Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat - Final Segment

Christmas morning arrived and Bob was beaming as he saw me wearing the Christmas gifts he had given me.  They were beautiful no doubt about it.  But as usual something wasn't right as I thought back on things.

The diamond earrings had arrived at Bob's work address so I wouldn't see them from what I understood. And unless he had access the boxes with the companies information on them, he really did purchase them.  The watch - not so sure....  you know the old saying, "it fell off the back of a truck".  Well there was something not right about the watch. 

About a week or so before Christmas he told me he wanted to go Christmas shopping and he was wondering if I wanted to go to a particular area where there were some stores I liked.  I was agreeable - I was always agreeable when it came to Bob.  So we took a drive over to this area.  Well to understand this you need to get the layout.  In this particular area of town there is a big shopping area with some big stores and a few smaller restaurants on one side of the road and on the other side there is as well but you have to drive up a big hill to get to them so you can't see up there at all. The side with the hill was newer at the time so stores and restaurants were popping up left and right.  I knew most of what was up there, and I knew there were no little stores, just bigger ones and a car dealership.   Well on the day we went over there as we approached he said, "I need to go up here to get your gift, (motioning to the side with the hill), so do you mind if I drop you off over here, (the other side of course), and I'll come back to pick you up in a bit".  Of course I was fine with that, I liked the stores and was happy to browse around.  It wasn't long and Bob was back for me, in fact it was really quick. I just figured Men shop quickly and never gave it another thought.  He did tell me he had gotten me my gift. 

So, looking back, that had to have been the day he got my watch because I received two gifts, and the earrings came from a well known online diamond store.  There was only one problem with it all, there were not then and never have been any jewelry stores up on that hill...  I guess I'll never really know where my Movado came from. I have since had it looked at and it is the real deal.

Ok, back to Christmas day.  We were having a small group of his family over and of course Bob did not want to cook or have me cooking so he had bought a ready to go ham and turkey with all the sides from an upscale catering company.  He also told me he took care of ordering the pies from a popular bakery nearby.  I didn't give it much thought, I figured he was getting more then one pie since we did have about 7 people today and not everyone likes the same thing.

We prepared the table and we had to do a few things with the food, not much, we mostly just hung out, he watched TV and I kept asking myself what I was doing there.  Then out of no where Bob looks at his watch (he had a bunch of his own that were all high dollar), and say's "I'm going to pick up the pies".  I said, "did you want me to go with you".  This was his response, "I didn't ask you to go, so no I'm going alone, don't start being like (his previous girlfriend)".  That's how you knew Bob was up to no good, he became defensive and cold.  He tried to make you feel like you were in the wrong.  I didn't say anything back.  To be honest I was more concerned about leaving and so this was actually good for me, gave me one more reason to leave, I could point out how he was unhappy with my behavior.

Bob left to get the pies.  Now mind you the bakery was within a few blocks.  Bob was gone for almost 2 hours, he did come back home with pies - 7 of them.  Seven pies!  There were only going to be seven of us!  Bob didn't see me catch something else out of the corner of my eye, Bob had also came home with a roll of cash.  Of course I said nothing.

Christmas dinner came and went.  I don't think he enjoyed a minute of it.  That many people in his house at one time made him uncomfortable.  He was so OCD about how the house was kept and looked that he felt out of control with everyone doing their own thing in the house.  We cleaned up and everyone eventually left after we did gift exchanging and chatting for a while.

Bob was very irritable and not being very pleasant at all to be around.  So I said, "I think I'm going to give you some space and go stay at Lisa's tonight".  He didn't like that one bit, which I knew he wouldn't. How dare I be out of his site and at Lisa's especially..  He got angry and said, "you know maybe we need some space, I think you should just stay at Lisa's for a while".  I simply said, "ok".  I grabbed a few things from the bedroom and left the jewelry on his chest of drawers.  I left my key and garage door opener there as well.  He wasn't in the room so he didn't know.  I put what I had in my car and drove to Lisa's.  He never said a word as I left.

Lisa was shocked when I arrived.  Her eyes where huge and all I can remember her saying was "you left him on Christmas?"  It felt so good to be in her condo and in the room I had never used yet.  It felt safe and free.  That was the big part, I felt free.  I had always wondered if camera's were watching me when I was in Bob's home alone.  So many golf balls seemed to be staring at me..  But now once again I could breath.  I still had to get the rest of my things, but that didn't seem to bother me much.

The next day I woke up and gave Bob a little time, I called him and he didn't answer.  I tried several times and finally left a message saying, "look I just want my clothes and belongings, text me, whatever you want to do, just let me know when I can come get them".  Finally he answered the phone and told me I could come over at 1:00.  It was eventless.  I showed up at 1:00, hauled everything to my car while he sat on the couch.  He didn't help, he said nothing the whole time. He showed me what a man he was not. I made a lot of trips to the car and as a man he could have helped me out. 

When I was done I looked in the family room where he was sitting, watching me take trip after trip, and I said "I'm done, so I'll be leaving, I've left the jewelry in your bedroom, take care of yourself".  He jumped up and said, "I want you to take the gifts, I bought them for you".  He was very insistent about it so I took them.  I still have the watch, but I gave the earrings to a friend.

Bob left me alone and I did not hear from him for a very long time. Life went on for me and I enjoyed my time at Lisa's.  I lived there for about a year and a half.  We are best friends, and so it was a 18 months worth of laughs, dating crazy men we met online and sharing the stories, tears, family struggles, work stories (we worked at the same place), getting tattoos together, and a million other great memories we made during that time.  It was fun, but were grown ups that eventually needed to have our own space, so I moved on.  I found an apartment I liked and moved there.  And wouldn't you know it, who looked me up..... Bob 

This is the end of this blog story.  As you all know there is a happy ending eventually because I'm living it now.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about this period of my life.  I do love to write, I always have.  It's been nice to have this platform to do it in.


  1. What happened when Bob looked you up again? Did you ever find out what he was up to?
    Glad things were so easy when you ended things with him! Sounds like he could have made it a bad thing since he was so controlling!!! I think you got off easy. Sounds to me like he was mixed up in drugs or a gang or who knows, maybe he was in the mob! LOL Thanks for sharing this with me! I really enjoyed reading it!!!
    SO very happy that things are working out and you are getting one step closer to your dream every day!!!

    1. I do believe Bob was involved in higher level drug dealing. He always had so much money that he was anxious to get rid of. In with that is mob ties. He frequented going down to Miami and he had actually invited me to go with him the upcoming January, which of course I was out of the picture by then. He had told me he would give me all the money I wanted to shop with while he played golf. That goes with the whole scene - all the ladies go shop while the men play golf and talk about things no one should hear. It's how my stepGrandfather lived and he was a mobster who learned much from as a child. It's why I recognized it all right off and split. I love the life I lead now, I sleep

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us and glad you got out ok

  3. Well I am very happy that Bob didn't make a scene for your and tried to control if you could leave. It was a good decision to leave him Jane and your instinct was right. I'm happy that you are happy now and have a good mate! I'm also glad that you didn't get back involved when Bob looked you up. Good things always come to those who wait and I think you have a pretty good life now my friend! Thanks for sharing your story with us. I feel like I know you so well now! lol Hugs, Brenda

  4. I've looked forward to each of your story installments with great anticipation. Your writing is wonderfully engaging and compelling. Thank you so much for sharing this glimpse into your colorful life! Big hugs, Kristina