to time for things. 

Meanwhile I was able to speak to Bob whenever I wanted, or should I say whenever Bob wanted to talk to me.  Bob kept close tabs on me, which was not lost on Lisa.  He was very generous.  As I had mentioned, he was paying for the hotel and car, but he was also offering to pay for massages if we wanted them, dinners in the hotel, anything we wanted really.   I'm not like that, so I didn't take him up on those offers, but they were generous.  Too generous for Lisa.  She kept saying, "you've never even met this guy".  I may not have, but I had plans to for Friday night, and it was Sunday, so I only had 5 days to go.

Sunday night we were scheduled to fly out.  Most flights to the lower 48 leave around midnight in Alaska, and so did ours.  I'll never forget that night.  We had so much stuff to bring back. We were at our maximum allowable everything.  We had the maximum amount of check luggage, carry on luggage, carry on purses, bags, you name it, we maxed out.  It was the coldest night I had experienced there, it was 26 below zero.  I remember pulling up to the airport and dropping Lisa off with all of our items so I could just check the car in and come in to meet up with her.  I dropped the car and walked to the door.  I didn't have the cold weather gear you needed for there anymore because I didn't want to bring it back to St. Louis, I would never need it here.  I had donated it all to a charity during the 4 days I waited for the flight.  So I was walking to the door in 26 below temperatures with just a coat, I didn't even have a pair of gloves.  I remember finally reaching the door to go inside and thinking to myself, "I will never feel this cold again", and I never have. 

We got our flight, no problems, we flew to Seattle where we hung out for a couple of hours then caught our flight to St. Louis.  We arrived on Monday and my gosh did it feel good to be home in more ways then I can describe.  Lisa had arranged for another friend of hers to pick us up, so we were at her condo in no time.  When we arrived back at her condo all my boxes I had shipped back were waiting for me.  My cell phone had even arrived.

On Tuesday morning we rode to work together and by 9:00am my new car was delivered to the office for me.  Things were coming together quickly and I was loving it.  Everyone at work was very gracious about the fact things had not worked out and they welcomed me back without pressing the issue.  I was really appreciative.  And then I got a phone call from the lobby  - "Hi Miss Jane, you have flowers down here waiting for you, they're beautiful"... I thought who would do that?  So, I went down to look and there was this HUGE arrangement of flowers, and they were from Bob! I thought to myself, I can't bring these to my desk.  Everyone knows I'm back because things didn't work out with Fred, and now I have this huge flower arrangement from Bob and no one knows about him, heck I don't even know about him...  so I called Lisa's desk.  I said, "you have to come get these, pretend someone sent them to you or do whatever, just please take them home with you".  Lisa's a trooper so she came and got them, hid the card, and brought them back to the condo that evening. 

The rest of the week went along pretty normal, I went shopping for furniture, worked during the day, spoke to Bob a lot, and we finalized our plans for meeting Friday night.

Friday night came and to be honest, I almost chickened out.  I even drove to the restaurant where we were to meet and almost didn't park, I wanted to just drive back home.  Here I had just gotten out of that horrible situation and I was thinking to myself, "what am I doing meeting another man already".  I never intended for any of this to go this far.  I was only playing around on Thanksgiving for something to do.  What in the heck am I doing??   But, I parked and I went in.  This was a really nice steak restaurant Bob had chosen, so the minute I walked in the Hostess said, you must be Jane, please follow me...

See you next Sunday!!!



  1. Talk about leaving us hanging! :)

  2. Wow, now the suspense continues.... guess I will have to wait until next week!

  3. ugh!! Another cliff hanger!!! Until Next ...

  4. Ya know Jane, some of your faithful followers like me have memories that just are not as sharp as they use to be.
    And when we have to wait 7 whole days to continue reading a story, we are forced to back track to the last segment and this can be a pita......
    Well, I am just saying, and heck, I had to try for us all!!! LOL!!

  5. Dang, Jane! Torture us. Creepy feelings, too, Marianne! xxx

  6. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger! I love it!

  7. Omg I don't want to wait til next week!!! This is torture Jane!!! Lol

  8. ARGH! You really know how to keep us hanging!! See you next Sunday!

  9. As all that above and more!!!!
    See you next week....

  10. I feel the same way...It's pure torture! You really know how to hold our attention!

  11. Hello Jane. You need to publish this!!!!!! Diana

  12. Well Jane, I just got caught up with this story. First off I'm so glad that you got away from Fred, got your job back and had a car and a place to live. But I'm not feeling Bob! I'm scare to know what is coming next and thinking that Bob is going to want something from you for helping you. Especially since you are not "with" Bob now. I sure hope I'm can't wait until the next part of this story!