Sunday, June 21, 2015

Grandpa Eddie

I don't have a lot of memories of Rosie.  I do know she was Grandpa Eddie's 10th wife.  Butch's real Mom had passed when he was just 2 years old, so he had no memory of her and to this day I can not tell you why she passed at such a young age.  The guess in the family is she possibly had complications from an auto immune disease.  Various Auto Immune diseases are common in my family, particularly on the "step" side.
Because of all the Mom's in his life Butch was very commited to my Mom.  He never wanted to get divorced.
Rosie had someting to do with a Nursery School.  I'm not sure exactly what her role was, but my Mom jumped on the idea of having me go there.  This took place when my Mom and real Dad were still married.  I was quite young when I went there.  I remember it because it was traumatic to me, I didn't want to go and I remember crying and pleading not to go.  I think most kids do this, because I'm sure I had fun while I was there.  I still wonder what her role was though because she didn't need to work.
My guess is it might have been some deal Grandpa Eddie had going, hard to say.  Many of you mentioned in your comments you wondered about Grandpa Eddie.  Well he is your' concerns come true.  Grandpa Eddie was part of the mob back when it was more prevelant in St. Louis. He always had some "deal" going, and as I said, he never worked at a job.  He would get hooked up with different thing that fell off a truck and sell whatever it was.  The one thing he never did was pay his taxes.  He owned hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS so anything he wanted to be involved in, he needed Rosie to put it in her name.  He couldn't own a thing.
The Federal Government kept close track of Grandpa Eddie, they frequently watched his home and they always were on top of his every move.  At one point he had found a business he wanted.  He purchased it in his name with the intention of moving it over to Rosie in just a matter of days, but the IRS was quicker and had it chained up and took it from him before he could do a thing with it.
He always had something going on in Miami.  I remember at one point he had a miniature gold place.  We went down to Miami for vacation and I remember getting to play endless miniature golf, it was like heaven to a child.
In a very short period of time after meeting and getitng to know Grandpa Eddie he was gone and the house across the street left abandoned.  I don't know what happened to Rosie, but I never heard from her, or anything about her until almost two decades later.
I was told Grandpa Eddie went to an old folks home.  My Mom and Butch made trips to go see him.  I of course believed it, but learned later in life the IRS finally got the info they needed on him.  They had questioned him all the time, but Grandpa Eddie was a tough guy and never cracked.  Of course the Mob oath was to never rat.  Well someone else was not so strong and made a deal for themselves by ratting on Granpa Eddie.  Grandpa Eddie was sentenced to 3 years in a white collar type prison and was told he could get out sooner for good behavior.  Not much for what now was a bill of over a million dollars in taxes and penalties to the IRS.
He was told one thing from the Judge as he was read his sentence - and that was "if anything happens to this man (the rat) then you will do your entire three years in a maximum security prison".  Well, as I said, Grandpa Eddie didn't scare easily and he had a score to settle.  Within a week of Grandpa Eddie going to jail the man who ratted on him was shot in an elevator.   Grandpa Eddie ended up doing his full three year in the Maion IL prison (one of the roughest around).
He got out and was back to his same life, the only life he knew.  This time he Rose wasn't around though and he needed us to fill in. From what I understand a lot of promisses were made and not much turned out as it was portrayed.
One promise was a big one.  He had some sort of business going at an indoor flea market selling 8 track tapes and fake jewlery.  Apparently we were going ot get rich by going down to Miami and working with him at this Flea Market.  We were going to live in a house with a sparkling in ground pool, along a causway and have a boat, and on and on.  I remember telling my real Dad we were moving down there and going to live this new fancy lifestyle.  I had visions of it in my mind.  My Dad owned boats, so I was very familiar with them, heck I stayed on one each weekend, so I could only image this beautiful home we would live in with a pool ... it sounded so perfect.
We took off for Florida in an old Cadillac my Mom had to have, I was about 10 and now I had a baby half sister who was 2, almost 3.  I could't wait.
We arrived, we went to the flea market, and even at the age of 10, I knew there was no way that business was going to pay for the lifestyle I had been sold on......  This adventure lasted for 3 weeks, and then one night I was woke up at 2:00am and told, "come on get in the car, we need to leave....".....

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  1. I knew it! I knew Grandpa Eddie had to be in the mob. Well, now can't wait to hear more Jane. Until next week.....Hugs, Brenda

  2. Oh wow...Grandpa Eddie seems to be knee deep into the mob life. You really had a lot of excitement in your life at an early age and you were wise beyond your years because of it. You did have a lot of love from your father and that's great, I'm sure that put balance in your life. As usual, you keep us wanting a lot more...until next Sunday!